N-Power Enhancement Programme | See Meaning and Commencement Date

N-Power Enhancement Programme for 2016 Beneficiaries: When the Social Intervention Programme of the FG declared that its 2016 batch would be moved to an Enhancement Programme some people didn’t know what is all about. In this article, I will show you how N-Power enhancement will work when it starts next month to come.

Do you know what the N-Power enhancement programme is all about?

An improvement to N-Power will make receivers work better in their place of Primary Assignments (PPA).

Enhancement is a noun which comes from the verb enhance, which means “to improve or increase,” and it can explain anything that’s an addition to the state or state of something.”

Therefore the N-Power  Programme is intended to enhance the usefulness, quality of the 2016 beneficiaries in such a way that they will make a higher important supplement to Nigerian administration while making themselves self-satisfactory.

“The programme will be developed, improved, made longer and great, and we will promote the well-being of those in this programme,” This  Newspapers ,Guardian Newspapers recited Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as saying during a visit to Kiara De-Luke Multi-Skill and Entrepreneurship Centre, an N-Power training center at Umuobiakwa in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia.

Areas The N-Power Enhancement Programme will be focused on:

This implies that the all 2016 beneficiaries should be anticipating things like:

  1. Agriculture Enhancement Programme
  2. Health Enhancement Programme
  3. Education Enhancement Program

In the N-Teach you could have teachers’ enhancement programme. That is what educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk called Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) which is aimed at developing N-Teachers’ classroom training.

When will the N-Power enhancement programme begin?

The official beginning date for the programme hasn’t been cleared by the FG, but it did say that the package will please the minds of the 2016 beneficiaries, saying the enhancement plan is a “multi-sector, multilayered and multi-pronged.” The programme will likely start in this December 2018.

“Your dreams for a greater and higher addition to improving yourselves and your families rest at the mind of the next BIG PLAN for our 2016 N-Power Beneficiaries.

2016 Beneficiaries will continue into an improvement programme as you continue to give of your service and make your regular stipends,” N-Power had said in an official statement.

As time goes,  the Economic Adviser to Atiku Campaign Organisation, Mustapha Chike-Obi, declared Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is expected to scrap N-Power.

Npower Recruitment 2020 See Application Requirement and Full Guide Here

Npower Recruitment 2020 – If you have been questioning when Npower Registration Application form 2020 at Npower portal.npower.gov.ng register will start or where to get a step to step guides on how to apply for Npower Recruitment 2020, then you are at the right place and at the right time. Below is the step by step guides to get you through the Npower registration process.


If you have been asking when the Npower Recruitment 2020 will start or where to get a step by step guides on how to register for Npower Recruitment, then you are at the right place and at the right time. Below are the guides to get you through.

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Lately, I have received a series of requests from people on different platforms trying to know how legit this rumor is regarding the Recruitment form. Here are the most popular questions that people often ask us:

  1. How to apply for Npower Recruitment 2020?
  2. When is Npower Recruiting for 2020?
  3. Npower Official Recruitment Portal 2020?
  4. Has Npower Started Recruitment for 2020?
  5. Npower 2019 Recruitment Deadline
  6. Npower Recruitment Guide and Requirement 2020?

Please Note that at this point in time, the application is not yet online, do not take into account any form of advertising you see or come across online. This web page will be updated regularly or as soon as possible once the application form is out online.

Npower Recruitment 2020 | See How to Apply

To ascertain if Npower Recruitment 2020 has officially started, log into the official website www.NpowerNpower or visit this page often for updates.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has created the NPower Programme to reduce youth unemployment in the country. NPower is further linked to the Federal Government’s policies in the economic, employment and social development platforms. The modular programmes under NPower will ensure that each participant will acquire and practice most of what is required to find or create work. Any of these graduates will also help in actualizing Nigeria’s economic and strategic aspirations of achieving food security and self-sufficiency.

Npower Recruitment 2020 Requirements

  • N-Power aims to provide a platform where utmost Nigerians can access skills acquisition and development. At this time, however, the primary modular programs in N-Power are designed for Nigerian citizens between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • You will need to meet the minimum requirements (if any) for your particular program. Selection is base on:
  • On your expression of a genuine concern in whichever area you decide;
    Passing the appropriate tests;
  • Your willingness to push yourself ahead of your comfort region; and
  • Ability to bestow a flair to develop all the skills you need to be the best you can be.
  • While there are fixed requirements along the way, we will be relying on you to take ownership of the process and take the lead in shaping your route, by making the most of the training that you will receive.
  • For N-Power, Graduate means having a minimum of a Higher National Diploma (HND) or a Bachelors Degree from a higher institution.


