Nigerian Police Recruitment Shortlist 2019 | Click and Check Your Name

For candidates that participated in the recently concluded Nigerian Police Force applications and have been anticipating the success of their application with curiosity, wait no more. The Commission has published the Nigerian Police Recruitment Shortlist 2019, releasing the names of aspirants whose forms have been successfully received by the Force.

The Nigerian Police Recruitment Shortlist 2019 is Out

We will show everyone how to get this list and verify their application status immediately. If you are lucky to see your name on the Nigerian Police Recruitment Shortlist 2019, then you should get yourself ready for the next stage of the recruitment exercise as soon as possible.

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Those in this category will undergo physical and documents screening by the Nigerian Police Force, and they will be evaluated by the requirements and conditions of the commission for the recruitment. Thus, these candidates should get their acts in order, so that they will be ready for this next step.

Candidates Screening

When the Nigerian Police Force is done with the verification and screening of these candidates on the Nigerian Police Recruitment Shortlist 2019, then the successful applicants on the subsequent list should start getting themselves ready for interviews. These successful candidates might be notified via their Email addresses by the Commission.

See: Nigeria Police Academy 2019 Application Procedure –

The compilation of the names on this list is according to their various States, with an outline of the number of male applicants from female applicants. The Commission made it clear that the list was completed after the closure of the recruitment portal recently from applications.

The Next Step

Applicants that stand a chance of making it past the next phase of the exercise are those that have fully met the requirements of the of the ongoing recruitment. These conditions range from the age requirements to the certificates, Nationality, physical and mental fitness and character of the applicants.

Click Here to View The Nigerian Police Recruitment Shortlist 2019



Nigerian Police Shortlist of Constables | Full List of Recruits and Their States

According to the Nigerian Police Commission, these are the name s whose applications have been successfuly received by the force after the close of the recruitment portal recently. This Nigerian Police Shortlist of Constables is a list comprising of 271,068, and 43,785 for the male and female candidates respectively.

The Nigerian Police Shortlist of Constables

The list forwarded by the Police commission shows a state-arranged and detailed categorization of the total number of applicants for the recruitment exercise. The names on this Nigerian Police Shortlist of Constables are applicants whose police recruitment applications were successful after the recent exercise.

See: Nigeria Police Recruitment 2019

The Commission confirmed that it accepted 315,032 applications from aspirants of the recruitment as Police Constables into the Force before the deadline of the recruitment application on Friday, January 11, 2019. Now, the next phase of the exercise will kick-off for applicants that have met the requirements for the recruitment.

Physical and Credential Screenings

After the screening of these Nigerian Police Shortlist of Constables and selection of the successful candidates, the commission will invite them for physical and credential screenings. The exercises and selections will be done online by the Nigerian Police Commission at that time.

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These applicants must possess O’ level certificates or its alternative with a minimum of five credits including the English language and Mathematics in a maximum of two sittings. Only Nigerian Citizens are allowed to apply for the recruitment exercise, no aspirant that is below 18 years of age or above 25 years of age should apply. They are expected to be of impeccable character with no record of involvement in criminal activities.

States and Applications

According to the Nigerian Police Shortlist of Constables, Niger State maintained its first place with the number of applications accepted. The State boasts of 18,549 applications, trailed by Kaduna State who boast of 17,936 applicants, then Kano State with 17,483 applications and Katsina State totaling 17,354 applicants.


Ghana Fire Service Requirements 2019/2020 “GNF” Screening Date.

Ghana Fire Service needs:  Ghana is a large country that all of us will like to join the GNF when the form is out. As you know before, Ghana Fire Service is an office under the Ghanaian Ministry of Interior, commissioning Ghana’s nationwide fire service. The Ghana Fire Service’s aim is to create and sustain lives.

Those that have experienced the dangers of fire organized a rally for public fire education. Most important is to Provide technical information for creating plans concerning machinery with basic layouts to promote freedom from fire rescue operations, also fire management and so on.

Meanwhile, this page is proposed for many youths from Ghana that has been seeking for Ghana Fire Service. You are required to apply online, we are happy that the maximum of people that join through this website last recruitment did not fail it, and now there are serving our famous country Ghana.

We encourage you to read this page very well, and for those who may affect Ghana Fire Service Demands, all you have to do is very easy you are to make use of our comment box directly.

Before we draft all the Ghana Fire Service Requirements, it will be an elevation to present to you General Eligibility for all applicants. As you may know that not everybody is eligible to apply for Ghana Fire Service recruitment, so the necessary things include.

Ghana Fire Service Requirements

  • The eligible candidate needs to Be a Ghanaian citizen by birth, but if you are from any other country, you go by registration.
  • Be among those people that have no criminal record and of good behavior.
  • You are not allowed to be a minimum of 18years and a maximum of 30years of age Officer Corps applicants by 1st January 2019.
  • Not less than 18years and not higher than 30years of age for Non-Tradesman candidates and 35 years for Driver Mechanics by 1st January 2019.
  • Be materially and medically suit by Fire Service tests.

