How To Multiplying Your Cash |

How To Multiplying Your Cash |

How To Multiplying Your Cash
Are you willing to make extra money with doubling cash system? If your answer is yes, then, this post will guide you on how to make more money today.

How I invested N2,000 and received above N10,000 in less than 12hours, It’s a guarantee, and you can make money in a few hours, the website is registered and Legit.

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How To Multiplying Your Cash
Increasing Cash Pack

Our pack involves the Ruby pack; you donate N2,000 and N4,000 in interest. The bronze pack, you give N5,000 and get N10,000 in return. The silver pack, you donate N10,000 and get N20,000 in return.

How To Multiplying Your Cash

One Gold pack, you donate N20,000 and get N40,000 in return. The Platinum pack, you give N50,000 and get N100,000 in return. The Diamond pack, thee donate N100,000 and get N200,000 in return. Matching for transmitting and receiving cash is within 24-48 hours.

How to register on Doubling Cash

Visit their site and Register;, choose a pack to partake in and pay, get confirmed, and get ready to receive in bulk.
Double your cash with now

Our packages include;

✅ Ruby= N 2,000 returns N 4,000.
✅ Bronze= N 5,000 returns N 10,000.
✅ Silver= N 10,000 returns N 20,000.
✅ Gold= N 20,000 returns N 40,000.
✅ Platinium= N 50,000 returns N 100,000.
✅ Diamond=N 100,000 returns N 200,000.
Matching for cash and receipt of payments is within 12 – 24 hours.

Invite all your friends and make money with them, if you have any complaint use the comment section and we shall help/respond immediately.


Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2019 | Visit Job Portal for Updates

In the following lines, we will reveal how you can apply for the Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2019 successfully. The procedures have been tested and trusted to give you a better chance of securing a viable position in the Governmental Organization.

Complete Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2019 Guide

Take advantage of these vital details and available guidelines to fulfill your heart desires. Get involved in the process and apply for the Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2019 exercise. More information on the entire application follows below.

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Common Questions We have Received

  • Is the Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2019 ongoing now?
  • When will the application form portal officially open?
  • What qualifications are needed for the recruitment?
  • Where and how can one apply?
  • What is the cost of the entire application process?

The questions above are just a few of the most regular ones we have received from our esteemed readers in recent times on the Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2019. And we believe that this article will help in satisfying their vast curiosity on the matter.

Opening of Online Recruitment Portal

Even though the Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2019 is not currently open at this moment, the reports reaching us suggests that it will soon be here. That is why we advise all interested individuals to get themselves ready to participate fully in the exercise.

Job Application Requirements

Just as expected, this recruitment exercise comes with its requirements and these conditions are compulsory for an aspirant to stand a chance of successful recruitment. See the details below for more on these Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2019 requirements.

To see more information on the requirements for this exercise and more on the complete Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2019 application guide, you must visit the online portal immediately. The entire process of the exercise on the portal is free of charge.


Nigerian Communications Commission Recruitment 2019 – Online Portal Available

Read for the steps to applying for the Nigerian Communications Commission Recruitment 2019 and the online job portal for the recruitment. Go through for more on the NCC vacancies and more tips for a successful application exercise.

Nigerian Communications Commission Recruitment 2019 Application

The following information on the Nigerian Communications Commission Recruitment 2019 will help duly qualified individuals with aspirations for the vacant positions. It is an excellent opportunity for young minds to pursue stable careers.

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We will help by treating some of the issues concerning the Commission and the solutions to them. Hopefully, by the time you are done with reading the article your questions and concerns on the Nigerian Communications Commission Recruitment 2019 will be minimized.

Important Focus Issues

  • The Nigerian Communications Commission Recruitment 2019 date
  • How to qualify for the exercise
  • When and where to apply
  • Requirements for the application
  • The complete application process
  • The cost of the application procedures

These questions have been doing rounds within the number of individuals that have shown some level of interest in the Nigerian Communications Commission Recruitment 2019. For this reason, we will clarify everyone in the entire process.

Qualities Required for the Recruitment

  • Degree from distinguished Universities in the target areas
  • Motivated and hardworking young persons
  • Good and unquestionable conduct
  • Quality skills and ingenuity

Prospective applicants and hopefully employees of the commission should endeavor to visit the Nigerian Communications Commission Recruitment 2019 official online job recruitment portal. Available on the site are further tips on the application proper.

