List of Npower Pre-selected Candidates 2018/2019 see full list here

List of Npower Pre-selected Candidates 2018/2019 checklist here –
Npower Pre-selected Candidates 2018/2019 live on this site as we go ahead to unveils all successful candidates.

The 2018/2019 candidates list has been released. We are delighted to inform the general public of the Npower Pre-selected Candidates 2018/2019 Prime Minister’s list who have successfully taken part in the implementation of the 2018 year.

The Npower Pre-selected Candidates has been shortlisted checklist now! Federal Government promised to shortlist about 500,000 candidates for the scheme.

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List of Npower shortlisted Candidates 2018/2019 checklist here –

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Npower Recruitment Shortlisted Candidate 2018 | [1st Batch List]

2018 Npower Recruitment List Of Successful Shortlisted Applicants | Npower Update

Moreover during the 2017 recruitment exercise, about 200,000 candidates were Pre-selected remaining 300,000 to be Pre-selected for the scheme, now Federal Government has fulfilled its promises by shortlisting about 300,000 candidates of which the Federal Government has committed about N500 billion to the Social Investment Program.

The Npower Pre-selected Candidates 2018 will be shortlisted based on the different segments applied during the 2018 Recruitment exercise which has ended.

Check Npower Verification Process

Npower list of Pre-selected candidates include:

N-power Teach List of Shortlisted Candidates
N-power Agro List of Shortlisted Candidates
N-power Health List of Shortlisted Candidates
N-power Tax/VAIDS List of Shortlisted Candidates

The above Npower segment lists will round up the 2018-2019 300,000 Npower shortlisted candidates of which they will be deployed to the various communities across the federation to continue the assignment.

How to check List of Npower Pre-selected Candidates 2018/2019

We are here to renew you in all of the N-power responsibilities of the year 2017 and provide assistance in all areas that are difficult for N-power.

Please Note: the second batch list of Npower shortlisted Pre-selected will be by state. About 300,000 Npower applicants will be shortlisted in various states of the federation.

To check if you are among the Npower Pre-selected Candidates 2018/2019 is very easy and straightforward.

Follow the steps below to check if you are among the N-power selected candidates.

Step one

The 2018/2019 List of Npower Pre-selected Candidates published is for N-power second Batch
Check N-power lists via
Click on the Selection list. Immediately the shortlisted names will open via the Npower portal.
Enter your state of origin, search your name if are among the N-power selected candidates
If you are successful congratulation if you are not among the shortlisted candidates wait until N-power third list.

Step two

For quick search, follow the steps below to check if you are among
Enter your phone number
Search for your name fast in list of Npower Pre-selected candidates 2018
N-power Physical Verification 2018/2019 for Npower Selected Candidates

Those applicants shortlisted will undergo verification for final deployment; N-power focal person might be the one to verify your documents or credentials at the Local Government Area of assignment.

You will undergo verification based on:

Make sure the Cleanup & All Experts of Education
Birth Birth Birth / Old Testament Information
NYSC Discharge Certificate
• Confirm the function

N-Power Enhancement Programme | See Meaning and Commencement Date

N-Power Enhancement Programme for 2016 Beneficiaries: When the Social Intervention Programme of the FG declared that its 2016 batch would be moved to an Enhancement Programme some people didn’t know what is all about. In this article, I will show you how N-Power enhancement will work when it starts next month to come.

Do you know what the N-Power enhancement programme is all about?

An improvement to N-Power will make receivers work better in their place of Primary Assignments (PPA).

Enhancement is a noun which comes from the verb enhance, which means “to improve or increase,” and it can explain anything that’s an addition to the state or state of something.”

Therefore the N-Power  Programme is intended to enhance the usefulness, quality of the 2016 beneficiaries in such a way that they will make a higher important supplement to Nigerian administration while making themselves self-satisfactory.

“The programme will be developed, improved, made longer and great, and we will promote the well-being of those in this programme,” This  Newspapers ,Guardian Newspapers recited Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as saying during a visit to Kiara De-Luke Multi-Skill and Entrepreneurship Centre, an N-Power training center at Umuobiakwa in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia.

Areas The N-Power Enhancement Programme will be focused on:

This implies that the all 2016 beneficiaries should be anticipating things like:

  1. Agriculture Enhancement Programme
  2. Health Enhancement Programme
  3. Education Enhancement Program

In the N-Teach you could have teachers’ enhancement programme. That is what called Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) which is aimed at developing N-Teachers’ classroom training.

When will the N-Power enhancement programme begin?