  1. Unemployed graduates or non-graduates
  2. Must be between 18-35 years old
  3. Basic illustration skills will be an advantage for animation and graphic arts
  4. For Script Writing, creative writing skills and analytical writing skills will be an advantage
    Problem-solving skills
  5. Ability to undertake self-tutorship
  6. Detail-oriented
  7. Analytical

Registration is usually made at Npower official website. Npower to visit the application portal. You will get more details on how to apply there. Npower Recruitment Application Closing Date: The 2020 Npower Recruitment Closing Date has not been made official.

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2020 Npower Recruitment Physical Verification Exercise | Requirements

The Npower Recruitment Physical Verification Exercise is now ongoing.- The 2020 NPower recruitment physical Verification Exercise commenced immediately you have been Pre-Selected for the Npower program. Note: The 2020 NPower Recruitment Physical Verification Exercise is to be done in the state of residence you filled during the online registration.

The NPower Recruitment Physical Verification Exercise is done for different purposes, to check if the records filled during the online registration stage are correct and also to check if it corresponds to the applicant’s documents.

Requirement For 2020 NPower Recruitment Physical Verification Exercise

  • Birth Certificate/ Age Declaration Letter
  • Your Qualification verification/Degree Certificate
  • NYSC Discharge Certificate
  • Residential verification
  • Employment verification

The 2020 NPower physical verification is to be carried out before the final shortlisting of successful candidates and to eliminate the number of unqualified applicants who faked and used incorrect information during the online registration.

Documents needed for Verification Exercise

  1. A clear and recent passport
  2. A means of verification i.e Valid identity card
  3. Applicant’s educational achievement/degree
  4. Your NYSC discharge letter/certificate
  5. BVN print out from your bank
  6. Residence permit of your Local Government area.
  • During the physical verification, the NPower verification officers will require some documents listed above for physical perusal (sightseeing) as the name implies “Physical Verification”.
    Note: During the 2016 physical verification of NPower Beneficiaries, they were asked for the above-listed documents, few questions which were written in a form were asked by the N-Power officials. Questions like; Latest Npower News Today Full names as it appears in your bank account details
  • Full residence address information
  • Your State origin
  • Your LGA
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Your NYSC state and final place of NYSC Primary assignment
  • NYSC graduation year.

Knowing all the requirements and procedures, Read the physical verification date, time and venue Here.

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How To Successfully Check 2020 Npower Assessment Test Result

This is steps on How to check the 2020 Npower Assessment Test Result Successfully via www.npower.gov.ng and for you to no if you are among the lucky shortlisted applicants.

The 2020 Npower Assessment Test Result is out you can access it online now. The big news to all Npower applicants who took part in the assessment test which was conducted online via the Npower 2020 recruitment enlistment portal.

The Npower Assessment Test Result has been released and published online, but some aspirants are unable to access their 2020 Npower Assessment Test portal. This article will be of benefit to you and will make it quick for you to check your 2020 Npower Assessment Test Result which is out. Continue reading, also share with other Npower Candidates who have written their Npower Assessment Test Result.

The 2020 Npower screening test is currently on-going for candidates who have not taken their online assessment test. This online assessment test started with Npower Teach tax and will end with Npower Teach.

How To Successfully Check 2020 Npower Assessment Test Result

Npower Assessment Test Result is out, but many candidates find it challenging to check their results online. Npower team sent text messages to those successful candidates who have passed Npower online screening tests and guidance to select the device of their choice via the portal.
If you passed the test when you log in so many devices will come up for you to select, if you log in and it shows the error that means you are not among the successful applicants that passed the N-power test
Check Npower Result Here via www.apply.npower.gov.ng/test/login/index.php

Guidelines on how to Verify Result

  1. Login to your Npower portal via https://apply.npower.gov.ng/test/login/index.php
  2. Use your Phone Number and BVN number as your login details
  3. Click on the device page
  4. Then select device of your choice

Finally, submit

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Is Npower Build Application Postponed? Find Out the Latest Developments

 N-Power Postpones Npower Build Application – According to reports, the federal government social intervention scheme, N-Power have recently apologized to applicants/candidates on their failure to register for the Npower Build Application category of the scheme. A lot of aspiring applicants are confused about the next step. We will help guide you on what you must do to stand a chance of getting registered successfully.