Now that you have seen all the usual eligibility, the next stage is to describe all the GFS Specifications. Without wasting our time let’s start with the ball moving forward.

Ghana Fire Service Expectation For All Qualified Claimant

In an attachment to pleasing obligations “I,” “ii,” “iii,” “iv” and “v” in general ability, aspirants will
have the following Requirements:

  1. Driver License D.
  2. Lowest of five times accident-free driving witnessed.
  3. Firefighters and liberation time.

In-room to comforting requirements “i,” “ii,” “iii,” “iv” and “v” in general acceptability, aspirants must
have the following:

  • Five Credits in SSCE or WASSCE, Including Core English and Core Mathematics.
  • Teaching Service Intermediate Level Certificate; including English and Mathematics or ‘A’ Level and English and Mathematics are compulsory subjects.
  • An Expert Certificate in Software Development, Website Developer and Maintenance. Database Administrator
    from an accredited institution.
  1. One should be able to play more than three Instruments like Clarinets, Bassoons, Flutes, Alto, etc.
  2. One should be capable of reading the staff characters.
  3. Impression: Should be the best at every aspect of Percussion.

In an interest to satisfy requirements “I,” “ii,” “iii,” “iv” and “v” in general eligibility, applicants must
have the following;

A. Certificate in Nursing from a well-developed Institution.

A minimum of First Degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering,
Electrical Engineering and Architectural Engineering, from a Tertiary Institution

B. Judicial Scientist.

A minimum of First Degree in Physics,  in Chemistry, and Computer Science from an Accredited

C. Registered General Nurses (RGN).

First Degree in Nursing from an Accredited Tertiary Institution.

D. Counselors.

A minimum of First Counselling from an Accredited Tertiary Institution.

E. For Accounts Officers.

A gain of Higher National Diploma(HND) in Accounting from an Accredited Tertiary

F. Lawyers.

1. LLB/BL qualification from an Accredited Institution.

2. Applicants Require not more than 35 years of age.

G. Public Relations Officers.

1. A minimum of First Degree in Studies, Public Relations, Journalism. from
Accredited academy.

The fixed date of Ghana Fire Service recruitment will be updated on this page if you want us to tell you when the Ghana Fire Service Screening Date will be out. Our comments box is available for you, you to release your email address and your phone number.

Do not neglect to Share with your relatives and friends on social media by using share switch below here. Think’s for your cooperation.

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Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Form 2019 – Apply For NAF Today

You can now start getting your credentials ready for the NAF recruitment in 2019. The Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Form 2019 is now available on now, hurry now while the recruitment exercise lasts. Make haste and visit the aforementioned website to begin your application now.

A lot of people have had dreams of joining the Nigerian Airforce for a long time, and have been curious to know when the opportunity will arrive for them to fulfill their dreams. There can be no better opportunity for that than this, as recruitment is now ongoing on the force’s recruitment portal.

Applying For The Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Form 2019

After going through this article, your questions on and about the Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Form 2019 will be reduced to the barest minimum, that is if there is any left at all. We have spent the time to make it quick and easy for you to understand and act upon the information that we have provided you.

How To Get The Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Form 2019

All that is required from you is patience and a little bit of your time and you will be set for the NAF recruitment exercise 2019. You should also remember that sharing is caring, as this vital piece of information should be shared with others so that they too can be beneficiaries of the exercise.

Check Out: Nigerian Air Force Recruitment 2019 | Apply Here Today

Just like a lot of other credible positions, being an airman or woman comes with some conditions that must be met for the individual to be in consideration. These requirements must be provided during the application for proper verification by the Nigerian Air Force.

Requirements For NAF 2019

Take note of the following requirements and make sure you have them ready before applying for the recruitment. We will begin by providing you with the requirements, terms, and conditions of applying for the Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Form 2019 so that you can get yourself prepared with the essentials for a successful application process.

Applicants Must Provide:

  • Passport sized photographs
  • Their First School Leaving Certificates
  • Their SSCE Waec/Nabteb/NECO/GCE Results.
  • An NCE/ND/Trade Test/ RN also.
  • Their Birth Certificates or age declaration
  • Only Nigerians can apply.
  • They must be within the ages of 17 to 22 years for non-tradespersons, 17 to 24 years for tradespersons.
  • Drivers must be between the ages of 18 to 28 years.
  • Only single applicants are needed.
  • The least required height is 1.68 meters for males and 1.65m for females.
  • They must be medically certified for recruitment

The application process is very simple without any form of stress in it. Just an online visit to and you will see how easy it is to apply for the Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Form 2019. The instructions on the page of the portal are easy to follow and the online form easy to fill.

Just forward the necessary details and provide the credentials needed and then wait for NAF to release the successful applicants. Hopefully, you will be one of them, thanks and good luck.


Nigerian Air Force Recruitment 2019 | Apply Here Today

If you have been waiting for the Nigerian Air Force Recruitment 2019 commencement date, then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for at your doorstep. NAF Recruitment form is out, and the 2019/2020 exercise is ongoing at the time of writing this post.