The official beginning date for the programme hasn’t been cleared by the FG, but it did say that the package will please the minds of the 2016 beneficiaries, saying the enhancement plan is a “multi-sector, multilayered and multi-pronged.” The programme will likely start in this December 2018.

“Your dreams for a greater and higher addition to improving yourselves and your families rest at the mind of the next BIG PLAN for our 2016 N-Power Beneficiaries.

2016 Beneficiaries will continue into an improvement programme as you continue to give of your service and make your regular stipends,” N-Power had said in an official statement.

As time goes,  the Economic Adviser to Atiku Campaign Organisation, Mustapha Chike-Obi, declared Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is expected to scrap N-Power.

The reason why N-power Nigeria Postpone 2018 Recruitment Till This Date

Do you wish to see the reason why N-power Nigeria Postpone 2018 Recruitment? You must read the information on this webpage if you must apply for this year npower recruitment  2018.

The registration which was assumed to kick off starting from 5th to 16th November 2018 is now paused due to one or two reasons. You’ll find out sooner if you follow the message/news below.

Note: You have to generously note that the Npower registration portal is not completely closed. Nevertheless, the registration has been paused due to matters disclosed below.

Npower representative recently gave a full disclaimer example about the npower program.

According to him, he officially wrote the below information on Nairaland forum.

We apologize.

Please note that the portal will NOW open within a few weeks to come. We will communicate the proper details shortly.

The primary cause of the delay is considered to be due to incomplete registration arrangement.


Therefore the big question today is now on your end. Do you have answers to the questions below?

Do you need us to update you once npower re-opens portal for Registration 2018? If yes, comment below for further latest employment updates.

TIPS On NPower Build Training In Nigeria | Read About N-power N-build

TIPS On NPower Build Training In Nigeria, Read About N-power N-build

NPower Build is one of the most oriented enterprises the government has created to explore the potentials of youths in Nigeria. It is an accelerated exercise and certificate ‘Skills to Job’ programme for unemployed  Youths in Nigeria to develop a fresh seed of extremely qualified and experienced work-force of, artisans, technicians and service experts.

This N-build leadership intends to build the market for a broad variety of, technician, artisanal and service experts jobs first in the house and infrastructure construction value chain and then beyond all other economic sectors. Past apprenticeship opportunity, the successors are qualified for employment and self-employment.

The aim is to improve the rate of employment in Nigerian youths, therefore, ensuring them to fill high-interest job opportunities through enhancing their returns and increasing the attractiveness of these job level to average Nigerian youth.

The NPower Build Training is split into seven components:

  1. Tiling and Masonry,
  2. Pipefitting and Plumbing,
  3. Electrical Installation,
  4. Hospitality,
  5. Automobile,
  6. Agriculture Technology,
  7. Joinery and Carpentry.

Read This:

Nigerian youths who have interest in the NPower Build Training are available to apply whenever NPower registration portal is open again, See when Npower will open there portal again. The Pre-selected candidates will go through physical verification exercise. The requirements for Nbuild physical verification are:

  1. Proof of the address of residence
  2. Birth Cert
  3. National identification card (NIN)
  4. See more here

Listed candidates are retained for 12 months. During this period, grantees are to stay for three months in approved and authorized Training Centres and 9 months training with partnering company for extra practical training concerning to last job position or gift of their services contractors and technicians.

All confirmed Nbuild beneficiaries get training work machines and training consumables distributed to N-power training partners. The lucky ones also get a monthly Npower payment of 10k for 12 months.

Read This:

There are about 250 N-build training centers across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria. Like ANAMMCO in Enugu and the Multi-Skill Entrepreneurship Development Centre (MEDC), Obingwa-Aba in  Abia State.

Apart from providing accelerated training and certification, the programme is undoubtedly helping to create jobs especially for teaming population of girls and youths and indeed helping to lift Nigerians out of poverty and other social problems.

See How to Apply NPower Build Training

To begin with NPower build, visit portal.

[Trending] N-Power Postpones Npower Build Application till Further Notice

 N-Power Postpones Npower Build Application – Officials of the federal government social intervention scheme, N-Power have recently apologized to applicants/candidates on their failure to register for Npower Build Application category of the scheme.

According to the news report on Tuesday 6th from administrators of the scheme, new applications have been postponed/delayed for a few weeks, and additional information would be announced shortly.

“Good morning,”

“We realize that many have been waiting on information on the N-Power Build.”

“We apologize.”

“Please note that the portal will NOW open within a few weeks. We will communicate proper details shortly,” the statement reads.

Npower Build Application

Npower Build Application

As earlier reported by Firstcalljob Team, the Npower registration portal was earlier declared to be opened for new applications between 5th and 16th November 2018, Read more information here about Npower registration but with the new development, interested applicants/candidates are advised to wait patiently for further updates from Npower.

