Central Bank of Nigeria Recruitment | Complete Available CBN Ranks and Offices

Are you interested in working in and for the CBN? If the answer to that question is yes, then you should follow the Central Bank of Nigeria Recruitment guidelines provided here. You will also learn about the ranks and offices of the organization in case you wish to pursue a career with them.

Complete Central Bank of Nigeria Recruitment Guide

If you want to participate in this Central Bank of Nigeria Recruitment and possibly secure a position with the bank, the following vital pieces of information cannot be overemphasized in relation to the entire exercise. Take note of every single one and keep it at the back of your mind at all times.

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We have also deemed it important to educate our readers on the ranks and offices available in the Central Bank of Nigeria. These positions exist in Hierarchical order depending on an individual’s Qualifications and Training. The ranks and positions come below.

Some Available Central Bank of Nigeria Ranks

  • Officer Banker
  • Bank Assistant
  • Bank Officers
  • Recruitment Officers

The Positions above are just a few of the available posts that are ready for occupying through the Central Bank of Nigeria Recruitment exercise that will soon commence. Aspirants of CBN careers are thereby advised to get themselves and their qualifications ready as soon as possible.

Prospective applicants should take note that the Central Bank of Nigeria Recruitment exercise, from the application to the processing will take place online via the recruitment portal of the CBN. We are therefore not in any way involved in any of the operations apart from bringing you this information.

General Post Objectives

  • To see if the CBN will be recruiting this year
  • To learn the Central Bank of Nigeria Recruitment date
  • To know the requirements needed for application and recruitment
  • To learn the available offices and positions at CBN
  • To get access to the online recruitment portal for the exercise
  • To learn the complete application procedures.

 Important Notice: Aspirants should be warned that the Central Bank of Nigeria Recruitment is not yet ongoing at the time of publishing this post. However, if the reports reaching us are correct, then the process will begin very soon for the online applications on the official portal of the exercise.

Commencement of Recruitment

It is for these reasons that we have dedicated our resources into making sure that our readers get the updates on the Central Bank of Nigeria Recruitment as soon as it becomes available. Prospective candidates must make sure to stay in constant contact with our website for more.

In subsequent times we will make sure to bring you more important details on the Central Bank of Nigeria Recruitment, plus other important information you might need on the issue. You can comment and ask us questions in the appropriate section for that, and also share the tips with your friends.


Coca-Cola recruitment 2019 – Hurry and Apply on the Coca-Cola Job Online Portal

The Coca-Cola recruitment 2019 has finally arrived, individuals with the right qualifications can now start preparing themselves for the exercise on the company’s online job portal immediately. The step by step process and the recruitment portal will be outlined below.

Coca-Cola recruitment 2019 Applications

This is without a doubt one of the opportunities that a lot of people have been curiously waiting for in a very long time. It is not a moment anyone should pass up on; the Coca-Cola recruitment 2019 is a next level opportunity to be a part of the global beverage company.

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Grab your qualifications and credentials without any delay and make haste to the Coca-Cola recruitment 2019 official job portal and apply immediately. We will attend to some of the questions that have in one time or the other really bordered some of our readers on the recruitment.

Questions You Might Have Asked Before

  • Will Cola-Cola Recruitment recruit in 2019?
  • Has the Coca-Cola recruitment 2019 begun?
  • How can I apply for Coca-Cola recruitment?
  • Where and how can I obtain the Coca-Cola Company form?
  • What qualifications are necessary for recruitment?

If you have asked any of the questions outlined above, then you are not alone in that category. After reading this Coca-Cola recruitment 2019 article, you will have few to no more of these questions again. Hopefully, this will be of much help to you as we believe it will be.

Coca-Cola recruitment Online Portal

We want our readers to note that we are not in charge of the Coca-Cola recruitment 2019. Instead, we are bringing you the latest tips that can help you land a position in the company. If you think you have what it takes to be an employee of the company, then you must visit their online portal.

The exciting news about the Coca-Cola recruitment 2019 is that the application exercise does not cost anything, the beverage company has made sure it is free of charge for the aspirants. It doesn’t get better than this when it comes to job opportunities, and it is now up to you.


