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This latest news update is for all NPower Shortlisted Candidates including Npower teach (N-teach), Npower Heath (N-heath), Npower Agro (N-agro), Npower tax (N-tax). This post will also cover Npower physical verification dates across the country. Npower is totally free. Kindly report anyone who tries to extort you in exchange for access to the physical verification. Pre-selected List | NPower Shortlisted Candidates

  • The NPower program does NOT send beneficiaries to preferred places of assignments. Applicants know this.
  • If you reach the Final Selection stage, you will be able to select a device. We think that you focus on scaling the physical verification stage now.
  • Your physical verification will hold at the place of residence inputted during registration.
  • The physical verification process is not for a day only, you can choose a day to partake in the process.
  • Please, there is no state A or B as been circulated.
  • The physical verification exercise will be DELAYED. Communication will be provided shortly.
  • There is no provision for change of resident in npower.

Below is the Top List of items required for the Npower Physical Verification Exercise.

* Birth Certificate: Document that corroborates your age.
* ID card: Acceptable National Identification that shows your name.
* Proof of address of residence: A PHCN bill or any other utility bill is also acceptable.

The Npower Build can be said to be an accelerated training and certification (something like Skills to Job) program that will engage and train 75, 000 young unemployed Nigerians to build a new crop of the skilled and highly competent workforce of technicians, service professionals, and artisans. The focus industry area of the N-Power Build will be on:

* Construction
* Utilities
* Building Services
* Aluminium and Gas
* Automotive

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  1. James, Ekarika says:

    Good morning to all the Npower administrative team
    lease I want to know whether one’s PPA can be transferred to another state of residence which later took place due to delayed commencement of the program and some applicant were relocated either in search of means of livelihood or going along with family as a result of accommodation problem.

  2. I strongly advice you to pls send us our shotlist we are still a wait

  3. Ifiok Eboh says:

    Please i can’t not check my name

  4. sandra dapel says:

    Pls help me check if my name is among the shortlisted candidates. Tanx Sandra .

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