The Nigerian Air Force Recruitment 2019 Commencement

Forms for the recruitment exercise are already out, and the Force’s recruitment phase began on the 12th of January 2019 via their online official recruitment website. Do yourself and your loved ones a world of good and go through this piece of information with undivided attention to avail yourself and them of this opportunity.

Applying for this recruitment comes with its conditions and requirements, and these essentials that will determine whether you will be successful with the Nigerian Air Force Recruitment 2019 exercise or not will all be uniformly described for your sake below.

Do You Want to Apply For the Nigerian Air Force Recruitment 2019?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then you should see the requirements for the recruitment process. Every aspiring Airman or Airwoman is expected to meet those conditions for their submitted applications to stand a chance of being accepted.

General Requirements For Nigerian Air Force Recruitment 2019 Recruits (

  • Applicant’s Nationality: Nigeria.
  • Applicant’s Age: From 17 to 22 years for non-tradespersons,
    17 to 24 years by 31 December 2019 for tradespersons, and
    18 to 28 years by 31 December 2019 for driver applicants.
  • Applicant’s Marital Status: Must be Single.
  • Applicant’s Expected Height: At least 5.5ft for males, and
    5.4ft for females.
  • Non-Tradepersons: At least three credits including the English Language and Mathematics in SSCE, NECO or GCE achieved in not longer than six years to the application.
  • Tradespersons: Applicants must possess OND, NABTEB, RN/RM or City & Guild Certificate.
  • Candidates with just a Trade Test Certificates must also have at least three passes in SSCE, NECO or GCE including the English Language.

Nigerian Airforce recruitment 2019/2020 Screening Venues

If you received SMS after your online Nigerian Air Force Recruitment 2019 form submission, kindly report with the original of your credentials to the centers for screening. This is to inform all applicants that the Zonal Screening for the Nigerian Air Force 2018 Recruitment Exercise will commence at the screening centers.

Go to or to apply


NAF Recruitment 2019 |

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to be an Air Force officer, or you have had a desire to be a part of the Air Force? The Nigerian Air Force recruitment is here, and we will guide you on all there is to know about NAF Recruitment 2019 via this piece.

Want To Take Part in The NAF Recruitment 2019?

Take a little of your time to harness every possible information that is vital for this recruitment exercise, and also share the details to your friends who might also be aspirants of the NAF Recruitment 2019 and pursue a career in serving in the Nigerian Air Force.

Being an Airman/Airwoman is a thing of great pride and honor all over the World. It is no exception in our country as the individuals in these positions are always well respected and revered as excellent examples of what it means to be good citizens of Nigeria.

The NAF Recruitment 2019 Top Guidelines

The Nigerian Air Force Recruitment started on the 12th day of January 2019. There will not be any charges or payments for the application and registration process as there could be fraudsters who might want to take advantage of desperate aspirants.

If you need further clarification on the NAF Recruitment 2019, then you should visit their official portals, ( or for more enlightenment on the exercise. On the website, you will see the activities of the force and the steps to being an Officer of the Air Force.

See Also: Nigerian Airforce Dssc Recruitment 2019

When you visit the portal go through the directions and submit your applications as instructed. You should know that apart from these two websites, there is no other portal meant for NAF Recruitment 2019. After the applications and registrations, the Nigerian Airforce Recruitment portal will publish the list of qualified candidates who have successfully applied for further testings and screenings.

Please go to or to apply now.


FAAN Recruitment 2019 | See How to Apply for Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria Job vacancy

Nigerian AirForce Recruitment 2019 | All You Must Know

Apply For P-YES 2019 | Online and Offline Application Form/Portal

Nigerian Army 78 RRI Recruitment 2019 | Apply Now

US Navy Application Form 2019 PDF, US Navy 2019/2020 Recruitment Form


Agro Park Graduate Trainee | Guide To Internship Program Today

The Agro Park Graduate Trainee / Internship Program is now open for qualified applications from aspirants of the program right now. Every important information needed for this exercise will be made available for you below in the post. The Agro Park Development Company Limited are the organizers of the internship program for 2019/2020 for Nigerian Graduates. Kindly go through the article to be well equipped for this wonderful and exciting opportunity.

Why The Agro Park Graduate Trainee / Internship Program?

Without a doubt, Agriculture is a sector of activities that it’s importance to the economic growth, and the well-being of the populace can never be overemphasized in Nigerian. Apart from the benefits that the Nigerian farmer gets for growing food for themselves and others, they get to be part of National growth and sustenance.

Agriculture also has a very robust and long term prospect; and unlike a lot of other sectors in the globe, the Agric business is bound to grow from strength to strength because the population of the World has been predicted to be in the region of more than 9 billion by 2050.

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Agriculture is also a sector that provides very high employment rates as the process of producing and processing Agricultural products involves a lot of phases which usually involves diverse categories of laborers, both Graduates, and Non-graduates.