More on The Qualifications

You will also get to see the qualifications that are necessary for every applicant of the program. And the step by step activities involved in the whole process. All these and more are available on the official platform for the applications.

We want to inform our readers that we are not responsible for the Nigerian Communications Commission Recruitment 2019 or any process it involves. Apart from the updates, we bring you on the Commission, our role does not go beyond that.


Arik Air recruitment 2019 – Apply for Vacant Arik Air Job Online Portal

See the newest updates on Arik Air recruitment 2019; we will show you the steps to the airline recruitment exercise and the online portal available for the process. The guidelines to the entire recruitment operation will be disclosed in the post as you read on.

Apply Today for Arik Air recruitment 2019

The Airline company is inviting duly qualified individuals for the available vacancies, so any young man or woman with the right qualifications should take advantage of the following information.
Opportunities like this don’t come along all the time as we know.

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You must take advantage of this Arik Air recruitment 2019 and secure high-level employment for yourself as soon as possible. The procedures for applying online for the vacant positions in the airline company are straightforward to undertake for the aspirants of the exercise.

Arik Air recruitment 2019 Commonly Asked Questions

We had previously received a plethora of questions by a reasonable number of our readers on this particular Arik Air recruitment 2019 exercise. And we are confident of providing some of these question’s answers with the information in this important article.

  • Is Arik Air recruitment 2019 ongoing at the moment?
  • When is the recruitment going to commence fully?
  • What are the qualifications required for the position?
  • Where and how can one obtain the Arik Air recruitment 2019 form?
  • What are the recruitment exercise procedures?

The above questions are just some of the issues that have been bordering on the minds of many aspirants of this recruitment drive. And we believe they will not be an issue anymore by the end of this article, take note of every critical update available here.

Important Notice

You should take note that we are not responsible for or in any way processing Arik Air recruitment 2019 for aspirants of this recruitment, we are just providing you the information you need to stand a good chance of hopefully securing a position for yourself.



World Bank Fellowship Programme(WBFP).  One of the easiest things you can do online is WBG Africa Fellowship Program. Applying for a WBG Africa Fellowship Program has never been simple, but this page will assist you to join through online, and it will be very simple to you.

For those who have been searching for anywhere and the way to apply for the World Bank Africa Fellowship Programme, do not disturb yourself. For this guide will show you how to register online through the website, all we need from you is to understand the steps we are about teaching you on this website.

We Wish to say a little about our training, that 900,000 Jobless African Youth are in Europe by the World Bank, Mrs Sri Mulyani Indrawati the Managing Director of the World Bank granted the ‘Technology for Changing idea under the World Bank. Empowerment enlightening Scheme, for 900,000 African Youths at the amount of $1,000,000,000.00 (One Billion US Dollars) African Union Commission.

For you to be one of the successful youths you ought to reach up to the qualification, the World Bank Africa Fellowship Programme and job needed below for the eligibility of the Statement is listed below.

Note: The advantage you will get from them is that all the travelling expenses will be done by the World Bank, with many others things.

  • All the applicants must be living in any part of Africa.
  • And must be a minimum of 18 and a maximum 65 years before you will be employed.
  • The most pressing issues is that applicants must be a citizen of African while any person from any other country will go by registration.
  • No bad record at the past either for criminal or cultist purpose.
  • Applicants must have travelled to Any country like European or Switzerland.

Once you maintain the qualification above, you can go forward and demand the World Bank Africa Fellowship Programme and job vacancy.

World Bank Fellowship Programme (WBFP) for Unemployed Africa Youth  Apply.

For you to apply on our website, the World Bank assigned everything available to you, which means that which means that they are not going to demand any money from them you can apply immediately.

The first thing to do is to visit the World Bank post at

Note, do not apply more than once because if you do you will be excluded.

For those who are looking for any Fellowship Programme, click here to apply.

To apply for job recruitment clicking on this link here to apply.

If you find it hard to join the World Bank Fellowship Programme and apply for jobs at World Bank, make use of our comment box below. And if you still need more detail about us, you can put your email on that box for proper clarification.

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FCMB Paid Internship Program #FCMBFlexxtern

Android Application Development Saudi Arabia

Are you a business owner in Saudi Arabia that wants to develop an Android application for your customers? We’re here to build a seamless, high-performing, and scalable app that meets the need of end users and bring in the results you desire.

