NNPC/Total Scholarship List of Successful Shortlisted Candidates 2020 [Check Here]

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The NNPC/Total Scholarship List of Successful Shortlisted Candidates 2020 Merit Scholarship Award List for selection test is out, and the question now is how do I check the NNPC/Total Scholarship List?

This is one the most asked question by all NNPC/Total candidates who applied for the NNPC/Total Scholarship Award 2020 has been asking ever since the deadline for the scholarship application was announced.

In this post all you need to know about the NNPC/Total Scholarship List of Successful Shortlisted Candidates 2020 for Selection Test and how to know if the list is out online.

Thoroughly go through this post to avoid missing out some important updates about the NNPC/Total scholarship Award and how candidates will be selected.

How To Check NNPC/Total Scholarship List of Successful Candidates 2020

To check the list of Successful Shortlisted Candidates 2020, candidates are advised to visit the official website on www.scholarships.totalcsredu.com, download and check the list of successful candidates.

Note, Scanned copies of your Award letter and your Acceptance Form will be sent to the email addresses you used when applying for the scholarship.

Should in case you didn’t see the Award letter and the Acceptance Form in your inbox, remember to check the SPAM folder.

Successful candidates are advised to read the documents thoroughly and conform to all the instructions.

Among other instructions, successful candidates are required to complete the Acceptance Form and return it within four (4) weeks from the date of their Award letter.

Failure to return the Acceptance Form duly completed and signed within this period voids the offer. Note, the Late return is not entertained, and we shall not enter into any further correspondence with such a candidate.

Also, the Head of Department or Dean of Faculty or Dean of Student Affairs, (whichever is available/accessible within this period), must complete and sign their portion of the Acceptance Form.

The Form is incomplete and void without their attestation that the candidate is a currently registered student of the school.

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  1. saheed says:

    PPPPplease when is the shortlist for 2019 will be out?

  2. Gabriel Swanti Joseph says:

    Please is the shortlisted list out for the test tomorrow?

  3. Galla says:

    Please is the shortlisted list out

  4. Harrison says:

    2018-2019 short list is NOT out!!! The news is fake

  5. ola says:

    please if u were in 200lvl wen u wrote d test ND u are now in 300 lvl by the time d list is out, does it affect d award

  6. khabbabu sani says:

    when the result for 2017 will be out

  7. Ibidapo says:

    When will the result be out

  8. Gideon says:

    How many year would the benefit last?



  10. Oluwatojumi says:

    Pls admin as the apitutude test been conducted??

  11. Oluwatojumi says:

    Pls admin send me the list of shortlisted candidates for Nnpc/Total scholarship to know if have been shortlisted. av not been able to check it on their site.

  12. Oluwatojumi says:

    Pls admin I haven’t seen anything like shortlist for Nnpc scholarship pls send it to me

  13. Yemisi says:

    Please admin the list for the shortlisted candidate is difficult to access. Please how it be accessible?

  14. yushau dauda says:

    plx admin no any shotlist their

  15. Amah Eno-obong says:

    pls I have not received any notification concerning d exam venue. I need help pls.

  16. Grace Okolo says:

    please admin, send the list to my mail today so that I’ d know if am shortlisted or not in order to know how to prepare for the test since the test is on the 2nd… Thanks

  17. saidu says:

    Pls Admin help
    I have been shortlisted and the past questions and answers pls
    my email is saidu893@gmail.com

  18. Grace Okolo says:

    Good morning admin, please send the list to my mail today so that I’d know if am shortlisted or not in order to know how to prepare for the test since the test is on the 2nd… Thanks

  19. Grace Okolo says:

    Please admin, send the list to my email. I’m finding it difficult to access it on the website. Thanks

  20. danladi eunice says:

    admin please call or sms me with my number 08027076556

  21. sussan says:

    Please Admin send the list to my email.

  22. sussan says:

    Please can you send the list to my email.

  23. Benson edward says:

    Pls what is the official site for the nnpc scholarship, i recieve no message from them up till now…

  24. Daniel says:

    Please, I’d like to get the list also

  25. Benson edward says:

    Have they started shortlisting for the nnpc scholarship? Because i recieve no responds from them up till now…

  26. Abasiubong says:

    Please Admin I Have Checked The Official Website And I Cant Find Where To Download The List Of Shortlisted Candidate Please Can You Send The List To My Email

  27. Abasoubong Asuquo says:

    please how can I check the names of shortlisted candidates online

  28. Abdullahi Chindo says:

    at least you have to send every new information through candidate phone number or mail, for update.

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