How to check NYSC Batch C Senate List for (stream 1 and stream 2)

See how to successfully check NYSC Batch C Senate List (stream 1 and stream 2) here. This content is made for all prospective NYSC members wondering if there is going to be a batch c and those who were not able to make it with the first two batches batch A and B.

Before we go into our discussion, we will like to inform you that there is going to be an NYSC Batch C for 2018 NYSC check here.

ONCE the NYSC portal opens by October or November, you will have the opportunity to apply for service. This also applies to those who wish to collect an exemption letter.

Before you can apply for the Batch C NYSC registration, your name must appear on the NYSC Batch C Senate List PCM. If it does; it implies that your school has successfully sent your details to NYSC and you are eligible to register and serve.

How to check NYSC Batch C Senate List for (stream 1 and stream 2)

 If you name and your details appear, it means that you have been mobilized, then you can go on with the registration.

Important Information

  1. Corps Members should please note that the NYSC will neither send text messages canvassing for political parties and candidates nor release Corps data to such groups.
  2. The Scheme is apolitical and remains unbiased to all contestants during election process and will continue to leverage on the tremendous achievements it has recorded in the democratic process of the country.
  3. The NYSC partners all stakeholders in order to ensure free, fair and credible elections across the country.
  4. All corps members are hereby reminded of the Director-General”s advice to remain neutral in their responsibility as INEC ad-hoc staff in the process of the 2019 General Elections.
  5. Note: Above is for your information.



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