How to Successfully Check if Your Nigeria National ID Card (NIMC) is Ready for Collection –

How to Successfully Check if Your Nigeria National ID Card (NIMC) is Ready for Collection –

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Nigerian Federal Government agency has ordered to ensure that the whole citizens of Nigeria own a Nigeria National ID Card card. There is a registration process going on so that citizens of Nigeria can walk into any of NIMC centres to register for their National ID card. This National ID card is meant to identify all citizens, and to avoid illegal immigrants in the country today.

If you have enrolled for the National Identity Card for a very long time but you do not have an idea of when you would collect it, there is now an online platform where you can check the status of your identity card whether the card is ready or not. Just follow the steps below

What is Nigeria National ID Card card?

A national identity card is a movable document (which is usually plasticized and digital insert card information) that any citizen or resident of a country that is issued and expected to conduct as a means of identification.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has created an easy method for everyone who engaged in the enrollment to check if their permanent plastic ID card is ready. The way designed to check for availability of Nigeria National ID Card card for collection is through a web portal. – Below Are The Requirements To Check Your Nigeria National ID Card Availability Status:

  1. Laptop or Smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.)
  2. Internet connection (with enough internet data)
  3. Full name (First and Last)
  4. Last 6 digits of your ID number (remember, the number consist 11 digits and can be found on your Temporary ID card {paper printout}, 14673******)
  5. Knowledge of internet usage

Now that we know the needs, we need to look at now is how to view your availability status card online. Once you complete this process, you will be notified if your National ID card is ready for collection.

Below are steps to check online:

Step 1:  Visit this link

Step 2:  Scroll down and click the button that says “Click to proceed” once.

Once you click that, you would be taken to a page where you will be required to fill your enrollment details into a form.

Step 3:  The next thing to do is to fill in your details into the form.  Correctly input your ‘First name’, ‘Last name’, and your ‘Last six National ID card number’.

Step 4: When you are done, click on the button at the end of the form, “CHECK NOW”, and your National ID card status will be displayed. | Login, Registration Earn Money From Cash Granted

Looking at the way Ponzi schemes ruined all online laundry scheme as of late 2016 to 2017 and the subsequent crash of MMM, a lot of people have been asking series of questions about a new platform called Cash Granted with an official site named Our team has been getting lots of mail from different individuals curious in other to ascertain if is a Ponzi scheme or not. Some other individuals are trying to find out if Cash Granted is either a scam or not. Our team Firstcalljob has done some interesting research and has come up with answers about Cash Granted. Keep scrolling for more information.

A Message from Cash Granted

I am pretty sure that you have probably seen this message before somewhere on Facebook or Whatsapp. These messages are added by already registered members on the Cash Granted platform and are now they are looking for good recommendations from friends and family in other to enable them to get paid on the platform.

I’ve just requested for N50,000 on Please help me recommend my fund request. Here’s the link to the request:

To recommend, visit my request link above, and tap the ‘Recommend’ button on the page that comes up. Thanks in advance.”

 But before we further ahead let’s see how the cash grant generates there income.

How do CashGranted Earn Money They Pay Registrants?

CashGranted as it names claims that they generate earning from displaying adverts to people who register on their platform or website and friends who come to the website to drop recommendations. They said that it is from the money generated by those adverts displayed on their website that they pay to requesters. To me sincerely think this is a very smart move.

Looking at the site ranking of you notice that the site is currently ranked 947 as at today 10th October 2018 in Nigeria. Considering that the website was created less than two months ago. That’s really impressive. Most importantly, considering that it’s a free platform and you really don’t need to pay cash to anybody to register then I guess you shouldn’t have any reason not to apply by signing up on the website. Therefore, our team Firstcalljob are here to advise you sign up today.


How much can one request from Cash Granted?

You can ONLY Request for an amount from the range of N20,000 and N70,000.

How to Register on Portal

If you are interested and ready to register or participate in the Advert-Enabled Funds Granting website, you need to create an account online. Simply visit the official website at to start the registration process. Once you open the website on your browser, click on the signup button.

You will see a form that looks like the one below and you will be requested for the following details; Name, Email address, Phone number, Bank details, and Password. Once you’re done with the registration by filling in your details, you are to click on the submit button. Congratulations your account is live. The next thing you are expected to do is to request for help. Remember you can only request for help ranging from N20,000 to N70,000. Meanwhile, you will be asked to specify exactly what you need the help for.

How do I Earn or Paid by

Finally, I know a lot of people will want to know how they will eventually get paid by Cashgranted. This is what they say as regards payment. On Saturday at the end of the week, if your fund request is among the 1,000 most recommended requests for the week, then the amount you requested will be sent into your Bank Account before 5 pm on Saturday. Before we conclude, hurry now and register. If you have already registered and have not been paid drop a comment below. Please drop your honest review below. Thanks.