N-Power Build Portal Begins Registration from this year, November/December 2018

N-Power Build Portal Begins Registration 2018 —This is to inform the general public that, N-Power Nigeria has announced on social media, that the N-Power nBuild site will be open for fresh enrollment between this year November 5th – 16th, 2018 through which drawn applicants will be able to enroll for any of the seven N-Power Nbuild trades here:

  1. Agriculture Technology
  2. Automobile
  3. Elect Installation
  4. Joinery and Carpentry
  5. Pipefitting and Plumbing
  6. Hospitality
  7. Tiling and Masonry

N-Power build

IN that case, if you are interested in the N-Power build enrollment recruitment application,  Due ensure you visit login portal within this year Nov, 5th – 16th, 2018 to enroll for any of the N-Power build trades listed above.


N-build is a special platform aimed to activate the dormant skills in Nigerian youths through stimulated exercise and certification programme for jobless Nigerian youths that are not graduates. This N-Power build programme is aimed to build a seed of an extremely qualified and experienced workforce of engineers craft worker and service specialists in the Nigerian Construction Sectors and Automobile.

Read This:

The center industries include:

  1. Aluminum and Gas
  2. Building Services
  3. Utilities
  4. Built Environment Services
  5. Automotive
  6. Construction

NPower Registration For Fresh Applicants See How To Apply For Npower Recruitment

The NPower scheme announced today that her official NPower Registration would be opened for fresh applicants as from November 5th – 16th, 2018. Npower has finally concluded plans to open the Npower portal for interested applicants/individuals to apply for recruitment into the scheme under its NPower build program category.

This update was made known to us by a statement made available to Npower newsmen on Monday, 29th October.

All Applicants can apply for any of the 7 trades listed blow on the image. Please stay updated to our news updates or our channels for updates,” the statement reads.

Good morning,

We are pleased to announce that the NPower Build Portal will be open for new applications between November 5th – 16th, 2018.

Applicants can apply for any of the 7 trades listed. Please stay tuned to our channels for updates.#NPowerBuild

— N-Power (@npower_ng) October 29, 2018

NPower Registration

The NPower program is a social intervention program which was introduced by the federal government under President Mohamedu Buhari led administration.

NPower Registration Program Features

As N-Power administrators would have us believe, the program features the following packages.

  1. N-power build Automobile – It is said that applicants who are been trained under this platform are meant to offer advisory services to automobile users across Nigeria. Candidates here are expected to disseminate usefully
  2. N-power build Agric – This program was mapped out to encourage farmers on how to use farm machinery and other important equipment
  3. N-power build plumbing and pipefitting
  4. N-power build Masonry and tiling
  5. N-power build Hospitality
  6. N-power build Electrical installations
  7. N-power build carpentry and joinery.

NPower Registration

Each contestant on this program is likely to study and put into practice every basic project that will help them produce or find jobs through the modular programs. Moreover, it is expected that at the conclusion of this program, the country would have upraised thousands of persons trained in various areas which would, in return, expand the economic fortunes of the country.

In the opinion above, the supervisors are authorized to making sure that contestants are well-armed with important business and technical skills that will attach their livelihood and work viewpoint.

Do you want to be enlisted in NPower Registration??

These are some necessities that must be met.  They consist of:

  1. Age: NPower is only open to people with the age range of 18 and 35 years.
  2. Interest: Contestants that wish to register for NPower are expected to have a genuine interest in the field of action they are preparing for.
  3. Qualification: Graduates who desire to join the program must have the following educational qualifications from the National Universities Commission (NUC) qualified educational institution –an Ordinary National Diploma(OND), Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE), Bachelor’s degree and a Higher National Diploma (HND).
  4. Successful passing of tests: This is very essential as those who perform well in enlistment tests are the only ones granted a chance to join the program.
  5. Willingness to push one’s self out of one’s comfort zone: NPower was mainly made to lessen youth unemployment, to be a part of this training; you must be keen to go extra miles in all complications.
  6. Enthusiasm and ability to display aptitude: To make most of all the skills, being the best you can be is needed.

N-Power Registration Process

NPower Registration exclusively depends on the program you want to Partake in. Regardless of this fact, there are important things you need to know.

The following facts must be made available for a successful recruitment on NPower.

NPower Registration

NPower Registration: Guide on How to Apply

  • Go to NPower official website or Read on how to Apply here
  • Select one of the three groupings – N-power Knowledge, N-power Volunteer corps, or N-power build. In this stage, you will see important programs to choose from.
  • Once your choice is made, the “Apply now” icon will display on the screen. Click it.
  • Once you have completed the above-mentioned steps, you will be guided to the page where you can access the application form.
  • Read it carefully and also fill all the empty fields, which includes adding requested documents such as your passport, CV, degree qualification certificate, etc.