Oando recruitment 2019 – Apply Now on Oando Nigeria Plc Job Online Portal

We have brought you the latest updates on the new Oando recruitment 2019. This is without a doubt an excellent opportunity everyone has been waiting for, and now it is at your fingertips. In the next few seconds, you will get the steps to one of the best jobs in the country.

See Oando recruitment 2019 Procedures

It is high time you got your qualifications ready and grab the opportunity with your two hands because it rarely comes around. The chance of participating in the Oando recruitment 2019 is not one anyone who is qualified should miss out on intentionally.

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The qualifications for the Oando recruitment 2019 will also be relayed to you in this post as you read on, and some of the confusing issues on the exercise will be attended to so that our readers will have further clarity on the entire process of the applications.

Common Oando recruitment 2019 Questions

You have probably come across one or more of the questions above before, do not worry because you are not alone in asking the questions. That is one of the major reasons why we have brought you this Oando recruitment 2019 guidelines for more clarity.

Visit The Online Job Portal Today

Aspirants of the available positions should endeavor to go to the online job portal for the Oando recruitment 2019 so that they can get more information on the whole process. The portal also contains the general qualifications and the step by step phases of the exercise.

One of the most exciting aspects of this entire recruitment issue is that the whole process is for free. It is not going to cost you anything to apply for the Oando recruitment 2019 on the online portal for the job, you just need to meet the requirements and you are good.


Arik Air recruitment 2019 – Apply for Vacant Arik Air Job Online Portal

See the newest updates on Arik Air recruitment 2019; we will show you the steps to the airline recruitment exercise and the online portal available for the process. The guidelines to the entire recruitment operation will be disclosed in the post as you read on.

Apply Today for Arik Air recruitment 2019

The Airline company is inviting duly qualified individuals for the available vacancies, so any young man or woman with the right qualifications should take advantage of the following information.
Opportunities like this don’t come along all the time as we know.

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You must take advantage of this Arik Air recruitment 2019 and secure high-level employment for yourself as soon as possible. The procedures for applying online for the vacant positions in the airline company are straightforward to undertake for the aspirants of the exercise.

Arik Air recruitment 2019 Commonly Asked Questions

We had previously received a plethora of questions by a reasonable number of our readers on this particular Arik Air recruitment 2019 exercise. And we are confident of providing some of these question’s answers with the information in this important article.

  • Is Arik Air recruitment 2019 ongoing at the moment?
  • When is the recruitment going to commence fully?
  • What are the qualifications required for the position?
  • Where and how can one obtain the Arik Air recruitment 2019 form?
  • What are the recruitment exercise procedures?

The above questions are just some of the issues that have been bordering on the minds of many aspirants of this recruitment drive. And we believe they will not be an issue anymore by the end of this article, take note of every critical update available here.

Important Notice

You should take note that we are not responsible for or in any way processing Arik Air recruitment 2019 for aspirants of this recruitment, we are just providing you the information you need to stand a good chance of hopefully securing a position for yourself.


FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019 | Online Portal for Federal Inland Revenue Service

Prospective candidates can now start submitting their applications for the Federal Inland Revenue Service recruitment. We will guide you to the FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019 and also show you how you can forward your application forms successfully on the site.

Official FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019

Do you think you have the skills that the agency is looking for? If yes, then now is the perfect time to prove your mettle and become a member of the organization immediately. If you follow the steps below, then you will be a successful employee in no time.

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The FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019 is open for young and hardworking school graduates who have the right qualities and temperament to thrive in the business. It is without a doubt an excellent moment up for grabs for those that wish to.

Commencement of Recruitment

It is expected that the Federal Inland Revenue Service will conduct their recruitment for this year very soon, the FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019 and the entire navigation of the site and application process will be revealed in the following paragraphs shortly.

Take note that the Federal Inland Revenue Service’s recruitment of new workers has not commenced yet. However, the provision of the FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019 for you is to get you ready for the process of the application exercise for successful employment.