It is important to keep your eyes open and your ears on the ground to note the right information and source. Most of the news flying around on the internet were not sourced out in the right way. That is the reason we are here to put a lot of things into the place for potential beneficiaries of the Npower Build Application empowerment scheme.


Npower Build Application

As earlier reported by Firstcalljob Team, the Npower registration portal was earlier declared to be opened for new applications for the 2019 to 2020 batch.  Read more information here about Npower registration but with the new development, interested applicants/candidates are advised to wait patiently for further updates from Npower.

If you or your friends have any questions on the Npower Build Application steps and directions, you can always forward them to us for proper clarification. Make sure that you pass the message along to people you know who might be interested in the government scheme.

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NPower Registration For New Applicants – See How to Apply For Npower

The NPower scheme announced today that her official NPower Registration would be opened for fresh applicants in 2020. Npower has finally concluded plans to open the Npower portal for interested applicants/individuals to apply for recruitment into the scheme under its NPower build program category.


The NPower is a social intervention program which was introduced by the federal government under President Mohamedu Buhari led administration.

NPower Registration Program Features

As N-Power administrators would have us believe, the program features the following packages.

  1. N-power build Automobile – It is said that applicants who are been trained under this platform are meant to offer advisory services to automobile users across Nigeria. Candidates here are expected to disseminate usefully
  2. N-power build Agric – This program was mapped out to encourage farmers on how to use farm machinery and other important equipment
  3. N-power build plumbing and pipefitting
  4. N-power build Masonry and tiling
  5. N-power build Hospitality
  6. N-power build Electrical installations
  7. N-power build carpentry and joinery.


Each contestant on this program is likely to study and put into practice every basic project that will help them produce or find jobs through the modular programs. Moreover, it is expected that at the conclusion of this program, the country would have upraised thousands of persons trained in various areas which would, in return, expand the economic fortunes of the country.

In the opinion above, the supervisors are authorized to making sure that contestants are well-armed with important business and technical skills that will attach their livelihood and work viewpoint.

Do you want to be enlisted in NPower Registration?

These are some necessities that must be met.  They consist of:

  1. Age: NPower is only open to people with the age range of 18 and 35 years.
  2. Interest: Contestants that wish to register for NPower are expected to have a genuine interest in the field of action they are preparing for.
  3. Qualification: Graduates who desire to join the program must have the following educational qualifications from the National Universities Commission (NUC) qualified educational institution –an Ordinary National Diploma(OND), Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE), Bachelor’s degree and a Higher National Diploma (HND).
  4. Successful passing of tests: This is very essential as those who perform well in enlistment tests are the only ones granted a chance to join the program.
  5. Willingness to push one’s self out of one’s comfort zone: NPower was mainly made to lessen youth unemployment, to be a part of this training; you must be keen to go extra miles in all complications.
  6. Enthusiasm and ability to display aptitude: To make most of all the skills, being the best you can be is needed.

N-Power Registration Process

NPower Registration exclusively depends on the program you want to Partake in. Regardless of this fact, there are important things you need to know.

The following facts must be made available for successful recruitment on NPower.

  • Active phone number
  • Email address
  • Nationality
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Carefully compiled CV
  • Correct name record
  • Bank verification number
  • Passport data
  • Qualification degree


NPower Registration: Guide on How to Apply

  • Go to NPower official website or Read on how to Apply here
  • Select one of the three groupings – N-power Knowledge, N-power Volunteer corps, or N-power build. In this stage, you will see important programs to choose from.
  • Once your choice is made, the “Apply now” icon will display on the screen. Click it.
  • Once you have completed the above-mentioned steps, you will be guided to the page where you can access the application form.
  • Read it carefully and also fill all the empty fields, which includes adding requested documents such as your passport, CV, degree qualification certificate, etc.

An approval will be given to you in the N-Power logo only if you have successfully completed your registration. Within the next days, you’ll also receive a letter in your email address, after which you are expected to find out your pre-selection status.

Immediately your primary selections are successful; you step away from joining the program. Finally, you will receive a congratulatory letter from NPower; you will be notified in the letter that you are qualified to join in the program and you will be directed on the next step to take.

