Npower Posting List 2018 (Updated), Npower Final Selection List

Npower Posting List of 2018 verified applicants is out now out for all those who were on the Npower Final Selection List 2018 can now check here for Npower list. This is to inform all successfully Npower verified applicants that the 2018 Npower Posting List is finally out online. This list covers all categories in the scheme which involves Npower Teach, Npower Health, Npower Agro, Npower Tax/VAIDS and Npower Build. The Npower Recruitment team has finally revealed what all successfully verified applicants must do to be clear finally.

As the Npower physical verification exercise has come to completion, you should know that you being preselected does not liken Final selection. The Preselection of applicants is the third stage (after online registration and online assessment exercise) in the NPower recruitment process. After this step, credentials of each NPower applicants will be screened an only those whose application matched their credentials will be Shortlisted in the final NPower list.

Successfully Verified applicant’s place of primary assignment (PPA) will be sent to all Npower verified applicants.

The Npower recruitment team has urged all Npower verified applicants to log on to the NPVN portal and fill in their details.

Successfully verified Npower candidates who received text messages from Npower team can now log on to Npower Volunteer portal to update and fill all their detail for account record purposes.

Npower Posting List 2018

Please note that you must pass the Npower Physical verification exercise before you’re posting letter will reach you.

The Npower Posting List 2018 is rigorously based on the successfully verified applicants who partook in the physical verification exercise which was conducted and monitored by Npower recruitment team.

All verified applicants posting letter will be given to them at their state branch office of Npower. Applicants are mandated to visit with identification to collect your letter which serves as your appointment letter.

Please Note:

Your Npower appointment letter will carry the category you have selected, be it N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health or N-Tax. Kindly make sure the information on the appointment letter contains all your details.
How to check 2018 Npower Posting List

It is very necessary to check your name in the posting list to be sure you are fully verified by Npower. To check list follow the steps below:

  1. Check posting list via
  2. Enter your BVN or type in your surname to continue
  3. If you have been successfully verified, a congratulatory message will be sent to you
  4. Continue to the NPVN portal and fill your details

Final Selection List 2018, Npower Posting List

The Npower Posting List of successfully selected beneficiaries will be released at the zonal headquarters of the beneficiary’s local government area of residence. The Npower Posting List usually contains the name of the beneficiary, serial number, type of highest educational qualification (B.Sc, BA, B.Ed, MA, M.Sc, HND etc.), beneficiary’s discipline, and the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) where the beneficiary has been posted to work, especially for those in N-Teach category.

Documentation For Final Selection List 2018, Npower Posting List

Having made the final list of successfully selected beneficiaries, the next necessary stage is to open beneficiary’s official file at the zonal office where you are required to submit all claimed credentials and documents for official and record purposes.

Issuance of Appointment letter For Final Selection List 2018, Npower Posting List

After opening your file at the zonal headquarters, selected beneficiaries are issued appointment letter which must be duplicated for the zonal office, your PPA, and your copy.

Proceed to your place of primary assignment

Proceed to your PPA to sign the resumption letter waiting for you there and immediately resume your assigned duties without delay. By this time, you have been cleared and your details forwarded to NPower headquarters in Abuja for the payment of your stipend. Your phone is now ready to beep for stipend alert

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