General Requirement for FIRS 2019 Application

  • A credible means of identification of Citizenship
  • State of Origin Certification
  • Certificate of Birth/Affidavit of Court Age Declaration
  • B.Sc Holders and Degree, HND and OND
  • NCE or its equivalents
  • Complete Curriculum Vitae Documents
  • Medical Fitness Confirmation From any Government Hospital
  • Between the ages of 18-35 Years before the application deadline
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Height: 1.55 – 1.8 and above for both Male and Female
  • Federal Inland Revenue Service Basic Requirements & Qualification
  • NYSC Discharge Certificate
  • WAEC Certificate etc.

You can visit the FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019 at www.firs.gov.ng/recruitment if you want to participate in the recruitment exercise. Also, make sure you stay in touch with us for more information in subsequent articles.


SON Recruitment 2019/2020 – Standard Organisation of Nigeria Applications

The Standard Organisation of Nigeria application exercise for recruitment is here again. The agency is welcoming duly qualified and interested Nigerians to apply for the SON Recruitment 2019/2020 and secure a place in the Organisation’s system of activities.

Apply for SON Recruitment 2019/2020 Immediately

The procedures for obtaining comfortable employment and work for the agency is what we will bring to you here. Take notice of every single detail that we have carefully put in place for you and stand a good chance of successfully applying for the SON Recruitment 2019/2020.

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You will also get to see the details of the employment opportunities and the procedures that they entail. Additionally, we will provide you with the official portal where you can submit your applications for the SON Recruitment 2019/2020 online for a successful exercise.

General Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the SON’s mode of recruitment?
  • Has SON Recruitment 2019/2020 commenced?
  • What are the qualities needed in a potential employee?
  • How and where can an aspirant apply?
  • What is the cost of the online application?

If one or more of the questions above have related to you before as an aspirant of the SON Recruitment 2019/2020, then you cannot afford to miss out on the following vital information. Take note of every single one because they are crucial for recruitment.

What More Should You Know?

Further details on the whole exercise and more on the activities of the Standard Organisation of Nigeria can be seen on the agency’s platform via www.son.gov.ng. You can also visit the website and follow the instructions there for easy navigation and application.

Depending on your qualifications and training your position and office will be determined. SON Recruitment 2019/2020 will seek to fill some of the available positions that have recently opened up for qualified and skilled employees to be a part of the Governmental agency.

Available Positions Available for Recruitment

  • Officer Cadet
  • Inspector Assistant
  • Inspectors Officers
  • Recruitment Officers

Though SON Recruitment 2019/2020 is not yet open at the moment, these positions will be ready for filling as soon as they start recruiting. The best idea would be to start getting your qualifications ready for the exercise proper so that you will not be left out when it starts.

Stay in Constant Contact

We will also make sure that we relay every bit of vital information on this recruitment to you whenever it becomes available. You must endeavor to stay in touch with us constantly for updates on the SON Recruitment 2019/2020 for a successful application exercise later.


NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019 – Apply for Latest Nafdac Vacancies Here

You can now start forwarding your applications immediately for the ongoing NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019. The applications will be submitted online on the job portal we will provide you in this post. Further details will follow in the guidelines below.

Apply Now For NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019

Do you want to participate in the online application exercise being carried out for the NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019?. A lot of people have undoubtedly been asking questions about the company activities and hiring strategies, well, here you have the answers you need.

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The National Agency For Food and Drug Administration and Control job recruitment is inviting applicants with due qualifications to take advantage of the opportunity available in the agency at the moment. Follow the instructions below and acquaint yourself properly.

Are You Familiar With Any of these Questions?

  • Is NAFDAC currently recruiting?
  • When is the NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019 commencing?
  • What are the qualifications for the positions?
  • How is the application form obtainable?

If any of the above questions and more relates to you in any way, then you must note down the details that will follow in this post immediately. The NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019 positions are up for grabs if you have the requirements to back up your desires.

How to Apply For A Position

To apply for the recruitment, you will have to visit their online recruitment portal and forward your credentials. You will also see the conditions that are required of any prospective employee of the agency after they must have secured an employment there.