An approval will be given to you in the N-Power logo only if you have successfully completed your registration. Within the next days, you’ll also receive a letter in your email address, after which you are expected to find out your pre-selection status.

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Npower Build Recruitment 2018/2019

How To Resolve Npower Payment 2018 And BVN Issues

Immediately your primary selections are successful; you step away from joining the program. Finally, you will receive a congratulatory letter from NPower; you will be notified in the letter that you are qualified to join in the program and you will be directed on the next step to take.

NPower Registration Portal and Requirements in 2018/2019

If you have an interest in the latest information trending on NPower Registration Portal today, the information below will be very useful. You will get to know about the recent requirements, updates, and recommendations for a successful registration.

It will be wise for you to check regularly on this news portal news about NPower registration process or you can login at Npower portal at There you will find out about the start of the recruitment process and how to go about it.

This is the most authentic source where applicants may always get the latest information. This N-Power Programme was formed for improving the lives of Nigerians.

NPower Registration Portal

The federal government of Nigeria uses this means to strengthen economic and social conditions. Members of the programme receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in those disciplines that will be useful for getting a job and building a prosperous career.

Read This

How To Npower Login Successfully To Your Account

N-Power supports economic diversification and provides trainees with skills at the world-class level. Graduates receive continuous innovations, create positive conditions in the world and domestic market.

NPower Registration Portal and Basic requirements

The N-Power administration is seeking to make its programs generally available to a large number of Nigerian citizens today. Nevertheless, there are some requirements that should be met in order to engage in the training. First of all,

  1. Your age should range from 18-35 years.
  2. The capacity for going beyond the zone of comfort and self-improvement
  3. The desire to use the original talents to enhance the best version of the person you may be.
  4. Genuine interest in that field of activity which you are preparing for
  5. An outstanding quality is the ability to solve problems and not give up on the challenges.
  6. You must be willing to learn.
  7. Teachers shouldn’t force the knowledge into your head.
  8. Self-study involves the responsibility for the processing of the provided information. Furthermore, it’s acceptable to be attentive to detail.
  9. Notwithstanding the fact that severe demands are made on students, and they should show full commitment, each of them can always count on the assistance of mentors.
  10. Management assumes responsibility for rendering useful skills and knowledge. You can expect the acquired education to display a reliable foundation for building a profession.
  11. SSCE holders are also eligible.

NPower Registration Eligibility

However, there are some standard features to be known. Before registering, ensure that you can provide the following information:

  • Passport data,
  • Correct name record,
  • Nationality,
  • Active phone number and e-mail address,
  • Place and date of birth,
  • Bank verification number,
  • Carefully compiled and ready to be uploaded CV,
  • Qualification degree.

NPower Program categories:

  1. N-power Volunteer corps,
  2. N-power Knowledge,
  3. N-power build.

NPower Registration Portal

See other available recruitment job vacancies

NPower Registration Portal Procedures

NPower registration portal in many ways, the process of recruiting depends on the program in which you want to participate. Registration step-by-step guide follows these simple instruction below:

Firstly, visit the official website Choose one of three categories: Npower Volunteer corps, Npower Knowledge, Npower build. Related programs in which you can engage will be displayed in each of these sections. When you chose in the program to apply for, then “Apply now” button will appear on the screen. click on it. After performing all the stages mentioned above, the page with the application form will open before you. Carefully fill all the empty fields and check the data before uploading. You need to scroll down the page and add all the requested documents.

  1. Upload your CV,
  2. passport data,
  3. Degree qualification certificate,
  4. etc.

Applicants who did everything correctly will receive a confirmation message with the N-Power logo. Besides, within the following few days, a letter will be sent to your email address. You will be able to find out your pre-selection status. To do this, it is just to indicate your BVN or e-mail address.

If the preceding selection is successful, you will receive a congratulatory message and will be able to participate in the program. Take hold of this chance. Maybe a few minutes spent on completing the application are crucial for your life and will allow achieving significant profession in the future.

See trending job vacancies today

You will not only get helpful knowledge but also develop in the society of productive, profitable people. Become a hopeful player in the labor market and get the profession of your dreams! The unlimited opportunities and huge bonuses are waiting for you. We wish good luck to all candidates!

News On N-power Registration 2018 | N-power set to Start Registration by November – See Form

News on N-power Registration 2018 | N-power set to Start Registration by November – See Form. Today I will show you how to download the N-power Registration form here and apply for the recruitment; Good news awaits all the Npower applicants.