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NPVN Portal –  How to Login or Use npvn.npower.gov.ng login (Quick Step)

npvn.npower.gov.ng login  –  How to Login or Use NPVN Portal (Quick-Step)

Dear N Power NPVN Beneficiaries,

Please have it at the back of your mind that the NPVN portal has been upgraded. In other, for you to access the new Npower NPVN portal, please follow the step by step procedure listed below carefully. Login to npvn.npower.gov.ng/login with your mobile phone number or Go to your E-mail address to see the full list.

You can check your name on Npower official portal check (npvn.npower.gov.ng) Use your already existing details to access the website and start studying as soon as possible. Login to NPower Volunteers Network (NPVN) Portal by using npvn.npower.gov.ng/login so that you can have access to re-edit your Bank account details to be able to compete in the next upcoming skill acquisition project npvn.npower.gov.ng/login

See Other Opportunities You may Have Missed

Also, you can log in to NPower Volunteer Network from this link www.npvn.npower.gov.ng to correct your bank details in other to receive funds from the Federal Government Agencies organizing the Npower program.

What is the definition of NPVN?

The NPVN means  NPower Volunteers Network. This empowerment program is organized in Nigeria by the Federal Government of Nigeria to empower youths in different vocational training and employment.

What is the Official NPVN Portal?

NPVN Portal was donated and designed by N-Power Nigeria for all victorious Npower applicants. If you’re shortlisted for the Npower program, you’ll have access to the portal. The portal was designed for all successful candidates to update their bank details, personal information, and other useful information about the applicants.

Guidelines to Chat with N-Power Online Agent At NPVN Portal

Earlier, we notified you that the NPVN means; N-Power Volunteers Network, In case you missed the Npower latest update on how to add your bank account number to your Npower portal in other for you to be eligible to receive payment Read the full post here. Please note that all Npower successful applicants can add their bank account details by visiting the specified Npower portal through npvn.npower.gov.ng

Trending Today

Before we forge ahead, it is important that you know the requirements in other for you to get the best result from the Npower exam screening and also to have pleasant user experience when accessing the Npower portal through your computer or on your mobile device, tablet device, wider screen display size.

You are advised to use any of the following internet browsers:

  • Explorer from Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Mozilla Firefox (Java enabled);
  • Safari (usually available on iOS (iPads, iPhones,) and Linux
  • Google Chrome (Latest version)

Npower AfriOne iPad Full Smartphone Specifications

Npower AfriOne is a Chinese tab made in Nigeria. The company is owned by a Nigerian with 70% Chinese employees and 30% Nigerians. The equipment is built by Chinese youths and programmed to do what other tabs do…EVEN BETTER. Now listen to the features and specifics.

1. Afrione is a 2 in 1 tab. A tablet and a mini computer…this are because unlike other tabs, afrione. It comes with a detachable keyboard, which allows its functionality as you would have on a laptop.

2.Npower AfriOne runs on a 6.0 Android Marshmallow Os, and Upgradeable to 7.0 nougat…this means that the features on your afrione device comes out with much more standard and can run the test of time still maintaining the same quality.

3. Npower AfriOne display is partially HD meaning the pictures come out better just like that of you had android phones; you can view photographs clear even if the device is a bit far from you without being scared of a blur. Unlike tecno which comes with a padded view that doesn’t give precise color and contrast.

4. Afrione comes with a better sleek design…..comfortable to hold.

5. It comes with a Quad-core microprocessor and 1.3Ghz speed. That means you get to enjoy your fast internet and response to instructions swift. 2gig ram to save thousands of apps and pls games with heavy limbs and 32 gig rom for your videos and audios.

6. Npower AfriOne comes with inbuilt radio…listen without an antenna and with good speakers to back it up. It also comes with Wifi hotspot that allows you to share your Internet services with other devices.

7. The camera is good enough for a tab with 5mp back and 2mp front. It has these major features:

Messaging: SMS (Threaded View), MMS, E-MAIL, PUSH MAIL, browser: Supports HTML5JAVA: NoMusic: MP3, MP2, OGG, AAC, M4A, AMR, FLAC, APE, MAVVideo: AVI, MOV, TS, M2TS, RM/RMVB, FLV, 3GP, MPEG, DAT, MKV(XVID/px/H.264), MP4.Picture: photo / Video editorFiles: Document Viewer, file manager.