Online Application

The online application does not cost anything to process for aspiring employees; anyone can navigate the portal during the NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019. Just with the right qualifications and skill set, you can land yourself a comfortable position in the agency.


PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 – How to Apply for Power Holding Company of Nigeria

See the latest vacancies available in the Power Holding Company of Nigeria 2019. The online portal for PHCN Job recruitment 2019 is now open for applications from duly qualified individuals to occupy the vacant positions available in the electric power company.

PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 Available Positions

These available positions come with qualifications and conditions that must be met by aspirants of the recruitment. You will see these PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 requirements as you read on, make sure you do not miss out on any vital information from this post.

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To successfully secure one of these vacancies the applicant will have to process their applications online. This is after they must have provided the PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 essential credentials and also met the conditions for these openings adequately.

Questions You Might Have Come Across

  • Has the PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 commenced?
  • Where and how can one apply for a position?
  • How can I request for a PHCN Recruitment 2019 application form?
  • What are the qualifications for recruitment?

You must be aware that these applications will be processed online via the PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 official portal. The online job application is not complicated and can be done by anyone. The forms are also free of charge from the power holding company.

Further Recruitment Portal Information

The recruitment portal will also provide you with further details on the procedures involved in the exercise and the activities of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria. The portal is easy to navigate and upload your documents whenever you wish to do that.

Uploading Your Credentials

Once your PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 required credentials are ready, quickly go to the portal and upload them immediately to stand in a good position for a standard job position in the company. More details will be brought your way in subsequent times on this website.


Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019 | Recruitment Examination Venues & Dates

This is an update on the Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019, the venues and the dates for the recruitment examinations. The details provided here are very important to the success of your recruitment, so make sure you take complete advantage.

See the Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019 Here

For the applicants of the Nigerian Police Force recruitment, the Force has revealed the Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019 so that participants of the application exercise can get themselves prepared for the next phase of the of the NPF Recruitment exercise.

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The venues and dates for the examinations have also been released to the candidates of the ongoing recruitment drive by the Force. The Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019 revelation has come as a welcome relief for curious applicants of the recruitments.

Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019

According to the Nigerian Police Service Commission, they are delighted to announce to every candidate of the recruitment that the Nigerian Police screening date 2019 for the successful Applicants will start from June 6 over the 36 states of the federation plus FCT.

Details of NPF Screening Dates & Venues

All the candidates that made the shortlist of the successful applicants can now start getting themselves ready for the subsequent training and examinations. That is the perfect way to face the tests that they will pose and come out successfully.

Shortlisted Candidates

For further details and updates on the Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019 and many more, take your time and visit nigeriapolicecareers.net to see all you need to know on the exercise and the latest necessary steps to take on the matter.

Peradventure you have not checked your name on the list of the successful applicants for the NPF recruitment, then you should make haste and do that. The Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019 and its accompanying details are only for those that made the shortlist.

All You Must Know on The Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019

Please Note; This List strictly for General Duty Applicants alone.


Total Petroleum 2019 | Ghana Young Graduate Program (YGP) Application

The Total Petroleum 2019 Ghana Young Graduate Program (YGP) Application is here. This write-up will teach you everything you need to know about the scheme. Read carefully and follow the instructions provided in the article for you.

Total Petroleum 2019 YGP

Total Petroleum Ghana Limited is a member of the global Total Group. This Group is one of the biggest and influential integrated oil and gas companies in the world. The Total Petroleum 2019 Program for young Ghanaian graduates to benefit from the Company.

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Our esteemed Young Ghanaian readers are advised to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to help themselves immensely. Every individual with due qualifications while meeting the conditions of the Total Petroleum 2019 should endeavor not to miss out.

Ghana Young Graduates Program

The Young Ghanaian Youths Program is aimed at building the youths up through training and massive capacity building by the Petroleum Company. The vision is to make sure that the participants of the Total Petroleum 2019 will benefit greatly and solidify their future.

Qualifications For Program

  • Total Petroleum Ghana is targetting Ghanaian candidates who have attained at least 2nd Class Upper Honours’
  • Degree from a distinguished Ghanaian institution in the previous year and must have been done with their National Service.
  • Candidates cannot be over 27 years old.