Seeing that we live in one of the countries in the World with a very dense population, delving into the Agro Park Graduate Trainee / Internship Program will be a very wise decision for any Nigerian. The Agricultural sector has been booming since the existence of Mankind and animals and is bound to see greater heights in the future.

Agro Park Graduate Trainee / Internship Program Positions

  • Job Title: Graduate Trainee
  • Location: Abeokuta, Ogun
  • Job Field: Agriculture / Agro Allied

The Internship Program Description

The Agro Park Graduate Trainee is intended to be a six months program for Graduates to undergo the life-changing Internship Program successfully. These young Nigerian Youths will be drafted into the Agro Park community and provided with employment opportunities in the industry so that they can make their impact Agriculturally in the Country.

Requirements for Agro Park Graduate Internship Program 2019

  • This Graduate Trainee / Internship program that will take place in Abeokuta is for Graduates who have received their NYSC discharge certificates.
  • The AgroPark Nigeria will train Graduates that are willing to acquire new skills and exceptionally do Agricultural Jobs.
  • Graduates with experience in Farm-work will be in a better position for the Programme.

AgroPark Job Application Methods

Graduates that have gone through this page and also know they are qualified for this Programme should direct their Applications to: Using “Graduate Trainee” as the subject, or apply through the AgroPark careers portal:


Workforce Recruitment 2019 | Nigeria Workforce Group Careers

Federal Ministry of Health Recruitment 2019 | Apply For FMOH

Shoprite Nigeria Recruitment Website | Application Portal

N-Power Enhancement Programme | See Meaning and Commencement Date

CBN Recruitment 2019 | See How to Apply for Central Bank of Nigeria Job vacancy

Nigerian Army Screening Date 2019 | 78rri Army Recruitment

The Nigerian Army Screening Date and Venue is now made public for the candidates that submitted applications for the Army Recruitment. The time and venues of this 78rri Army Recruitment is the reason this post is made available for you. The Nigerian army’s e-recruitment site posted a shortlist of candidates that were selected for screening

So it is imperative that anyone involved should know when and where it is going to take place respectively. Though the final list of successful candidates has not yet been revealed, we are going to show you the already shortlisted applicants at the moment.

Nigerian Army Screening Date 2019

This 2019 shortlist will have to be mapped out for screening in venues that have been selected and approved by the Nigerian Army. Following the completion of exams in the purposed dates for screening, every candidate must verify their results and ascertain their status on the Nigerian Army shortlist.

The major aim of this article are those that applied for the 78rri recruitment, and if you are involved, you should note down every bit of information that will be transferred to you for following guidance and clarity. If you applied the Army DSSC or SSC, it is important that you verify your status on the released shortlist.

Registration Still Ongoing

At this moment the recruitment exercise is still ongoing, so it is still not too late too make use of this opportunity and apply for recruitment. Every application should be done swiftly to beat the deadline for the exercise and be successfully recruited by the Nigerian Army.

Nigerian Army Screening Date for 78rri Recruitment

Recruitment exercise for this year will start on March 1st, 2019 and all applicants must be prepared for the exam coming up across various locations on that day. We will You will update you on the screening dates for the 78rri recruitment. This is to help you get ready ahead of time and to stand you in good stead for the subsequent examinations and interviews following them.

To be adequately prepared for these examinations and interviews, it is vital that applicants get themselves access to the exam’s past questions and answers for a maximal accumulation of knowledge and full readiness for the task ahead. Knowledge of the past questions will equip you with the magnitude of the forthcoming exercises and getting yourself ready with it is just invaluable for the interviews and exams.


Nigerian Defence Academy Application For 71st Regular Course Admission.

P-YES Registration 2019 – Application Form Portal

Nigerian Navy DSSC Shortlisted Candidates | Check Names Here

Federal Character Commission Job Recruitment 2019 | Job Portal

Total Nigeria Recruitment 2019 | How To Apply


Nigerian Defence Academy Application For 71st Regular Course Admission.

For those that would love to enlist in the NDA training, the time you have been waiting for has come. The Nigerian Defence Academy application is ongoing for individuals with the required qualifications for the Academy’s 71st Regular Course, Kaduna.


NOTICE – Aspirants are reminded that the NDA admission is by merit alone. The Academy does not accept money for admission favors into The Nigerian Defence Academy. Applicants should be careful of falling victim to frauds.

The NDA’s ‘REGULAR COURSE Application Forms’ guidelines


  • Applications for Academy can only be done through JAMB 2019 examination. The candidate must choose the
  • Nigerian Defence Academy as their first Institution of choice.
  • The candidate is expected to be at least 17 years old and not younger than 21 years by the 1st of August 2019.
  • Males should be at least 1.68 meters tall and females at least 1.65 meters tall.
  • Good moral standard.
  • Must guarantee physical and medical fitness.
  • A Body Mass Index between 18.5 to 25.5 kg/m2 is required for selection consideration.
  • Strictly for single males and females with no legal responsibility to any individual or child.
  • Their Local Government Area Nativity Form.


