What to do if you Cannot login to NPower login Portal

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What to do if you Cannot login to NPower login Portal

Have you been trying to log in to the NPower login Portal but couldn’t? Do you keep seeing an “Invalid login, saying, please try again” error message? Here’s why.

What to do if you Cannot login to NPower login Portal

There are two possible reasons:

– You have not received a Test Invitation email from NPower yet
– You are getting your login details wrong
Here are what you should know; Your NPower log in details is your phone number and surname. And it only becomes active when you receive an SMS from NPower.

For those who have received an SMS from NPower but still can’t log in to the NPower login Portal, please ensure you input the correct phone number you used during registration. If your surname doesn’t work, try your middle name or first name. Either of them will usually work.

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  1. please how can i get my postcode

  2. Michael ADELAKUn says:

    Please sir, I am 2016 npower volunteer, and I can’t log in to the npower portal.


    I tried logging in but this is what its displaying
    Error: User not found!!!
    Unfortunately you cannot progress beyond here because your records cannot be found, during the verification i did not received SMS i was called on the phone, also during the posting to PPA i did not reccive SMS too it was a friend that notified me then i have to call back the phone number that called me for the verification and which the person asked me to come and know where am posted to. i applied for N-Build so please help me out.


    I am finding it difficult to upload my deployment letter


    I have done the physical verification, but yet it is not logging me in, I don’t know what is wrong. Please kindly help me. here is my phone number. 08149837823

  6. Iginuan Faith says:

    Hi, how do I login to my portal pls? Since I applied, I didn’t get any SMS or should I wait for 2018 to re-apply?

  7. Akunmuyisitan-Taiwo,Febis says:

    Pls, i did verification but i have not gotten another sms.i want to know if i have been taken

  8. Mercy Ekott says:

    Please how do i know if am shortlisted because the site is not opening.

  9. Nang Dung Pam says:

    You sit is a nice one keep it up

  10. Awoyemi oluseyi says:

    Thanks for putting us through l tried it,is showing sorry this content does not match the criteria. how can you help me l really need the job have not received any SMS l did nteach test. my phone no 07039334673 thanks.

  11. olebuezie perpetual Nkechi says:

    pls how can l check lf l am shortlisted thank you

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