Degrees must be in the following disciplines:

  • Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or related disciplines
  • Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Economics or related business fields

The following Requirements Are Also Necessary:

  • Intellectually curious and able to take initiatives
  • Must also be computer literate
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication and analytical skills
  • Must have a strong ethical awareness and orientation
  • Team player and leadership qualities
  • Highly adaptable to different environments

GYP Application Procedures

Credentials should be forwarded with a brief motivational letter to the following portal: jobs@total-ghana.com


EKO Hotels Recruitment 2019 | Vacancies in Eko Hotel & Suites

With a position as one of the best hotels in the Country, Eko Hotels a beehive of activities every day and night. If you would like to experience the Hotels from the view of an employee, then the details available below will boost your chances of Eko Hotels Recruitment 2019 success.

Massive EKO Hotels Recruitment 2019

Eko Hotels and Suites is without a doubt at the top end of luxury experience in hotels all over the Country. Its services are standard and their suites highly impressive. Situated in Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria, it is simply a place to be for guests and luxury lovers.

Great Working Environment

The Eko Hotels Recruitment 2019 though not ongoing at the time of this write up, might kick off at any time. This is why we have decided to update our valued readers on what it takes to land a position successfully. The following information will guide you.

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For more details on the Eko Hotels Recruitment 2019 and the general activities and services of the Hotel, you can visit www.ekohotels.com on your own time and satisfy your curiosity. Opportunities like this do not present themselves all the time, so be smart.

Recruitment Qualififcations

Individuals that meet the right conditions and the qualities and temperaments to function in establishments as huge and influential as this one should get ready to take the next step as soon as possible. It is surely an experience to look forward to.

The Hotel and Suites are looking for smart, intelligent, motivated, inspired and hard working young men and women that will occupy the vacant positions in the establishment. It is now up to you to prove that you have what it takes to be in that category.

Excellent Opportunity

As soon as further updates on Eko Hotels Recruitment 2019 becomes available, trust us to bring to your doorstep immediately. And make sure that you share with your friends and loved ones so that they can also avail themselves of the opportunity likewise.


Dangote Refinery Recruitment 2019 – Apply For Massive Open Positions Here

Because of the new and massive almost completed Dangote refinery, there is a substantial number of important positions that are going to be made available for qualified individuals. This post will show you how to apply for the Dangote Refinery Recruitment 2019 successfully.

Massive Dangote Refinery Recruitment 2019

Almost everybody has heard or known about the Global standard Refinery being put up by Billionaire Aliko Dangote in Lekki Lagos State, Nigeria. Though still under construction, the completion will result in a massive Dangote Refinery Recruitment drive for vacancies.

Taking The Bold Step

With the instructions we have carefully and thoughtfully provided for our readers in this post, make sure you take advantage of this once in a lifetime chance. The Dangote Refinery Recruitment will involve personnel for an ultra-modern petrochemical and fertilizer complex.

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The Refinery is constructed on a standard that will rival any across the World. And if you know you have what it takes to be a part of this gigantic Petroleum and petrochemical refinery, then this article is just the perfect thing for you to stand a good chance.

Dangote Refinery Job Descriptions

  • Construction Health and Safety Officer Post
    A minimum of Five years experience

Position Information: The H&S Officer is has a vital role to play at the Project Site HSE structure. They aid the HSE Manager in reaching the HSE goal for the Project. They will ensure compliance and will have a comprehensive intelligence with Project operations units.

Job Obligations

  • They will develop, analyze and update Project H&S programs and SOPs.
  • Keep track of developments to H&S legislation and communicate to the Project units.
  • Work together with the Project in developing H&S targets and appropriate leading and delaying H&S KPIs and monitor the improvement of Project in reaching goals
  • Proffer guidance to the Project management, improving the knowledge of H&S matters likely to have substance H&S danger to the Project
  • Help to identify training requirements and present relevant training solutions.