Only candidates who qualified for the admission conditions and have the UTME score of 180 for Arts and Social Sciences and Science and 210 scores for Engineering courses will be allowed to print the Screening Test Admission Card and take part in the NDA Screening Test at the center of choice.

Nigerian Defence Academy Application admission steps.



  • Candidates can pay for their applications Online through the portal or at any chosen bank in Nigeria. Make
  • sure that you are done with the earlier step, i.e., “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” to continue.
  • For online payment, Login to the application portal and choose ”Pay Online.”
  • For bank payments, log in to the application portal and choose ”Pay at Branch.”
  • You will be guided through the rest of the application process.


Uploading the necessary application documents online is important. Hence you should make sure the original copies of your documents are available with you for a check during the interviews. Deadline for NDA 71st Regular Course 14th of March, 2019


P-YES Registration 2019 – Application Form Portal

Nigerian Navy DSSC Shortlisted Candidates | Check Names Here

ESUT Peace Conflict and Development Studies | 2019 Postgraduate Form

Federal Character Commission Job Recruitment 2019 | Job Portal


Nigerian Navy DSSC Shortlisted Candidates | Check Names Here

The Nigerian Navy has urged candidates to check their released Nigerian Navy DSSC Shortlisted Candidates DSSC Shortlisted candidates. Candidates that applied for the Nigerian Navy DSSC recruitment exercise can now verify their status on the list to see if they are among the shortlisted applicants for the Nigerian navy.

Getting access to the correct information on the Nigerian Navy DSSC Shortlist is the reason for this article so that the details we will provide you will stand you in good stead for the next phase of events if your name appeared on the list.

If your name is on the shortlist, it means that you should start getting yourself ready for an invitation to the subsequent interviews that comes after the shortlist. The shortlist will comprise of those who have met the essential requirements for the application in the Nigerian Navy. The navy demands are not complicated, and those that acquired the form can also read what the requirements are.

The nature of checking the Nigerian navy candidate has changed from the usual procedures it used to involve, so applicants should be careful not to make mistakes when getting their success status verified. Getting the list checked will also provide you with updates on the training date for the recruitment exercise.

The Nigerian Navy DSSC Shortlisted candidates will be different from the Nigerian army recruitment shortlist, so applicants should know where they are supposed to get their names checked at. You can visit for more clarity.

The Nigeria navy news explicitly affirmed that this list of the shortlisted candidates for the Nigerian Navy recruitment is now available online via their official websites. Every vital detail on the training procedure is outlined on the official portal page for the easy understanding of the visitor.

The official website made available for the online verification is After an applicants name has found on this list of shortlisted applicants list, the next step is usually to prepare adequately for the Nigerian navy recruitment training.

According to the Nigerian navy result that was published in the Nigerian navy recruitment portal, there was a growing number of poor performances from those that sat for the examination, and this is very poor as compared to the result released in the previous exercise.

If you don’t find your name on the list of Nigerian navy recruitment DSS, then you must be patient for the next batch of the list or next years’ recruitment exercise for DSSC. It is not everyone who purchased the Nigerian navy form that will be shortlisted for the Nigerian Navy.

Those that have had their names in the shortlist applicants carefully studied the past questions and answers. Compliments for everyone that have been offered the Job, it shows you dogged preparedness towards the examination.

Nevertheless, the significant fact to you must know is that the Nigerian navy result was used to prepare the Nigerian Navy List of successful applicants and as such, if an applicant can’t find their name on the list, please don’t expect a supplementary list.

The shortlist of the navy is composed to help you to know if you have been offered a Job opening to operate with the Nigerian Navy. The recent recruitment exercise involved a lot of applicants from all over the 36 states of Nigeria at this moment making the list of Nigerian Navy shortlist.

Checking your names to know if you have been shortlisted or not can be done in several ways, and one of them is to receive an Email notification from the Nigerian Navy. The requirement of the Nigerian navy result is what influences the Nigerian Navy DSSC Shortlist. So this list has been thoroughly checked and proofed before release.

Candidates on the shortlist will receive notifications through their Email and will be informed on the basic Nigerian navy training camp and the designated ground which they will receive their training. Being a part of this Force is fulfilling, as it prepares you for all the benefits of the Nigerian navy and as a naval officer, you will have the opportunity of engagements that qualifies you as a naval officer.

This formal list of the candidate successful for the Nigerian navy has been released, and the management and the board of officers in the Nigerian Navy have made for the release of the list. At the moment, the Nigerian navy short service shortlisted candidates displaying the list of Nigerian navy shortlist 2019 is not yet out, but we will make sure you are updated constantly on the navy list.


Federal Character Commission Job Recruitment 2019 Job Portal

ESUT Peace Conflict and Development Studies 2019 Postgraduate Form

Nigeria Police Academy 2019 Application Procedure –

Nigerian Army Shortlisted Candidates for DSSC and SSC See Full List Here

Federal Character Commission Job Recruitment 2019 | Job Portal

Federal Character Commission is inviting individuals with the qualification requirements to apply for the Federal Character Commission Job Recruitment 2019. If you read through the article, you will get the instructions you need for a successful application and recruitment.

