Best Android Phone Launcher app in 2019

Best Android Phone Launcher app in 2019 -The Best Android Launchers are highly most customizable. A good launcher Andriod launcher allows users to customize home screen, how mobile apps are launched, make phone calls, and how some perform other tasks on Android devices.

Android smartphones are virtually useless without a launcher. The launcher is more like the actual operating system; it controls the home screen and the catalog of apps on the device. Although every device comes with a pre-installed launch, you can also install a third party launcher. Users sometimes prefer a third party launcher because it offers more customization.

Best Android Launchers For 2019

To save you from browsing and trying out several launchers on Play Store, below is a list of the Best Android launchers.

Best Android Launchers-Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher one the best Android launchers available. It is a lightweight, efficient, and fast launcher. It has an app docking customization, notification badges, icon and folder customizations, and multiple gestures features.

Nova launcher also supports for app shortcuts. Its prime version further unlocks more features and customization options.

Best Android Launchers-Evie launcher

Evie launcher is known for performance, and it is also one of the best Android launchers. Users switch to this launcher because of its smoothness.

It has a Universal Search feature that enables an internal search. Furthermore, it has several home screen shortcuts and customizations.

The main reason why Evie is regarded as one of the best Android launchers for 2019 is that it allows users to choose a search engine. The downside is its relatively fewer gestures, but it is a launcher app that ensures speed and simplicity.

Best Android Launchers- Buzz Launcher App

Buzz Launcher App is regarded as the best android launcher in terms of customization. It has a unique feature called “Homepack Buzz.” Buzz launcher has an internal app-locker and RAM cleaner. It has a lot of gestures for shortcuts such as swipe of your finger on the home screen.

There is also an additional feature called “Screen Effects,” which is similar to live wallpaper. Screen effects overlay animated wallpaper such as ‘snowfall’ or ‘autumn leaves’ floating on your screen.

The downside of Buzz Launcher app is that it doesn’t function well with icon packs and themes on Play Store.

Best Android Launchers-Microsoft Launcher

The Microsoft Launcher was formerly known as Arrow Launcher. The launcher has an elegant looking and fast Android launcher with lots of customizations.

It has a new panel that shows the recently opened media or contacts. The best part is that Microsoft Launcher app is that syncs with Microsoft account.

The drawback of Microsoft launcher is the relatively few customizations.

Best Android Launchers-Google Now

Google Now launcher app is a Google product. Users can install this launcher if they dislike the pre-installed launcher on their android device.

Like other Google apps, the launcher has a Google search bar customized in the screen itself. It also combined with the smooth app drawer; app suggestions also work efficiently.

The only drawback is not highly customizable.




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