Required Competencies

  • High technical abilities and a strong knowledge of Construction H&S
  • Fluency in communication (written and oral).
  • The ability to distinguish between minor H&S issues and matters of potential material impact and intensification triggers.
  • Dispute negotiation and good presentation techniques.
  • Five years or above of experience in a similar company.

How To Apply

Do you meet the qualifications for a position in this project? then visit careers.dangote-group.com and apply appropriately, thanks and good luck.


Jumia Nigeria Recruitment – Jumia Travel Corporate Sales Executive Vacancy

Jumia stands as Africa’s number one internet group, boasting of more than 3,000 employees and situated in over 20 African countries. The following information below will help you in the Jumia Nigeria Recruitment successful application.

Jumia Nigeria Recruitment Application

Jumia is a Company overseen by highly talented heads with services in the mix of local and international expertise and backed up by MTN, Rocket Internet, Millicom, Goldman Sachs, Axa, Orange & CDC. Jumia Nigeria Recruitment procedures & conditions follow.

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The company has been successful in avenues like Jumia, Jumia Food, Jumia Travel, Jumia House, Jumia Deals, Jumia Services, and Jumia Jobs. Individuals with the precise qualities and desires are invited to apply for the Jumia Nigeria Recruitment for these vacancies.

Full Job Description

  • Corporate Sales Executive – Jumia Travel

Job Duration: Full Time
Qualifications: BA/BSc/HND
Experience: Three to Five years
Location: Lagos
Job Field: Sales / Marketing / Retail / Business Development
Department: Direct Sales

  • Job Position Roles

This position is perfect for a travel expert with adequate transactions experience as well as being a travel agent or a tour supervisor. Take advantage of the Jumia Nigeria Recruitment opportunity and build your profession to the very maximum.

Functions of The Corporate Sales Executive

  • Initiates and sustains relations between new and existing customers
  • Communication with clients on the areas and points of their travel demands
  • Preparation of Professional and adequate propositions
  • Initiate, strengthen, and maintain a client port of corporate accounts
  • Turning requests into bookings to beat targets and earn a percentage
  • Aim for new and already existing B2B accounts
  • Aiding senior managers with ad hoc schemes
  • Go to networking events along with PR/Marketing team and Follow up on points generated from the functions

Professional Skills & Qualifications

  • University Degree in Travel, Hospitality, Tourism, Business or similar courses
  • Three to five years experience in marketing travel packages to B2B
  • Applicants with personal travel knowledge expected
  • Excellent sales abilities and customer oriented strategy
  • Knowledge of market and product.
  • Expertise in several areas of travel (international/domestic, holidays/business, individual/group, etc.)
  • Fluency in presentation, communication, and effective persuasion.
  • The capacity for understanding a client’s needs and proffering effective solutions

Benefit Accrued to Position

  • An excellent adventure in an entrepreneurial, but yet organized environment
  • The chance of becoming a part of a top professional and dynamic team working across the world
  • An unmatched personal and professional development as the longer-term purpose is the training of the next generation of leaders for our future internet adventures.

How To Apply

Visit Jumia Nigeria career website on africainternetgroup.peoplehr.net to apply.


AXA Mansard Insurance Recruitment – Apply For Automation Officer Post

AXA Mansard is a part of the AXA Group. They are the leader in insurance and asset management across the Globe with over 157,000 agents serving over 103 million customers in 59 nations. Below are the prerequisites of the AXA Mansard Insurance Recruitment.

About AXA Mansard Insurance Company

As a combination of independently run businesses, their operations are according to the rules and regulations of the various countries policies. Notwithstanding that “AXA” is in upper case, it is not an acronym; it is so that it can easily be pronounced in any Language.

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A brief history before the AXA Mansard Insurance Recruitment procedures, AXA Mansard was consolidated in the year 1989 and as a private limited susceptibility company. The Insurance company was later registered on the Nigeria Stock Exchange in 2009.

AXA Mansard Insurance Recruitment Applications

They specialize in offering life and non-life insurance stocks and assistance to people and institutions all over the country, while as well as proposing medical insurance solutions, asset/investment management services, and pension fund administration.

