Federal Government Recruitment 2020 | How to successfully Apply www.jobforall.ng:

Federal Government Recruitment 2020 on Jobforall – All unemployed Nigerians are eligible for the application irrespective of their qualifications. Jobforall is an innovation made by the federal government of Nigeria to assist unemployed Nigerians by obtaining their details through the newly launched website www.jobforall.ng to connect them with open and suitable government or private jobs.

“Following the mandate of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE), WWW.JOB FOR ALL.NG is a website designed mainly to connect the unemployed Nigerians with job opportunities in government and reputable private sectors. This portal aids registration of job seekers, employers, craft providers and so on.

The Federal Government Recruitment 2020 jobs for all websites helps in job connection services, career placement and career profiling in a highly transparent and user-friendly interface. The portal was built to be able to meet the varied demands and requirements of the youths for information on education, employment and job fairs, and exhibitions.’’

Federal Government Recruitment 2020 Jobforall

  • Click www.jobforall.ng to visit the job for all employment registration website.
  • Upload your RECENT PASSPORT.
  • Select I.D type, for example (International Passport, Driver License, National I.D Card, Voter Card or School I.D Card)
  • Scan any of the above-desired I.D and upload the copy to the website.
  • If using National I.D Card, put the (NNN) on the box provided for it.
  • Choose your marital status.
  • Fill out your account information (email and password) and memorize them because that will be your login details in the job for all websites.
  • Fill your education background. And remember to convert all your curriculum vitae (CV) to PDF before uploading because it’s only PDF format allowed.
  • Fill your unemployment status.
  • Submit and keep on checking your account on the job for all.ng to know when you are employed.

Employers can participate as well. If you an employer, you can as well enroll in the program to profit from the advantages of featuress the platform provides. You don’t need to bother on getting reliable workers for yourself.



Click www.jobforall.ng/employer to visit job for all employer’s registration portal.
Fill your company’s details.
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  6. Note that the One major requirement is your CV and it should be in PDF format.

    You can convert your CV from words to PDF on your phone using either WPS OFFICE or Word To PDF apps

    Open the CV with WPS OFFICE
    click on TOOLS
    Go to FILES
    Click on EXPORT TO PDF
    Create a file name and then click on EXPORT TO PDF

    That’s it, it automatically converts your word documents to PDF Read more updates on how the Do other things in full here

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