If you have patiently been waiting to apply for Npower recruitment 2018, we would love to let you know that everything will happen this November 2018.

I would love to inform you that the date for commencement of n-power Registration has been made known.

According to information published by N-power on their twitter handle, the registration is said to start November 5th – 16th, 2018. So if you are really interested in this FG Social investment Programme, then follow and read up the application requirements, guides and other important I formation you may need.

Without waste of any time, let us explain to you what Npower is really all about. If this is your first of coming to know about Npower.

What is N-power?

It is a federal government social investment programme. Which was initiated by the president of Nigeria (Mohammadu Buhari) in the year 2016?

It was made to recruit, train and deploy over 200,000 Nigerian citizens who applied in the program. All the selected applicants will receive a monthly stipend for the period of 2 years only. After the two years elapse, they will be absorbed and will be permanently employed.

The category under the N-power 2018 programme includes

N-power build plumbing and pipefitting

N-power build Masonry and tiling

N-power build Hospitality

N-power build Electrical installations

N-power build carpentry and joinery.

All the application form, procedure and things you need to know before applying will be listed below. Avail yourself the opportunity to check them out before applying to avoid mistakes that can disqualify you.

N-power Registration 2018 Procedure and Application Guide

Firstly, you need to download a sample of n-power registration form here. We compiled and uploaded it to help you. Go through it and gather all the necessary documents before proceeding to the application portal to start your registration. Once you have everything handy, it’s time to start the application. You need to say a prayer because thousands of Nigerian youths will be applying too. It is now survival of the fittest. Since all the application will be submitted online, there will be no need to visit any n-power office to submit the filled form.

To start your registration, visit

Note: you must meet certain requirements before you will be considered eligible for the recruitment. If you did not meet the requirements, your journey might be terminated during the online application. That’s to say you will not see your name in the list of shortlisted candidates for 2018.

Download N-power Registration 2018 Sample Form

View/download the registration form here. You can fill it at home and take it to any nearest cyber café to register it online.

N-power Registration 2018 is currently available. We will inform you with more n-power registration news, you only need to share this information using the social media icon below.

What to do if you Cannot login to NPower login Portal

What to do if you Cannot login to NPower login Portal

Have you been trying to log in to the NPower login Portal but couldn’t? Do you keep seeing an “Invalid login, saying, please try again” error message? Here’s why.

What to do if you Cannot login to NPower login Portal

There are two possible reasons:

– You have not received a Test Invitation email from NPower yet
– You are getting your login details wrong
Here are what you should know; Your NPower log in details is your phone number and surname. And it only becomes active when you receive an SMS from NPower.

For those who have received an SMS from NPower but still can’t log in to the NPower login Portal, please ensure you input the correct phone number you used during registration. If your surname doesn’t work, try your middle name or first name. Either of them will usually work.

If you want us to provide you with more updates and information about NPower, kindly provide us with your Phone number and Email Address in the comment section below. Don’t forget to visit this site for your latest job update…..we will Update you regularly. We conclude you have benefited from this article if yes, please use our share button below to inform your friends and relatives about this article via Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter. God bless you as you do so.

Npower Recruitment 2018/2019 See Application Requirement and Full Guide Here

Npower Recruitment 2018/2019 – If you have been questioning when Npower Registration Application form 2018/2019 at Npower register will start or where to get a step to step guides on how to apply for Npower Recruitment 2018/2019, then you are at the right place and at the right time. Below is the step by step guides to get you through the Npower registration process.

Npower Recruitment

If you have been asking when the Npower Recruitment 2018/2019 will start or where to get a step by step guides on how to register for Npower Recruitment, then you are at the right place and at the right time. Below are the guides to get you through.

Also Read: NPower Monthly Salary/Stipend Latest 2018 News Update

Lately, I have received series of requests from people on different platforms trying to know how legit this rumor is regarding the Recruitment form. Here are the most popular questions that people often ask us:

  1. How to apply for Npower Recruitment 2018/2019?
  2. When is Npower Recruiting for 2018?
  3. Npower Official Recruitment Portal 2018?
  4. Has Npower Started Recruitment for 2018?
  5. Npower 2018 Recruitment Deadline
  6. Npower Recruitment Guide and Requirement 2018?

Please Note that at this point in time, the application is not yet online, do not take into account any form of advertising you see or come across online. This web page will be updated regularly or as soon as possible once the application form is out online.