8. Afrione comes with two sim cards, and you can make your calls and other stuff a standard fone does on it.

Search Tags: Npower AfriOne iPad device, Npower phone specifications, Tablet devices, and minicomputer, Can android marshmallow Os Upgradable to 7.0 nougat

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NPower Final Selection List of successful Shortlisted Candidates | See Final List Here

NPower Final Selection List of Successful Shortlisted Candidates – The NPower Final Selection List was made for applicants who were Shortlisted for deployment. The list includes all the categories of all the Npower program which consists of the Npower Agro, Npower Health and of course the Npower Teach.

Yes, the Npower physical verification was concluded recently by the Npower team. In this post, I’m going to show you how you can check if your name has been shortlisted on the NPower Final Selection List successfully. The Npower physical verification exercise was intended to verify the qualifications of candidates and eliminate any means of impersonation and fraudulent declaration during the application period.

NPower Final Selection List Of Shortlisted applicants

All during the verification period, the Npower verification covers the applicant’s age, gender, academic qualification, NYSC discharge letter with the completion date, residential address and local government area applied for.

The posting and deployment of all Npower verified/successful shortlisted candidates kicked off some days ago, Successfully verified applicants would be published to their primary assignment depending on category which the candidate applied for during the recruitment exercise call it N-Teach, N-Tax, N-Heath and N-Agro all candidates will be posted to their different places of assignment as directed by Npower team.

How successfully check Shortlist of Successful Candidates

To check NPower Final Selection List is very simple, once you have been shortlisted, you need to login via www.npvn.npower.gov.ng the guideline below will help you successfully login and create an account with Npower Volunteer Network.

  1. To check your name via www.npvn.npower.gov.ng Login to Npower Volunteer Network portal
  2. Now head to your dashboard to know if you are among the verified applicants
  3. If you are successfully been selected your page will pop up on the Npower website
  4. Immediately upload and update your personal information including your bank account details See How to Update your Npower bank account details  here
  5. Now the final step, the Npower verified logo will come up with a verified status symbol, which means you have been successfully verified by the Npower team and been included in the NPower Final Selection List.

If you are among of those candidates in the NPower Final Selection List, please take note of this:

  • All NPower Final Selected candidates must update and matches all your respective bank account names to correspond with your name released during the shortlist. This will help your payment when due
  • Your letter of deployment will be given to you at your respective Npower branch office nearest to you, ensure you go with your means of identification when collecting your appointment/posting letter
  • You are authorized to report to the head’s of various places you have been posted to start your primary assignment as a Npower Volunteer
  • Cross-check you’re posting the letter, if you fund any mistake in your name or bank account details please report to the appropriate body for correction.

Congratulations to all NPower Final Selected Candidates, If you like this post please share with friends by using the share button below.

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Npower Candidates – See the Shortlisted Applicants here. www.npower.gov.ng

Npower list of shortlisted Candidates – The list of applicants is now out on the portal. This is to inform general applicants that names are now available. You can now view the names who made it on the portal as soon as possible.

This list of shortlisted names is in line with the Federal Government of Nigeria agrees to shortlist about 500,000 Npower Volunteers across the country. Each state will have at least 850 shortlisted candidates after which the list of successful applicants will be engaged in a paid volunteering programme of 2-years of duration.

Latest Npower Candidates List

Also, the Npower Shortlisted Candidates are entitled to computing devices that will contain the necessary information for their specific engagement, as well as details for their continuous training and development.

The Federal Government of Nigeria engaged 200,000 N-Power Volunteers across the federation. Now, the Federal Government is enlisting about 300,000 in various Npower categories. This year the N-Power Volunteer Corps is enlisting 300,000 more volunteers to bring the number to the promised 500,000 N-Power Volunteers.

The various Npower Categories include:

  • Npower Teach
  • Npower Health
  • Npower Agro
  • Npower Tax/Vaid

Npower Shortlisted Candidates Selection Process.

The Npower selection process will be in batches, don’t be scared the selection processes is a transparent one; if you wrote the screening test correctly, and there is no mistake in your BVN number also your BVN matches with your credentials, be rest assured your name will be among the Npower shortlisted applicants.

  1. The Npower selection process directions
  2. Npower Pre-selected Candidates/Shortlisted applicants
  3. Npower Physical Verification
  4. Deployment to various assignments Area
  5. Npower Device Collection

 Online Applicants List

To view, Npower shortlisted Candidates online is very simple and easy just follow the below-listed steps to view your name on the list.