Now with a Market Capitalization more than N28 billion, they are without a doubt the largest insurance company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. You can see the AXA Mansard Insurance Recruitment positions and job details and descriptions below.

Job Position Brief

  • Automation Officer

Job Type: Full Time
Qualification: BA/BSc/HND
Experience: Two to Three years
Location: Lagos
Job field: engineering / Technical

  • Position Details:

Job Profile for the Automation Officer

The officer on the Automation position develops and provides quality assistance for online (includes web and mobile) and digital self-service applications/platforms. They are expected to play that role with efficiency and standard professionalism after a successful AXA Mansard Insurance Recruitment.

The Automation Officer’s Fundamental Responsibilities

  • Develops enough support and solutions
  • The Management and development of web, mobile, and various digital customer-related platforms; make sure that they are reliable and that they have point-to-point data security.
  • The Provision of support for digital platforms and partnership with internal teams to solve relevant concerns.
  • Collaborates with appropriate teams to implement an internet pathway to internal business methods and make provision of support via growing platforms with reporting details that are useful for data analysis and mining.
  • To make sure of the availability of APIs and processes to enhance the advancement of digital answers
  • Documents the application set-up procedures efficiently; sustaining versions and the update of IT documentation resources for maximum knowledge
  • Collaborations with answer providers to make sure that application implementation is processed by trusted standards and proper policies that support user requirements.
  • Constant performance checks of online and digital programs.
  • Engages and supports the third party

Competencies Required

  • University degree holders in Computer Science or a related course, and at least two to three years of related experience in web/mobile application development, database management, and systems network.
  • Basic understanding of graphics editing and web layout designs
  • The Understanding of managing database queries (SQL) and relational databases (MSSQL & Oracle e.t.c)
  • Very good knowledge of web development (HTML, HTML5, CSS 3), integration and documentation (SOAP, REST, Swagger)
  • Efficient know how of server-side programming and scripting languages (C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET)
  • Must know source Control (Team Foundation Server, GIT)
  • Enough knowledge of user experience and quality confidence
  • Client-side scripting languages: JavaScript (JQuery, Node.js, Angular, etc.)


Nestle Nigeria Plc Recruitment – Apply For Vacancies Today

Applications are ongoing for Nestle Nigeria Plc Recruitment 2019 job vacancies. Nestle Plc boasts of bases in above 130 Nations. They also have factories in more than 80 research centers with numerous and vital global benefits coming from the Nestle company.

Apply for Nestle Nigeria Plc Recruitment Vacancies

Nestle Plc Promotes long term career advancement and promotes projects that help motivate driven individuals to maximize their potential. Read on and see the steps to Nestle Nigeria Plc Recruitment.

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Having a successful application in the Nestle Nigeria Plc Recruitment indicates you a part of the biggest food and Beverage Company in the world. And we also demand this same enthusiasm from our Treasury Officer in Keeping his activities professional and intact.

The Nestle Nigeria Plc Recruitment Basic Requirements

  • BSc or HND in any Accounting course, Finance related discipline
  • Prior experience in accounting or finance would be beneficial.
  • Know-how in Nestle Accounting Standards
  • SAP experience is an asset.
  • Know-how in local laws and regulations related to Trade
  • A standard skill level in Microsoft office packages.
  • Know-how in Procure to Pay method, policies, and tools
  • Faultless communication and negotiation abilities.
  • Know-how in Accounting & Finance
  • Know-how in internal controls on Account Payables processes

If you meet the outline above and you have any credible interest int the Nestle Nigeria Plc Recruitment, then hurry and submit your applications without delay. The recruitment opening comes with a lot of benefits that are simply overwhelming and impresively reliable too.

Nestle Plc Recruitment Benefits

For more details on the recruitment and many more, make sure to visit us for constant and standard updates on the topic. We are dedicated to seeing our readers get the latest information that comes around at any time. Be kind to also share this information  to  your friends who might also be interested in the recruitment.

Questions and comments are also accepted in the appropriate sections for those, and we will make sure to respond to you accordingly, thanks and goodluck.


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