Android Application Development Saudi Arabia

As an Android app development company in Saudi Arabia, we offer services to businesses in Riyad and Jeddah and understand the need of end users in these markets. Combining that knowledge with our global insights allows you to satisfy your reasons for creating an Android App.

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With consumer behavior rapidly changing from an offline orientation to a digital one, owning an Android app allows you to offer a variety of options to existing and prospective customers.

74% of Smartphone Users Run an Android Operating System

While developing an iOS application is recommended in some exceptional cases, an Android App would always have more reach, given the system’s significant market share in the app market.

50% of Men and 30% of Women Have Paid Apps Installed on Their Smartphones

It doesn’t matter whether your app is paid or free; there are always people who are willing to spend on apps that help them solve a particular problem.

58% of Users Have Used a Shopping App in the last 30 Days

Developing an Android app allows customers to engage with your business as often as they like and without limitations. That would mean more sales with a little or no extra effort from your part.

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Our Android App Development Portfolio

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Key Features

Custom Design

Android app development does not require a one size fits all approach. For this reason, we’ll build your app from scratch to meet your business goals and aspirations.

Intuitive Admin Dashboard

Making changes to your site’s front end requires an intuitive admin dashboard at the backend. We’ll create an easy to navigate and user-friendly backend that allows you to stay in charge of your app and business engagements.

One-Click Login

First-time users on your Android app will have the option to onboard it by entering their details on Google or other social media apps that you select. This feature removes the stress of managing a separate database and increases your app’s conversion rate.

Top Notch Security

The ideal Android app should be nearly impossible for hackers to steal user data or entirely to hijack. You will not have to worry about witnessing any of these security risks since our expert developers will conduct all-industry approved security checks before releasing the final app.

Standard Coding Structure

Since Google and Apple will not allow apps that have a poor coding structure to get listed on the app store, our developers will employ the best codes that they use to get app approval at the first time of asking.

Full Branding

Do you want an Android app that speaks the language of your brand? We’ll use high-quality graphical representation to create an interface that will improve customer’s perception of your brand and business.

As one of the leading Android app development companies in Saudi Arabia, we offer services such as UI/UX development and deployment, revenue enhancement, launching, marketing strategy, and much more. Let’s help you create that Android app that your customers will love to use every time!

Our Process – Agile Development Methodology

To ensure that your app has all the essential features that users expect, our development process promotes the splitting these integrations into small stories that will combine to make a mind-blowing app in the final release. The diagram below perfectly shows how we do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Get Started?

To begin, you will have to share the primary details of your project with our team by booking a free consultation using the option you see on the top right corner of this page. Our experts will subsequently share insights on the best way to go about your project.

2. What Security Policy Do You Follow?

When you share your app idea with members of our team, be assured that we will never leak this information. However, if you prefer that we sign a non-disclosure agreement or any other undertaking in this regard, then we’ll gladly do so.

3. What is The Cost of the Android App Development?

There is no fixed cost for Android App development since the demands of each project vary. But our experts will provide an estimate upon request and only after getting some insights about what your app project requires.

4. Do You Offer Android App Development Services in Saudi Arabia?

Yes. We service businesses in these regions, including Riyad and Jeddah.

5. How Soon Will You Deliver My App?

The estimated time of delivery for your mobile app significantly depends on the size of the project as well as the features you want to embed on it. However, you can trust that we’ll deliver your app on the deadline we give you after signing an agreement. We could as well surprise you by completing the project before the agreed period, as we have done for several clients in the past.

Hire Android App Developers in Saudi Arabia

Choosing to work with our agency allows you to work with some of the most experienced Android app developers around the world. Get in touch with us today, and you’ll be happy you did.


Job Vacancies in Oshogbo, Osun State 2019/2020 For Graduates and Non Graduates

It’s said that information is power, getting the correct one is vital for any individual’s success. If you desire to get the latest information on the current list of job opportunities in Osun State at the moment, then I advise you to take advantage of the job vacancies in Oshogbo for new and experienced graduates in the State.

Job Vacancies in Oshogbo, Osun State

If you have any desire to pursue a career in the State Capital, then you should endeavor to do yourself well through this article. The reliable and invaluable piece of information you will get here will set you to up for the experience of securing a quality job in Osun State Capital Oshogbo.