Npower Recruitment 2018/2019 | See How to Apply

To ascertain if Npower Recruitment 2018/2019 has officially started, log into the official website www.Npower.Gov.Ng or visit this page often for updates.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has created the NPower Programme to reduce youth unemployment in the country. NPower is further linked to the Federal Government’s policies in the economic, employment and social development platforms. The modular programmes under NPower will ensure that each participant will acquire and practice most of what is required to find or create work. Any of these graduates will also help in actualizing Nigeria’s economic and strategic aspirations of achieving food security and self-sufficiency.

Npower Recruitment Npower Recruitment Npower Recruitment

Also Read: 

N-Power Nigeria Recruitment 2018 Application Portal REOPENED 

NPVN Portal –  How to Login or Use login (Quick Step)

How To Resolve Npower Payment 2018 And BVN Issues

NPower Monthly Clearance Begins | How To Successfully get Npower Clearance Form

Npower Recruitment 2018/2019 Requirements – NPOWER GENERAL REQUIREMENTS And GUIDE

  • N-Power aims to provide a platform where utmost Nigerians can access skills acquisition and development. At this time, however, the primary modular programmes in N-Power are designed for Nigerian citizens between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • You will need to meet the minimum requirements (if any) for your particular programme. Selection is base on:
  • On your expression of a genuine concern in whichever area you decide;
    Passing the appropriate tests;
  • Your willingness to push yourself ahead of your comfort region; and
  • Ability to bestow a flair to develop all the skills you need to be the best you can be.
  • While there are fixed requirements along the way, we will be relying on you to take ownership of the process and take the lead in shaping your route, by making the most of the training that you will receive.
  • For N-Power, Graduate means having a minimum of a Higher National Diploma (HND) or a Bachelors Degree from a higher institution.


  1. Unemployed graduates or non-graduates
  2. Must be between 18-35 years old
  3. Basic illustration skills will be an advantage for animation and graphic arts
  4. For Script Writing, creative writing skills and analytical writing skills will be an advantage
    Problem-solving skills
  5. Ability to undertake self-tutorship
  6. Detail-oriented
  7. Analytical

The Registration is usually made at Npower official website. Click here to visit the application portal. You will get more details on how to apply there.

Npower Recruitment Application Closing Date: The 2018 Npower Recruitment Closing Date has not been made official.

Don’t forget to visit this site for your latest job update…..we will Update you regularly. We conclude you have benefited from this article if yes, please use our share button below to inform your friends and relatives about this article via Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter. God bless you as you do so.

How To Resolve Npower Payment 2018 And BVN Issues

Have you encountered any problem with regards to your Npower payment 2018 and BVN? If yes, read through this article as we bring to you the solution to these problems. as you read this article, you will get to know how to resolve Npower payment 2018 and BVN issues, you will also see Npower respond on payment of stipend issues and the most recent notice to N-power beneficiaries on payment.

Npower payment

Before we get down to business, let us briefly show you some pieces of information about N-power respond on payment of stipend issues and the most recent notice to Npower beneficiaries on payment

Npower Respond On Payment Of Stipend Issue

A few days ago, an Npower beneficiary commented on social media on how he feels about the late September payment. On his comment, he said: Volunteers are now not getting committed to their work again since N-power has made it a trend not to pay at months end again… Most of them don’t go to PPA any longer because there is no transport money, and money for food. He went further to say that this program is already lacking integrity.

But what was the response from Npower official? He responded by saying Sir, we apologize for the inconvenience, stipends will be paid shortly. Thank you for your patience. And we are sure they will fulfill their promise.

Now, what about the most recent notice to Npower beneficiaries? Se the notice below

Recent Notice To Npower payment 2018 Beneficiaries

The recent notice to NPower beneficiaries on payment can be found at

Mrs. Mariam Uwais, the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Social Investment and Protection Plan, has shown that  the federal government will use the Global Positioning System, GPS, to track all beneficiaries of the Npower program, that device with GPS monitors where they are meant to be going, either a school, an agricultural development unit or a primary health care center, it monitors every movement. She made this statement on her speech at a one-day public hearing on youth development and empowerment at the National Assembly. There, she explained various measures taken by the Federal Government to create opportunities in the country…….read more at

Now let us go into our business for the day, talking about How To Resolve 2018  Npower Payment And BVN Issues See how to update bank account details on npower profile.

How To Resolve Npower payment 2018 And BVN Issues

 The problems beneficiaries encounters in Npower payment 2018 includes

  • Disqualification
  • Payment on hold
  • Absence
  • Account with unmatched BVN
  • Finally BVN not exist.
  • Account Non-Nuban
  • Name unmatched

As you read through the solutions, notice how we will discuss in details one after the other.