TvShow4Mobile Z-A | Download Tv Series & Movies For Free @ http://tvshow4mobile

TvShow4Mobile Z-A | Download Tv Series & Movies For Free @ http://tvshow4mobile

The quest for quality movies and TvShows have driven movie lovers to some great lengths and heights that another might not have imagined. For this reason, we will show you how to find, stream, download and watch your favorite movies on the TvShows4Mobile.Com A to Z format.

TvShow4Mobile Z-A Layout

Just like O2TvSeries movie platform that has gained a very reasonable level of popularity, this is a very reliable source of quality and quantity in movie availability. They also share very similar interface and navigation, with services that are not too different.

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Whether it be seasonal films, sequels or one-off selection movies, TvShow4Mobile Z-A movie arrangement will always come in handy at all times. The platform was built to give users maximum satisfaction in their general movie activities and experience.

Totally Unrestricted Experience

With your laptops, tablets or mobile devices the world of movies is in your hands to explore without restriction. If that is not exceptional enough, then we do not know what else is. The experience of video streaming and downloads just took another shape.

The layout of TvShow4Mobile Z-A set of Movies and TvSeries contains your desired Seasonal Films and the latest episodes at all times. Even in the midst of the countless number of movie websites out there, this is without a doubt the next level platform.

Assortment of Movie Genres

The platform is home to various movie genres you can imagine. From Sci-fi, horror, comedy, documentary, etc., you will be spoilt for choice with the options available for downloads. And coupled with the easy to navigate interface and smooth downloads, what more can you want?.

Due to the TvShow4Mobile Z-A movies layout and arrangement, searching and finding your favorite movie on the site is literally as easy as the ABC classification of the films and TvShows. The following steps will expertly guide you.

Download With The Following Steps

  • With your device visit “”
  • You will see the Movies and Tv Shows arranged in alphabetical order
  • Select the one with the initial letter of your sought movie title
  • Choose the season and episode if its in series
  • Select the movie format
  • Click download, and it starts automatically

How To Use TvShow4Mobile Search Bar

  • With your device visit “
  • Move your cursor to or click on the search bar
  • Type in the title of your desired movie
  • Choose the season and episode if its in series
  • Select the movie format
  • Click download, and it starts automatically

Made for Ease

That is as simple as that, the exact reason for the TvShow4Mobile Z-A movie layout arrangement. If you have any question on the navigation or download of movies or Tv Series on the platform, make sure you forward it to the question and comment section without delay, thanks.


2019 BBNaija Online for Your Favorite Housemate

How to vote for 2019 BBNaija Online for Your Favorite Housemate – Are you one the fans of the ongoing Big Brother Naija 2018 and your favorite housemates are up for potential eviction this week?. Here is a guild on how to Vote for your favorite Housemate online from the 2019 BBNaija Online portal.

Except you have seen, showing you the way you can use the official BBN Voting portal to vote for the best Housemate of your choice, we shall also show you how to vote for 2019 BBNaija favorite Housemates through SMS. So carry on with the reading of this post if you want to save your favorite housemates in the BBNaija house.

The main question now is who is your favorite Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates and How can you vote for BBNaija 2019 housemates? Also when should you expect the 2019 BBNaija results? We are here to answer these questions and provide you with the most accurate answers and guides.

How to Vote on 2019 BBNaija Online portal

To participate in the 2019 BBNaija Vote on at BBNVote portal, you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. BBNaija 2018 Online for Your Favorite Housemate
  3. Once you have logged in at the top right-hand side of your browser, click on the “Register” button.
    BBNaija 2019 Online for Your Favorite Housemate
  4. Now Enter your mobile phone number in the field provided for it at the website.
    Choose a suitable password which you will use to sign in to vote in future rounds. Password must have at least 7 characters.
  5. When you enter both the phone number and password, click the “Continue” button.
    BBNaija 2018 Online for Your Favorite Housemate
  6. Now to Verify your mobile number by entering the OTP sent to your phone as a text message and click “Verify“
    Now you can go back to the list of Nominated Housemates for possible eviction and select your Favorite whom you want to vote for.

2019 BBNaija Vote via SMS Process

All you have to do is to SMS ‘VOTE’ and your favorite housemate’s name to 32052. Example (VOTE Tobi to 32052) SMS voting is limited to 100 votes per user. N30 per SMS, no free SMS’s

How to Vote for Big Brother Naija Housemate via Mobile Site

You can also Vote for your favorite BBNaija 2019 housemate via the Africa Magic website, login to 2019 BBNaija Votes on the mobile site are limited to 100 votes per user. Mobile votes are free. Data charge apply

Latest Npower Build Update – What You Must Know About N-Build 2019

In recent years, Npower Build has been a source of great help to the average Nigerian youth, the training, employment, and financial empowerment among the many other benefits that come with it has been vital, to say the least. We will bring you the Latest Npower Build Update and what the program is up to in 2019.

What Is the Latest Npower Build Update Available?