Federal Character Commission Job Recruitment 2019 | Job Portal

Every important recruitment detail for this excellent opportunity is the reason for this post. Because the populace has been waiting for this chance for a very long time, we are very confident that through this enlightenment avenue we will help get you ready for the exercise. However, this recruitment is for those with a passion for working with the Federal Character Commission.

Federal Character Commission Job Recruitment 2019/2020 Application Guidelines

Aspirants must be a Bachelor’s Degree holder with at least a second class Upper or an HND with Upper credit in these departments. The Requirements for obtaining Federal Character Commission 2019 Recruitment Form are outlined in subsequent parts of the post, So if you wish to get the form, you must strictly adhere to the requirements below.

  • The applicant must be a Nigerian by birth or descent
  • Must be between the ages of 30 and 35 to qualify for the recruitment
  • Physical and mental health is a necessity
  • Disabilities like sight Problem, Hearing Difficulties, Fracture, Stammering or any other natural disability will disqualify an applicant.

Aspirants can complete their applications online free of charge at
The following documents must be printed out by the applicants after completing the online application:

  1. A Local Government Nativity Form.
  2. An attestation application form.
  3. A form of Acknowledgment.


Multiple applications might result in disqualification and the Attestation Application Form must be accompanied by the passport photograph of the signee


Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 | NDA Form Portal | How To Apply

Federal Government Teachers Recruitment 2019 | Federal Teachers Scheme Requirements and Guide

Nigeria Police Academy 2019 Application Procedure –

Total Nigeria Recruitment 2019 | How To Apply

Total Nigeria Recruitment 2019 – Total Nigeria is inviting suitably qualified Nigerians to apply for the Total Nigeria Recruitment 2019. We advise aspirants of this recruitment exercise to avail themselves of the invaluable information provided in this article and take advantage of the wonderful opportunity.

How To Apply For Total Nigeria Job Recruitment 2019

To Total  Nigeria recruitment 2019, the following outlines must be followed:

The Total Nigeria Plc Recruitment form is now out for 2019; this is the opportunity that a lot of Nigerians have been waiting for. Individuals with the requisite qualification requirements and interest can now start preparing themselves for the exercise that will begin soon.
Though recruitment is not on at the moment, it is scheduled to start very soon, and in order not to miss out, any interested individuals are advised to start making preparations to be a part of the recruitment exercise.

The Total Nigeria Plc recruitment drive is aimed at making more jobs available for the teeming youths of our country for graduates and undergraduates as well. This is aimed at reducing the rate of unemployment experienced in Nigeria to the barest minimum.

Also Read: Nigerian Stock Exchange Recruitment 2019 | Apply Now

For anyone that has harbored the desire of pursuing a career in a multinational company, this is a beautiful lifetime opportunity to team up with TOTAL harness the potential you have in you. TOTAL boasts of over 500-plus businesses in over 130 countries, they offer strong ethical values, high safety, and environmental standards, innovation culture and wide-spanning career advancement. This is at a global team whose purpose is already shared by over 100,000 employees: to make energy better for everyone.

Available Vacant Positions:

Senior Buyer
Location: Rivers

Head, Security of Operations
Location: Rivers

Senior Civil/Structure Engineer
Location: Rivers

Data Management & Application Support Geoscientist
Location: Rivers

Senior Flow Assurance Engineer
Location: Rivers

Reservoir Geophysicist
Location: Rivers

Senior Well Performance Engineer
Location: Rivers

Senior Process Engineer
Location: Rivers

Production Performance Engineer
Location: Rivers

Location: Lagos

Graduate Process Engineer
Location: Lagos

Recruitment Officer
Location: Lagos

Senior Contracts Engineer
Location: Rivers

Production Operator (Trainee)
Location: Rivers

Inspection Subsea Engineer
Location: Rivers

Environment Operations Engineer
Location: Rivers

Graduate Wellsite Geologist
Location: Rivers

Contracts Engineer
Location: Rivers

Methods Engineer
Location: Rivers

Lead Structural Engineer
Location: Rivers

Project Engineer
Location: Rivers

Electrical Engineer
Location: Rivers

Location: Rivers

Risk Management & Methods Officer
Location: Rivers

Qualifications for Total Nigeria Plc Recruitment

To apply for the Total Nigeria Plc Job recruitment, the following are required.

  • A B.Sc, HND, NCE, OND in any discipline from a distinguished institution
  • Maximum of 35 years old for applicants
  • A Senior Secondary School Certificate SSCE or WASC with Credits in at least three (3) subjects, English included passes in another two (2) subjects; or
  • NECO or GCE Regular Level passes in at least four subjects obtained in a single sitting or five (5) subjects achieved in a maximum of two sittings, English Language included.
  • A National Diploma (ND) received from a distinguished institution.
  • A National Certificate of Education (NCE) obtained from a distinguished institution
  • Applicant must be computer literate.

Total Nigeria Plc Recruitment Application Procedure.