Many of the candidates from the NPower programme first batch of the 200,000 of 500,000 candidates who were to be employed by the federal government have given lots of complaints regarding the issues they are having with their monthly stipend worth of 30,000 after their verification online and in their Local Government Areas of residence. They went further to say that even their September stipends have been received, but then others have received October adding to this year stipend.

Most of the Npower candidates have complained a lot, mostly because of the post of NPower disqualification of successful candidates. We would like to use this medium to sympathize with these ones and those who have been posted to LGA’s very far from their place of residence.

Npower has recently released new details for current beneficiaries who are having payment and other related issues.

Now see the solution to some of the issues.

  1. Disqualified

Volunteers who were disqualified from Npower was because they did not meet the necessary criteria (age, employment etc) or because of inconsistency in their document. To resolve their problems, they are to provide the following documents. Evidence of age certificate between 18-35(35 as at 2016).

  • NYSC certificate

Evidence of degree certificate/statement of result from a recognized tertiary Institution

Affidavits sworn after March 2017 will not be accepted.

  1. Payment on hold

For those Volunteers whose payment are on hold, this was as a result of their absence when visits were made at the place of their posting, so your pay met was placed on hold. The affected volunteer should prove beyond reasonable doubt the reason for their absence.

  1. Absent

The reason for absence issues is because of the volunteers who missed the physical verification procedure. To resolve the problem, you are to provide the following evidence:

Read this if you would love to apply for Npower recruitment

  • Prove of age certificate between 18-35 (35 as at 2016)
  • Prove of NYSC Certificate. Proof of degree certificate from a recognized tertiary education, and posting letter.
  • Affidavit sworn after March 2017 will not be accepted.
  • NCE holders should their provide their NYSC certificate.

4. Account with unmatched BVN

There are Volunteers who on their profile exist BVN which is not linked to the account number there provided. These ones can resolve their problems by reporting to the bank and link the BVN with the account number provided or provide an account number connected with the BVN used.

5. BVN not exist

These are associated with volunteers who provided a wrong/nonexisting BVN on their profile. To resolve their issue, these volunteers are to visit their banks to get a BVN slip and revert back to us.

6. Account Number-Nuban

Those who are having issues with the account number provided to NPower are to visit their bank and rectify their issues and revert with a BVN slip.

7. Name unmatched

These are volunteers whose name on their NPVN portal is different from the name on the BVN slip. they should revert with a BVN slip.

In case you would like to resolve your Npower payment 2018 issues online, read below and see what to do

Resolve Npower payment 2018 Issues Online

If you would like to resolve your Npower payment 2018 issues online, visit the portal and chat the online Npower officials Or contact them sure to choose the problem you want to resolve before you do that. Such issues include

  1. Your State of Origin and
  2. Local Government Area Payment of stipend
  3. The N power program you applied for or given.
  4. Verification date

You can also email then or call their hot helpline available on the N-power official website.

NPower Monthly Salary/Stipend Latest 2018/2019 News Update

Latest News On Npower 2018 – This page is individually for NPower Monthly Salary news update ( Thirty thousand naira 30,000)… The N Power Salary/Stipend of Npower volunteers ranging from January to December will be published here month after month and also the NPower health salary/stipend, NPower teach (N-teach) salary/stipend, NPower building salary/stipend, NPower tax (N-tax) salary/stipend.

Soon, December NPower Monthly Salary news /stipend is rolling in for all banks. Payment will start soon.

I have decided to write this post because of the numerous questions being asked by Npower volunteers…

A question like

when will Npower or Fg pay our monthly salary?
When will I receive my backlog payment?
Why have I not been paid since the npower started and also to solve all Npower payment issues? That’s the essence of creating this page to answer your numerous questions.

NPower Monthly Salary news/Stipend Latest 2017/2018/2019 News Update

The presidency on Saturday gave an update concerning NPower Monthly Salary news, School Feeding Programme, Conditional Cash Transfer, Npower, with others.

A statement by, Laolu Akande, Senior Special Assistant on Media to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, said that over 246 million (246,355,190) meals had been served to primary pupils over 20 states in the country, since the first dinner served in December 2016 under the National Home Grown School Feeding Programme (NHGSFP).

He also noted that the total figure was expected to reach 313,928,420 meals by the last week of February 2018. NPower Monthly Salary news

According to him, the School Feeding Programme now fed over 6,044,625 pupils in 33,981 public primary schools beyond 20 states.

” More states are required to be added to the programme this year. The NHGSFP plans to complete feeding in a total of 28 States, while it intends to link farmers to school feeding markets.