See: ExxonMobil Recruitment 2019 | Hurry and Apply Today

Anyone that has been in the State for some time must have noticed the behavioral activity of a typical Oshogbo resident on a daily basis. Oshogbo in its own right is quite a bustling city, which can sometimes make it very hectic to notice any available job opportunity in the State.

Employment Opportunities in Oshogbo

That is the reason we have gone an extra mile to put together the latest available job opportunities in Oshogbo, Osun. We recommend that you take advantage of these openings and secure suitable employment for yourself and your loved ones. Do you want to be free of being jobless or unemployed? We believe that the information that is been provided here will aid in keeping you out of that category of people. Carefully go through the following list and acquaint yourself properly.

The following Employments are obtainable in Oshogbo, Osun State today:

  • Accounting Jobs in Oshogbo, Osun State
  • Engineering jobs in Oshogbo, Osun State
  • Nursing jobs in Oshogbo, Osun State
  • Pharmacy Jobs in Oshogbo, Osun State
  • Medical doctor Job in Oshogbo, Osun State
  • Midwifery job vacancies in Oshogbo, Osun State
  • Hospital Jobs in Oshogbo, Osun State
  • Insurance job Vacancies in Oshogbo, Osun State
  • Teaching Jobs in Oshogbo, Osun State
  • Lecturing job Vacancies
  • Oil and Had Job vacancies
  • Salesgirl vacancies
  • Sale’s Boy job Vacancies
  • Hotel Job vacancies
  • Waitress Job vacancies
  • Waiters job Vacancies
  • House help job Vacancies
  • Event managing job Vacancies
  • Cleaners job openings
  • Industrial Training jobs vacancies


  • Excellent customer service orientation
  • High level of integrity
  • Good verbal & written communication skills
  • Selling skills
  • Focused, Motivated & Results Oriented
  • Paying attention to details
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Fast and error-free processing
  • Strong problem resolution skills
  • Selling & Marketing Skills

How to secure latest Jobs in Oshogbo, Osun State Now

NOTE: The Job Vacancies that are available in Oshogbo, Osun State come in Full-time and Part-time forms:

We will show you the necessary steps to acquiring a good job for yourself in Oshogbo, Osun State. The big and full-time opportunities are majorly government jobs, Private company jobs or from the Oshogbo, Osun State recruitment Portal. You can also find a host of weekend jobs you can find in the State.

Ensure to stay in touch with us by visiting us from time to time for the latest on the topic on the following months.

See Our Top Trending Job Posts Below:

Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019 | Recruitment Examination Venues & Dates

This is an update on the Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019, the venues and the dates for the recruitment examinations. The details provided here are very important to the success of your recruitment, so make sure you take complete advantage.

See the Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019 Here

For the applicants of the Nigerian Police Force recruitment, the Force has revealed the Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019 so that participants of the application exercise can get themselves prepared for the next phase of the of the NPF Recruitment exercise.

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The venues and dates for the examinations have also been released to the candidates of the ongoing recruitment drive by the Force. The Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019 revelation has come as a welcome relief for curious applicants of the recruitments.

Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019

According to the Nigerian Police Service Commission, they are delighted to announce to every candidate of the recruitment that the Nigerian Police screening date 2019 for the successful Applicants will start from June 6 over the 36 states of the federation plus FCT.

Details of NPF Screening Dates & Venues

All the candidates that made the shortlist of the successful applicants can now start getting themselves ready for the subsequent training and examinations. That is the perfect way to face the tests that they will pose and come out successfully.

Shortlisted Candidates

For further details and updates on the Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019 and many more, take your time and visit to see all you need to know on the exercise and the latest necessary steps to take on the matter.

Peradventure you have not checked your name on the list of the successful applicants for the NPF recruitment, then you should make haste and do that. The Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019 and its accompanying details are only for those that made the shortlist.

All You Must Know on The Nigerian Police Force Screening Date 2019

Please Note; This List strictly for General Duty Applicants alone.


PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 – How to Apply for Power Holding Company of Nigeria

See the latest vacancies available in the Power Holding Company of Nigeria 2019. The online portal for PHCN Job recruitment 2019 is now open for applications from duly qualified individuals to occupy the vacant positions available in the electric power company.

PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 Available Positions

These available positions come with qualifications and conditions that must be met by aspirants of the recruitment. You will see these PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 requirements as you read on, make sure you do not miss out on any vital information from this post.

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To successfully secure one of these vacancies the applicant will have to process their applications online. This is after they must have provided the PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 essential credentials and also met the conditions for these openings adequately.

