Affnaija | How to Earn N700 to N5,000 Daily With Your Facebook Account Successfully

To all my dear readers with more “legitimate on line business“, I have come to discover Affnaija, Affnaija is an affiliate company that pays its user for performing simple tasks. All you need to do on Affnaija is to Create a new Account, Choose A new Plan, Share Product Links and get paid! That all.

Affnaija presents you with a genuine platform where you can earn between N700 – N4,200 every day by merely sharing product links on your Facebook account. To be considered, you need a Facebook account with at least 300 friends.

Affnaija is not a Ponzi scheme; you get paid according to how you work and the plan you subscribed to. Inlay Man’s term, let me break down the business process. This company is affiliated with Jumia, Konga, etc. ( I’m sure these eCommerce websites are familiar to you).

Now, these companies pay Affnaija a certain amount of money to promote the products on their website. Affnaija cannot do this task alone, so they set up a system to share the revenue that the eCommerce giants are paying for them. Let’s say you have 300 Facebook friends, when you share the product links provided to you, it’s likely that 100 people would see it right?

Some people might not be interested in the product, others might. Then there’s a possibility of the e-Commerce giants making sales from this social shares. Imagine 1000 people sharing product links on their Facebook page; it’s a viral effect!

Now the good thing is that your friends don’t even have to purchase the product before you get paid. All you need to do is to share the product link that would be sent to you everyday. As soon as you share the link, your payment reflects immediately on your dashboard.

How Does Affnaija Work?



I created a whatsapp group where I’m adding my downlines for promotional materials and full support!

See Affnaija subscription plans below:

BASIC PLAN – ₦1000

  • You earn ₦100 daily on a product you share on your facebook wall
  • You earn ₦250 per referral
  • ₦2000 minimum withdrawal
  • No withdrawal charges
  • 30 days validity
  • You renew your subscription from your earnings


  • You earn ₦400 daily on a product you share on your facebook wall
  • You earn ₦100 per referral
  • ₦8000 minimum withdrawal
  • No withdrawal charges
  • 30 days validity
  • You renew your subscription from your earnings


  • You earn ₦700 daily on a product you share on your facebook wall
  • You earn ₦1,500 per referral
  • ₦14,000 minimum withdrawal
  • No withdrawal charges
  • 30 days validity
  • You renew your subscription from your earnings


  • Use your “Facebook Profile link” as the “website” when registering.
  • Ensure the full name you are using tallies with the bank account name you will be using to make withdrawals
  • Use the same browser you used in registering to make payment as well.
  • Type in “spontaneum” as your referral username when confirming your payment
  • Type in “spontaneum” as your referral username when you want to renew or upgrade a package.

Save the referral username “spontaneum” somewhere in your notepad.

You can pay with your debit card or buy a voucher from any of the listed resellers on their websites. Just make sure you follow the instructions given.

After payment, you will be able to access your dashboard and start promoting on your facebook wall. One sweet thing about Affnaija is that you get your commission immediately share on facebook.

Increase your earnings by referring your friends!


You don’t have to refer to earn on affnaija, you earn by sharing their products on your Facebook wall, however referring your friends will increase your earnings massively.

So register here and become a promoter now!

After gaining access to your dashboard click the “share and earn” tab to see the product you are to share. These products will be posted daily.

After clicking on “Click here to view today’s product,” you will be taken to a window where you get to share the available product.

Remove the pre-written text to avoid spammy impressions.

Please note that your commission will reflect on your dashboard immediately after posting to your facebook wall.  Your shared posts are reviewed, ensure you don’t delete the posts.

To get your referral link to invite your friends, click on the marketing tab and “affiliate links.”

After paying your one-time subscription, kindly send me a message on Facebook or call 08166518856. I will add you to our premium facebook group. We get to share more ideas and help every member to succeed.

For more information or inquiries on Affnaija, Email us


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