Suitable aspirants should apply online here

PLEASE NOTE: Online application is FREE of charge.

To verify if the Total Nigeria Plc Recruitment 2019 has officially started, visit the official Total Nigeria Recruitment website @ and also stay in constant contact with us for more updates here.

Other Available Recruitments

Nigerian Stock Exchange Recruitment 2019 | Apply Now

Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 | NDA Form Portal | How To Apply

Nigerian Stock Exchange Recruitment 2019 | Apply Now

Nigerian Stock Exchange Recruitment 2019 – Invitations have been extended to the general public by the Nigerian Stock Exchange. They request that able and qualified aspirants apply for the Nigerian Stock Exchange Recruitment 2019. Every bit of information that will stand a potential candidate in good stead for recruitment will be in provision through this article.

Nigerian Stock Exchange Recruitment 2019 and How To Apply

The Nigerian Stock Exchange steadily sustains the largest economy in the whole of Africa; it also champions the expansion of the African financial market. They also offer regular trading and listing services, market data solutions, licensing services, standard ancillary technology services plus a lot more. They are a vibrant open and professional exchange that connects Nigeria, the African Continent and the World at large.

Recruitments Are On For The Following Positions:

Position: Executive Assistant and Head, Shared Services
Area: Lagos State
Division: Shared Services
Department: The Office of Head, Shared Services
Reports to: The Divisional Head, Shared Services
Grade: Executive Assistant, Head, Shared Services
Contemplated Resumption Date: Thursday, January 31, 2019

Nigerian Stock Exchange Recruitment 2019 Job Details

  • The Executive Assistant renders administrative assistance to the Head of the Division, Shared Services Division of the Organisation.
  • The job holder’s responsibility is to provide top-notch administrative assistance to The office of the Head of Division via providing reports, written presentations, handling information requests, carrying out research, while also conducting clerical functions like receiving visitors, preparing correspondence, scheduling meetings, efficient filing system, and arranging conference calls.
  • He also serves as the main medium of connection for in-house and external constituencies on issues relating to the office of the Divisional head.

The Basic Responsibilities of a Nigerian Stock Exchange Recruit

  • To arrange and Manage Projects and Meetings.
  • To conduct regular and irregular gatherings
  • To assist in preparation for meetings both internally and externally, and attend conferences with the head of the Division when needed.
  • To buttress meeting minute points for the Head of the Division.
  • Also, assists the Head of the Division with research and data collection on any designated scheme
  • Ensures that all the requirements for meetings are provided promptly
  • Excellent dictation and minute taking in every session as expected
  • Makes sure that notes are taken and drafted up of the Management Gatherings and forwarded at the end of that week.
    To Provide and administer minutes
  • To Compose and distribute communication including letters, emails, and memos
  • Be the project director on all specific projects assigned to and by the Head of the Division
  • Preserves confidentiality on every work matter and opportunity
    Management Of Diary.
  • Tasked with the management of diaries schedule meetings
  • Organize meetings and maintain an up-to-date diary records
  • Make sure that all requested appointments are recorded in the diary occasionally and reviewed with the Head of Division before confirmation
  • Operate with protocol to make sure that all flights and hotel accommodation are prepared for each local or international trips
    General Administration.
  • To execute and manage an effective filing operation
  • Supervises an extensive variety of administrative assignments for the Head of the Division, and operating a remarkably busy calendar of engagements; preparing intricate and elaborate travel plans, drafting and providing correspondence.
  • To make sure of the preservation of a work-friendly environment that allows productivity and furnishes requisite office provisions
  • To monitors The Head of Division’s office activities
  • To schedules meetings and appointments for the Divisional Head with HODs, Senior Managers, ExCO, employees and external visitors
  • To serve as the go-to Person for office inquiries
  • Keeps office supply inventory on track
  • Handle incoming and outgoing Emails.

Qualifications & Experience for Recruitment

  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution
  • At least three years Post ability experience in an Administrative/Executive role
  • Be conversant with MS Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Functional Competencies:

  • Information Management
  • Project Management
  • Innovative

Behavioral Requirements:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Effective Communication Skills (Written & Oral)
  • Inter-Personal Relations

How to Apply
Aspiring and qualified candidates should click here

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Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 | NDA Form Portal | How To Apply

Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 | NDA Form Portal | How To Apply

Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 – NDA is inviting suitable and qualified individuals to apply for the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in 2019. Aspirants of the Academy will see the necessary steps required to stand a chance of a successful application and possible subsequent recruitment.

Applicants are however warned to be careful in the site that they choose to apply through. That is why we have provided the guidelines you need for a successful registration. The NDA, Kaduna 2019/2020 academic session 71th Regular Course registration is ongoing and free of charge.

The Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 Form Essentials

To qualify and be admitted into the NDA, applicants must provide these:

  • At least 5 Credit passes in SSCE, i.e., WAEC, NECO or NABTEB or a GCE made in a maximum of two sittings and relative to their desired Faculty.
  • Credits in Mathematics and English Language.
  • A minimum of one supporting appropriate credit to the mandatory credits in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of
  • Arts and Social Sciences. Nevertheless, just one supporting relevant credit is needed for the Engineering Faculty.
  • Must be at least 17 years to a maximum of 21 years old at the time of entry into the Academy.
  • Males should be at least 1.68 meters tall and females at least 1.50 metres.
  • Must be found fit physically and medically.
  • Must be of impeccable conduct.
  • Must be a single male or female free of any legal responsibility to support a child or other people.
  • Fluency in the French Language will be an additional advantage.
  • A Certificate of Nativity received from a Local Government Area will be required from applicants.

How to apply for Nigerian Defence Academy 2019

Candidates are expected to obtain the Nigerian Defence Academy Form Rc pin code and then advance online for the registration with their passport and credentials. Candidates seeking admission into the NDA are also required to apply for the 2019 JAMB, though they must not certainly select NDA as their desired higher institution.


COURSE: BSc in Biological Science

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 5 credit passes in less than three sittings, English Language and Mathematics included.

MANDATORY CREDITS: Mathematics, English Language, Chemistry and Biology

RELEVANT CREDITS: Any of these subjects can suffice: Further Mathematics, Agricultural Science or physics.

COURSE: BSc in Chemistry

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 5 credits including English Language and Mathematics in not more than two sittings

COMPULSORY CREDITS: English Language, Physics Mathematics and Chemistry.

RELEVANT CREDITS: Any of these subjects can suffice: Further Mathematics or Biology

COURSE: BSc In Computer Science

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 5 credit passes including English Language and Mathematics in not more than two sittings.

COMPULSORY CREDITS: English Language, Physics and Mathematics

RELEVANT CREDITS: Any of these subjects can suffice: Biology, Computer Studies, Chemistry or Further Mathematics.

COURSE: BSc in Mathematics

GENERAL REQUIREMENT: 5 credit passes including English Language and Mathematics in not more than two sittings.

COMPULSORY CREDITS: English Language, Physics and Mathematics

RELEVANT CREDITS: Any two of these subjects will suffice: Chemistry, Additional/Further Mathematics, and Biology.

COURSE: BSc in Physics

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 5 credit passes including English Language and Mathematics in not more than two sittings.

COMPULSORY CREDITS: English Language, Physics and Mathematics

RELEVANT CREDITS: Any one of these subjects will suffice: Technical Drawing, Biology, Further Mathematics and Agricultural Science.

Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 EXamination Essentials:

Every candidate must meet the JAMB national cutoff mark of the year 2019 will be considered qualified to participate in the NDA Entrance Examination at their Examination Centre of choice.


Accepted candidates into the Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 for the Regular Course is going to experience academic and military training as Officer Cadets for a duration of five years. Upon successful completion of training, graduates will obtain a honors degree in core disciplines (BSc, BEng, BA), and also earn a commission into the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

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Apply for Nigeria Police Recruitment 2019 | Application Here

All the information on how to apply for the Nigeria Police Recruitment 2019 are provided you in this post. The article will guide you through a mistake-free registration process and hopefully successful recruitment.The official NPF recruitment portal is now open for the 2019 application exercise. The target of The Federal Government is to increase the force from four hundred thousand to six hundred and seventy thousand.

NOTE: No one should pay anybody or group to get access to information or updates on how to apply for Nigeria Police Recruitment 2019. Here, you will get all the vital clues you will need for this process and hope it helps you succeed in the exercise.

How You Can Apply For Nigeria Police Recruitment 2019

Visit  for the online registration

Or follow the NPF 2019/2020 Link under to register.

Also, endeavor to get the message across to your friends and people that might be interested.

Recruitment Conditions

  •     Must be a computer literate with enough knowledge in Microsoft Word. This is important for the tasks they will be undertaking.
  •     Candidate must be a Nigerian citizen
  •     A valid identity card that can be either a voter’s card, driving license, or international passport is a must have for applicants.
  •   Must possess a school certificate.
  •   Candidates applying for constables must possess good grades in English language and mathematics.
  •    Not less than twenty-three (23) years old and not over twenty-eight (28) years old.
  •     Cadet Inspectors should possess A level, OND, NCE or their equivalents

Reports has it that for the next five years,  the Nigeria Police will recruit thirty one thousand people, so it is important to be up to date on the goings-on of the exercise with us.

Positions That Are Open

  1. Constables:

FOR BOTH SPECIALISTS & GENERAL DUTY, the Candidate must have at least five credit passes in WAEC or its equivalent in less than three sittings.

2. Cadet Inspector:

FOR BOTH SPECIALISTS & GENERAL DUTY, the Candidate must provide at least one of these from a prominent Polytechnic or College of Education: OND, NCE, or their equivalents.

3. Cadet Assistant Superintendent:

FOR BOTH SPECIALISTS & GENERAL DUTY, the Candidate must have at least; a B.SC., B.A., B.TECH, HND or their equivalent degrees from a distinguished University or Polytechnic.

For more information, visit

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