Questions You Might Have Come Across

  • Has the PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 commenced?
  • Where and how can one apply for a position?
  • How can I request for a PHCN Recruitment 2019 application form?
  • What are the qualifications for recruitment?

You must be aware that these applications will be processed online via the PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 official portal. The online job application is not complicated and can be done by anyone. The forms are also free of charge from the power holding company.

Further Recruitment Portal Information

The recruitment portal will also provide you with further details on the procedures involved in the exercise and the activities of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria. The portal is easy to navigate and upload your documents whenever you wish to do that.

Uploading Your Credentials

Once your PHCN Job Recruitment 2019 required credentials are ready, quickly go to the portal and upload them immediately to stand in a good position for a standard job position in the company. More details will be brought your way in subsequent times on this website.


SON Recruitment 2019/2020 – Standard Organisation of Nigeria Applications

The Standard Organisation of Nigeria application exercise for recruitment is here again. The agency is welcoming duly qualified and interested Nigerians to apply for the SON Recruitment 2019/2020 and secure a place in the Organisation’s system of activities.

Apply for SON Recruitment 2019/2020 Immediately

The procedures for obtaining comfortable employment and work for the agency is what we will bring to you here. Take notice of every single detail that we have carefully put in place for you and stand a good chance of successfully applying for the SON Recruitment 2019/2020.

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You will also get to see the details of the employment opportunities and the procedures that they entail. Additionally, we will provide you with the official portal where you can submit your applications for the SON Recruitment 2019/2020 online for a successful exercise.

General Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the SON’s mode of recruitment?
  • Has SON Recruitment 2019/2020 commenced?
  • What are the qualities needed in a potential employee?
  • How and where can an aspirant apply?
  • What is the cost of the online application?

If one or more of the questions above have related to you before as an aspirant of the SON Recruitment 2019/2020, then you cannot afford to miss out on the following vital information. Take note of every single one because they are crucial for recruitment.

What More Should You Know?

Further details on the whole exercise and more on the activities of the Standard Organisation of Nigeria can be seen on the agency’s platform via You can also visit the website and follow the instructions there for easy navigation and application.

Depending on your qualifications and training your position and office will be determined. SON Recruitment 2019/2020 will seek to fill some of the available positions that have recently opened up for qualified and skilled employees to be a part of the Governmental agency.

Available Positions Available for Recruitment

  • Officer Cadet
  • Inspector Assistant
  • Inspectors Officers
  • Recruitment Officers

Though SON Recruitment 2019/2020 is not yet open at the moment, these positions will be ready for filling as soon as they start recruiting. The best idea would be to start getting your qualifications ready for the exercise proper so that you will not be left out when it starts.

Stay in Constant Contact

We will also make sure that we relay every bit of vital information on this recruitment to you whenever it becomes available. You must endeavor to stay in touch with us constantly for updates on the SON Recruitment 2019/2020 for a successful application exercise later.


NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019 – Apply for Latest Nafdac Vacancies Here

You can now start forwarding your applications immediately for the ongoing NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019. The applications will be submitted online on the job portal we will provide you in this post. Further details will follow in the guidelines below.

Apply Now For NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019

Do you want to participate in the online application exercise being carried out for the NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019?. A lot of people have undoubtedly been asking questions about the company activities and hiring strategies, well, here you have the answers you need.

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The National Agency For Food and Drug Administration and Control job recruitment is inviting applicants with due qualifications to take advantage of the opportunity available in the agency at the moment. Follow the instructions below and acquaint yourself properly.

Are You Familiar With Any of these Questions?

  • Is NAFDAC currently recruiting?
  • When is the NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019 commencing?
  • What are the qualifications for the positions?
  • How is the application form obtainable?

If any of the above questions and more relates to you in any way, then you must note down the details that will follow in this post immediately. The NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019 positions are up for grabs if you have the requirements to back up your desires.

How to Apply For A Position

To apply for the recruitment, you will have to visit their online recruitment portal and forward your credentials. You will also see the conditions that are required of any prospective employee of the agency after they must have secured an employment there.

Online Application

The online application does not cost anything to process for aspiring employees; anyone can navigate the portal during the NAFDAC Job recruitment 2019. Just with the right qualifications and skill set, you can land yourself a comfortable position in the agency.


FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019 | Online Portal for Federal Inland Revenue Service

Prospective candidates can now start submitting their applications for the Federal Inland Revenue Service recruitment. We will guide you to the FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019 and also show you how you can forward your application forms successfully on the site.

Official FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019

Do you think you have the skills that the agency is looking for? If yes, then now is the perfect time to prove your mettle and become a member of the organization immediately. If you follow the steps below, then you will be a successful employee in no time.

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The FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019 is open for young and hardworking school graduates who have the right qualities and temperament to thrive in the business. It is without a doubt an excellent moment up for grabs for those that wish to.

Commencement of Recruitment

It is expected that the Federal Inland Revenue Service will conduct their recruitment for this year very soon, the FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019 and the entire navigation of the site and application process will be revealed in the following paragraphs shortly.

Take note that the Federal Inland Revenue Service’s recruitment of new workers has not commenced yet. However, the provision of the FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019 for you is to get you ready for the process of the application exercise for successful employment.

General Requirement for FIRS 2019 Application

  • A credible means of identification of Citizenship
  • State of Origin Certification
  • Certificate of Birth/Affidavit of Court Age Declaration
  • B.Sc Holders and Degree, HND and OND
  • NCE or its equivalents
  • Complete Curriculum Vitae Documents
  • Medical Fitness Confirmation From any Government Hospital
  • Between the ages of 18-35 Years before the application deadline
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Height: 1.55 – 1.8 and above for both Male and Female
  • Federal Inland Revenue Service Basic Requirements & Qualification
  • NYSC Discharge Certificate
  • WAEC Certificate etc.

You can visit the FIRS Recruitment Portal 2019 at if you want to participate in the recruitment exercise. Also, make sure you stay in touch with us for more information in subsequent articles.


Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 | NDA Form Portal | How To Apply

Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 – NDA is inviting suitable and qualified individuals to apply for the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in 2019. Aspirants of the Academy will see the necessary steps required to stand a chance of a successful application and possible subsequent recruitment.

Applicants are however warned to be careful in the site that they choose to apply through. That is why we have provided the guidelines you need for a successful registration. The NDA, Kaduna 2019/2020 academic session 71th Regular Course registration is ongoing and free of charge.

The Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 Form Essentials

To qualify and be admitted into the NDA, applicants must provide these:

  • At least 5 Credit passes in SSCE, i.e., WAEC, NECO or NABTEB or a GCE made in a maximum of two sittings and relative to their desired Faculty.
  • Credits in Mathematics and English Language.
  • A minimum of one supporting appropriate credit to the mandatory credits in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of
  • Arts and Social Sciences. Nevertheless, just one supporting relevant credit is needed for the Engineering Faculty.
  • Must be at least 17 years to a maximum of 21 years old at the time of entry into the Academy.
  • Males should be at least 1.68 meters tall and females at least 1.50 metres.
  • Must be found fit physically and medically.
  • Must be of impeccable conduct.
  • Must be a single male or female free of any legal responsibility to support a child or other people.
  • Fluency in the French Language will be an additional advantage.
  • A Certificate of Nativity received from a Local Government Area will be required from applicants.

How to apply for Nigerian Defence Academy 2019

Candidates are expected to obtain the Nigerian Defence Academy Form Rc pin code and then advance online for the registration with their passport and credentials. Candidates seeking admission into the NDA are also required to apply for the 2019 JAMB, though they must not certainly select NDA as their desired higher institution.


COURSE: BSc in Biological Science

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 5 credit passes in less than three sittings, English Language and Mathematics included.

MANDATORY CREDITS: Mathematics, English Language, Chemistry and Biology

RELEVANT CREDITS: Any of these subjects can suffice: Further Mathematics, Agricultural Science or physics.

COURSE: BSc in Chemistry

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 5 credits including English Language and Mathematics in not more than two sittings

COMPULSORY CREDITS: English Language, Physics Mathematics and Chemistry.

RELEVANT CREDITS: Any of these subjects can suffice: Further Mathematics or Biology

COURSE: BSc In Computer Science

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 5 credit passes including English Language and Mathematics in not more than two sittings.

COMPULSORY CREDITS: English Language, Physics and Mathematics

RELEVANT CREDITS: Any of these subjects can suffice: Biology, Computer Studies, Chemistry or Further Mathematics.

COURSE: BSc in Mathematics

GENERAL REQUIREMENT: 5 credit passes including English Language and Mathematics in not more than two sittings.