” In the same vein, several milestones were reported by the Buhari administration’s National Social Investment Programmes (NSIP) in 2017, in line with its comprehensive growth plan, which includes tackling poverty and hunger and creating jobs for Nigerians.

The statement further disclosed that the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) has so far recorded over 280,000 beneficiaries in 21 states, while about 300,000 Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme (GEEP) micro-credit, interest-free loans have been disbursed nationwide.

It stated that the Npower program scheme, which is aimed at providing jobs for unemployed young graduates, started its physical verification process for the 2017 applicants.

” In 2018, more beneficiaries are required to be added to about 200,000 young graduates currently employed under the scheme.

” A total of N900 billion was budgeted for the SIPs in 2016 and 2017; with N500 billion budgeted for 2016 and N400 billion budgeted for 2017.

” However, the total amount released was N110 billion for 2016 and 2017, with the total expenditure of N109 billion, ” ‎ it said. NPower Monthly Salary news,

The statement also gave a breakdown of the N109 billion released between October 2016 and November 2017 for the SIPs, namely: GEEP, CCT, NHGSFP, N-power, and general expenditure.

” The GEEP expenditure was N11,700,200,466, while the CCT gulped N5,235,401,087.

” In the same vein, between October 2016 and November 2017, N22,370,719,017 was expended for the Home-grown School Feeding Programme (HGSFP); while N69,731,256,122 was expended on Npower, which is the Job Creation component of the SIP, during the same period. ”


NPower Monthly Clearance Begins | How To Successfully get Npower Clearance Form

NPVN Portal –  How to Login or Use login (Quick Step)
We’ve never promise permanency for Npower volunteers but an ability to stands on their own after 2years scheme.

Transcribed Version Of Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede Live Facebook Video Chat

On 2017 applicants, he said the delay was as a result of data verification, unlike last year to avoid payment issues in the future.

So please, let’s exercise patience with them.

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Npower Stipend 2018 October/November – See Salary Update Here

Npower News Updates 2018/2019 | Presidency speaks on NPower Delay Payment of Npower Monthly  Salary

If you want us to provide you with more updates and information about NPower Monthly Salary news, kindly provide us with your Phone number and Email Address in the comment section below. Don’t forget to visit this site for your latest job update…..we will Update you regularly. We conclude you have benefited from this article if yes, please use our share button below to inform your friends and relatives about this article via Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter. God bless you as you do so.

NPower Monthly Clearance Begins | How To Successfully get Npower Clearance Form

This is to inform the general public that the npower Npower Clearance Form intake has commenced, npower Oyo has started signing of clearance form monthly for n-teach, n-health, n-agro, etc.

Steps to take when signing Npower monthly clearance Form

1. your principal must sign and stamp it
2. PS (permanent secretary at tescom) will sign the form and stamp it for Approval
3. Then Take it to women affairs.
Note!!!!! One copy will be at tescom, original copy will be submitted to them at women affairs, and the third copy will be at your PPA.

I just did my own today.

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How To Successfully Upload ID Card And Passport On Npower Portal

How To Successfully Upload ID Card And Passport On Npower Portal

The Npower Program has officially published its list for the 2017/2018 Volunteers successfully selected into the Npower scheme. The Npower final List of 2017/2018 volunteers was released with the conformity of meeting the standard for selection into the Npower scheme. The shortlisted candidates for the Npower Recruitment 2017 are out on the Npower NPVN portal. We have written simple steps of checking the list below this post. Successful applicants have been communicated through SMS and email.

Learn how to Upload ID Card Passport at Npower Portal. Candidates that were selected can now visit the website to check their names and update their personal information and account details in their profile.

Due to the too much load of traffic on the Npower Portal, some selected volunteers are having little issues uploading their passport and ID card to their profile. If you are one of such volunteers, kindly follow the steps by step procedure listed below to upload your passport and ID card.

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NPower Monthly Salary/Stipend Latest 2017/2018 News Update

List of Npower Pre-selected Candidates 2017/2018 see full list here

NPower Monthly Clearance Begins | How To Successfully get Npower Clearance Form

Log in with your username and password to the Npower Portal

Read more update on how to update your Npower Profile

Please Note that you will be logged in and redirected to your profile where you can upload your password and ID card.

The shortlisted applicants for the Npower Recruitment 2018 are out on the Npower Portal. We have written the simple steps of checking the program below in this post. Successful applicants have been communicated through SMS and email.

If you want us to provide you with more updates and information about Npower Portal news update, kindly provide us with your Phone number and Email Address in the comment section below. Don’t forget to visit this site for your latest job update…..we will Update you regularly. We conclude you have benefited from this article if yes, please use our share button below to inform your friends and relatives about this article via Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter. God bless you as you do so.