  1. Check Npower shortlist by visiting the Npower recruitment portal via Npower Pre-selected Candidates or Via Npower
  2. Enter your phone number used during the N-power registration
  3. Click on the check button to know if you are the successful candidates
  4. Then finally log in to N-power Volunteer portal if you are among the Npower Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates

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NPower Shortlisted Candidates | See Full List Here: www.portal.npower.gov.ng

This latest news update is for all NPower Shortlisted Candidates including Npower teach (N-teach), Npower Heath (N-heath), Npower Agro (N-agro), Npower tax (N-tax). This post will also cover Npower physical verification dates across the country. Npower is totally free. Kindly report anyone who tries to extort you in exchange for access to the physical verification.

www.portal.npower.gov.ng: Pre-selected List | NPower Shortlisted Candidates

  • The NPower program does NOT send beneficiaries to preferred places of assignments. Applicants know this.
  • If you reach the Final Selection stage, you will be able to select a device. We think that you focus on scaling the physical verification stage now.
  • Your physical verification will hold at the place of residence inputted during registration.
  • The physical verification process is not for a day only, you can choose a day to partake in the process.
  • Please, there is no state A or B as been circulated.
  • The physical verification exercise will be DELAYED. Communication will be provided shortly.
  • There is no provision for change of resident in npower.

Below is the Top List of items required for the Npower Physical Verification Exercise.

* Birth Certificate: Document that corroborates your age.
* ID card: Acceptable National Identification that shows your name.
* Proof of address of residence: A PHCN bill or any other utility bill is also acceptable.

The Npower Build can be said to be an accelerated training and certification (something like Skills to Job) program that will engage and train 75, 000 young unemployed Nigerians to build a new crop of the skilled and highly competent workforce of technicians, service professionals, and artisans. The focus industry area of the N-Power Build will be on:

* Construction
* Utilities
* Building Services
* Aluminium and Gas
* Automotive

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New Npower Posting Letter | Notice for All Npower Beneficiaries

Npower Posting Letter latest news update on Npower posting, all Npower Beneficiaries are expected to collect there deployment letter from the individual LGA Director of Health. Immediately and upload the signed and stamped deployment letter on your NPower Portal then you will be qualified to receive your Npower Monthly stipend.

Npower Posting Letter 2018

The Npower Posting Letter is for all verified applicants who were selected for the Npower Final Selection List check here for the Npower list. This is to inform all successfully Npower verified applicants that the Npower Posting Letter is here. This list covers all categories in the scheme which involves Npower Teach, Npower Health, Npower Agro, Npower Tax/VAIDS and Npower Build. The Npower Recruitment team has finally revealed what all successfully verified applicants must do to be clear finally.

The Npower recruitment team has urged all Npower Beneficiaries to log on to the Npower Portal and upload the signed and stamped deployment letter.

The Latest on Npower Posting Letter

All verified applicants posting letters will be given to them at their state branch office of Npower. Applicants are mandated to visit with identification to collect your letter which serves as your appointment letter.

Please Note:

Your Npower Posting Letter will carry the category you have selected, be it N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health or N-Tax. Kindly make sure the information on the appointment letter contains all your details.

Components Of The Npower Posting Letter

The Npower Posting Letter for all successfully selected beneficiaries will be released at the zonal headquarters of the beneficiary’s local government area of residence. The Npower Posting Letter usually contains the name of the beneficiary, serial number, type of highest educational qualification (B.Sc, BA, B.Ed, MA, M.Sc, HND etc.), beneficiary’s discipline, and the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) where the beneficiary has been posted to work, especially for those in N-Teach category.

Documentation For Npower

Having made the final list of successfully selected beneficiaries, the next necessary stage is to open the beneficiary’s official file at the zonal office where you are required to submit all claimed credentials and documents for official and record purposes.

Issuance of Appointment For Beneficiaries

After opening your file at the zonal headquarters, selected beneficiaries are issued appointment letter which must be duplicated for the zonal office, your PPA, and your copy.

Proceed to your place of primary assignment

All Npower Beneficiaries must Proceed to there PPA to sign the resumption letter waiting for you there and immediately resume your assigned duties without delay. By this time, you have been cleared and your details forwarded to NPower headquarters in Abuja for the payment of your stipend. Your phone is now ready to beep for a stipend alert.