COMPULSORY CREDITS: English Language, Physics and Mathematics

RELEVANT CREDITS: Any two of these subjects will suffice: Chemistry, Additional/Further Mathematics, and Biology.

COURSE: BSc in Physics

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 5 credit passes including English Language and Mathematics in not more than two sittings.

COMPULSORY CREDITS: English Language, Physics and Mathematics

RELEVANT CREDITS: Any one of these subjects will suffice: Technical Drawing, Biology, Further Mathematics and Agricultural Science.

Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 EXamination Essentials:

Every candidate must meet the JAMB national cutoff mark of the year 2019 will be considered qualified to participate in the NDA Entrance Examination at their Examination Centre of choice.


Accepted candidates into the Nigerian Defence Academy 2019 for the Regular Course is going to experience academic and military training as Officer Cadets for a duration of five years. Upon successful completion of training, graduates will obtain a honors degree in core disciplines (BSc, BEng, BA), and also earn a commission into the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

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Top Jobs in Canada 2019 – Trending Opportunities in Canada

Jobs in Canada 2019 – We have put together some of the best and top Jobs in Canada for our readers who would like to seek a quality career in the North-American Nation. The best of these open career opportunities is what we will provide you in this informative article.

Top Jobs in Canada 2019 For the Taking

Canada is a well advanced and civilized country with a lot of opportunities begging to be taken by individuals with good qualities and mindset. There are some Top Jobs in Canada that your modest qualifications can meet and we will surprise you.

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Apart from the apparent development and advancement in the Country that shares borders with America, Canada is also a haven for career personalities to strut their stuff and handle their business. Henceforth, the opportunities that are created on a daily.

Canada Impressive Pay-packages

The pay packages that accompany most of these Top Jobs in Canada are also mind-bogglingly impressive, and if that is not unbelievable enough, the individual gets to work and associate with the top class personalities of any field of labor in the current.

Best Available Jobs in Canada 2019

The quest for laborers to occupy the positions that are created on a daily basis has seen Canada in need of professional and qualified workers from foreign countries. We are going to show you how you can apply and register for these Top Jobs in Canada.

Countless Opportunities for You

There are countless varieties and natures of jobs that can be secured in this country. Depending on your qualifications and your skills, you can cop a decent opportunity for yourself there. And if you are lucky enough to attract any of these jobs, the sky is the limit for you.

Get Your Qualifications Ready

With the link we will give you below, get your qualifications ready and find a suitable job for yourself and your loved ones immediately. Follow the link below for the very Top Jobs in Canada, and with fortune on your side you will be smiling to Canada soon.



NIS Recruitment 2019 | See How to Apply for Nigeria Immigration Service (updated list)

NIS Recruitment 2019 – You will find out about Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment here, NIS is now seeking applications from suitably qualified and experienced Nigerians to fill their available Job vacancies.
Please Note that the recruitment guidelines, qualifications, requirements and other relevant updates will be uploaded here free.

Reports have it that the NIS Recruitment form is out online. But I would like to bring this to your notice that most of this information is false and you should be bright before you get scammed by those who will offer you a fake Form in exchange for money.

Lately, I have received series of requests from people in different platforms trying to know how legit this rumor is regarding the Recruitment form. Here are most popular questions that people often ask us:

Where can I obtain the NIS Recruitment form?

When will NIS Recruitment start?

Is the NIS Recruitment form out?

I need NIS Recruitment updates, etc.

How can I apply for NIS Recruitment 2019/2020?

Please Note that at this point in time, the application is not yet online, do not take into account any form of advertising you see or come across online. This web page will be updated regularly or as soon as possible once the application form is out online.

NIS Recruitment 2019 | See How to Apply

To ascertain if NIS recruitment has officially started, log into the official website or visit this page often for updates.
Interested and qualified candidates should:

Click here to apply for NIS Recruitment

Aptitude tests will be sent to candidates whose applications meet the recruitment process online.


  1. Form Applied twice will not be accepted.
  2. No fee is required for this job application.
  3. If you want us to provide you with more updates and information about NIS Recruitment 2019, kindly provide us with your Phone number and Email Address in the comment section below. Don’t forget to visit this site for your latest job update…..we will Update you regularly. We conclude you have benefited from this article if yes, please use our share button below to inform your friends and relatives about this article via Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter.
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