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Npower Deployment Letter | When and How to Get Your Posting Letter

Npower Latest News Update on the Npower Deployment Letter – According to Npower, the Bauchi chapter of the employment program by the federal government of Nigeria stated that nothing less than 7,480 selected candidates in the state will receive their Npower Deployment Letter in the state.

This was confirmed in a report by the media unit of the Bauchi State Social Investment Programmes Office (BSSIPO) on Sunday. It disclosed that Governor Mohammed Abubakar has approved and authorized the deployment of all beneficiaries selected by the National Social Investment Office (NSIO).

Npower Deployment Letter

  • 5,014 beneficiaries have been deployed to primary schools, secondary schools, and tertiary institutions as tutors.
  • 1,660 others as agricultural branch workers, while 806 volunteers are deployed to healthcare departments to serve as health promoters.

Therefore selected beneficiaries are demanded to collect their Npower Deployment Letter i,e there posting letters at the secretariats of their different Local Government Areas of residence and report to their places of primary assignments (PPA).

Nevertheless, the Payment of the N30,000 stipend would only be processed for beneficiaries who obtain an acknowledgment of reporting to PPA and upload the same to the NPower portal the statement added.

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Npower Verified List of Shortlisted Candidates | List Available Here – www.npvn.npower.gov.ng

See How to Successfully check the Npower list of verified shortlisted candidates checklist here – www.npvn.npower.gov.ng. Npower Nigeria has successfully released the Npower list of verified shortlisted candidates you can now check it out now! The Npower list of verified shortlisted candidates is for applicants who partook in the Npower physical verification program that has already been concluded in the various local Government areas across the Federation.

Npower List of Successful applicants can now check their names in the Npower list of verified shortlisted candidates to know if you are among the successfully authenticated candidates.

Npower list of verified shortlisted candidates

Recently we have been receiving a lot of messages/comments from our respected visitors especially those interested in the Npower program who took part in the physical verification exercise in the Npower programme of Federal Government of Nigeria and their future about the application or what next after the physical verification for pre-selected candidates.

To know if you are among the candidates, all Npower successful applicants who participated in the verification exercise must visit the Npower Volunteer Network portal to create an account with the Npower support team online.

How to check Npower list of verified shortlisted candidates

The Npower verified list is only for applicants who partook in the physical verification exercise in which all the pre-selected candidates were among applicants also verified those Npower applicants on awaiting list were also verified, and this is the final stage for Npower selection processes.

Please Note: The Npower list is for successful applicants who received messages from Npower Team that they were among the successful shortlisted applicant for the Npower program. Those applicants on the awaiting list were also among those who partake in the physical verification exercise.

Steps to Follow

  • Check list via http://check.npvn.ng/#/preSelectionStatus
  • Create an account via http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/login/
  • If you are able to create an account that means your name is on the shortlisted candidates.
  • Sign in as a Npower Volunteer through the Npower Volunteer Network portal via http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/login/
  • Fill in the entire necessary required box and upload your recent passport


  • While creating an account remembers to select device you preferred and it must correspond with the device selected during the online assessment test.
  • Creating an account via the Npower Volunteer Network portal is very necessary for all applicants on the Npower list of verified shortlisted candidates; through your portal, you will receive your monthly stipends. Very important for all Npower pre-selected candidates.

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NPower device What you need to do before and after collecting your Npower device

NPower device – The NPower is set to give out different brands of the device to its beneficiaries in the course of their skill learning and acquisitions. The Nigerian government had announced that the distribution of the first batch of the devices to be issued to NPower volunteers would commence shortly. But it was shifted to a soon to be announced date.

What you need to do before and after collecting your Npower device

NPower device

NPower device

The Npower provides tablets of 8 different variants from which beneficiaries can select. These are Afri-One (2-in 1), RLG Adulawo Limited, Samsung Tab E., Zinox Z Pad. Others are Brain NPower IPAD, Tecno Pad, Floss Signatures and Speedstar.

The majority of the first batch who have received N30,000 monthly stipends were able to select an NPower device. Those who made the selection are eligible for collection once distribution commences.

Basic features include free one-year internet subscription; pre-loaded learning materials to support assignments (Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Learn Africa all contributed content that can access); Over one million resources on each device. The NPower Volunteer Corps is part of the Federal government’s Social Investment Programmes, under which it plans to hire 350,000 unemployed graduates.

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