This has been one of the most common questions on the lips of Npower beneficiaries, and other individuals that are aspiring to register for the empowerment scheme. They want to know what the Latest Npower Build Update is so that they will know where they stand and what their next step will be in 2019.

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If you are or have ever had this question on your mind, then rest assured, because all your issues will be clarified on this post as soon as you are through with reading everything. A bunch of publications has been claiming to have the Latest Npower Build Update, but very few have the correct piece of information regarding this topic.

N-Power Build Application Forms 2019

One of the significant challenges that aspirants of this program have been encountering is the issue of acquiring the application forms for the scheme to enable them to register for 2019. The reports we have gotten so far has it that the 2019 N-Power Build forms availability will be announced very soon for prospective candidates to register.

N-Build Registration 2019

As soon as the application forms are made available, subsequently the registration exercise will follow suit immediately. If you have any interest in registering for this program, we advise you to be in constant contact with us through our website for all the Latest Npower Build Update and every development on the exercise.

We assure you that we will do our possible best to see that our readers get the correct information regarding the programs of N-Power Build for 2019. As soon as anything useful information becomes available, be confident that we will make sure you get access to the best piece of the details from us here. Thanks and Goodluck.


Biggest Online shopping Store Review –

Biggest Online shopping Store Review –, Inc., is American electronic commerce and cloud computing company Amazon Store based in Seattle, Washington. Furthermore, the company which works as Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. The tech giants currently stand as one of the largest internet retailers in the world as measured by revenue and market capitalization. However, the second largest after Alibaba regarding total sales.
Famously, the website which started as an online bookstore but has now diversified to sell video downloads/streaming, MP3 downloads/streaming, audiobook downloads/streaming, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. Now you might be thinking of shopping at right away. It isn’t a bad idea, but there are a few things I suppose you need to know.

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Firstly, we would see how you can successfully shop on Amazon.

How to trade on Online shopping Store Review

efore shopping, you will need an internet connection and computer. Also, put in mind that you will need a credit or debit card. Follow these steps to shop on

Step one
The first thing you would have to do is to open the Amazon website which is

Step two
If you already a particular item you want to shop in mind, you could just type the name of the item in the search box along the top of the page and click the black GO button. Or you could just browse around or click on one of the categories on the left-hand side of the screen to see what’s available.

Step three
A new page will open with a list of items matching your search criteria. You can either narrow your search by typing in more ‘keywords’ in the search box and clicking GO, or you can just select an item from the list of things on the page.

Step four
Click on the pictures or name of the item you would want to buy. A new page should open, displaying more details about the item. You can scroll down to see the product description and customer reviews.

If you want to buy the product later, you can just keep it for later by clicking on Add to Wish List and Amazon will save the details. If you want to buy the product now, click Add to Basket.

Step five
As in a real market, you keep picking items until you are done. If you have finish shopping, then you can click on Proceed to Checkout.

Step six
You will be asked to sign in. If you already sign up an account, you can go ahead and sign in. If you a new customer, you could simply go ahead an open a new free Amazon account.

Step seven
You’ll now be asked to enter a new delivery address. You will have to provide your name and the address where you’d like the item delivered. Then you can click on Continue.

Step eight
A new surface will open asking you to choose a delivery option. Those that are free will be noted as ‘FREE.’ Choose one and click Continue.

Step nine
Next, you will be asked to choose a payment option. You can click Add a new card to add your credit or debit card details. When you are done entering the card details, you can click Continue.

Step ten
Now you will be shown a review of your order, with the delivery address and billing information. However, you are supposed to go through them again and check if all the details are correct. Click Place your order after checking if they are correct.

Step eleven
That should do the trick for you. Furthermore, you just have to sit back and wait for your package to arrive.

How To Avoid Scams While Shopping On Online shopping Store Review

However, as you would expect in an online market as big as Amazon, scammers are around. Here is how to shop safely and avoid buying a big old box of nothing.

Be wary of massive discount

This should not be new to you by now. Some offers are just too-goog-to-be-true. Though, you will probably find crazy deals on Amazon that are legitimate. But when a very expensive product is discounted more than 35%, you should probably be having a second thought. But keep in mind not all products with big discount are scams, most of them are perfectly fine.

Know a fake product review when you see one
However, just because a product has a few customer reviews doesn’t make the seller is legit. With all five-star reviews everywhere. Faking a review is not a difficult thing to do. And unless you see “verified purchase” tag you probably shouldn’t be taking reviews seriously anyway.

Don’t fall for sellers ploys
Being asked to email the dealer is a red flag. Amazon scam artists are usually third-party sellers who try to convince you to do something out of the ordinary, like direct you off of Amazon’s site or ask for an odd type of payment. It is advisable you stay on Amazon’s site and only pay through their system.

Now you are good to go. Shopping on Amazon sometimes can be exciting, so enjoy. But keep mind all that was stated above, and you will be fine. Visit Amazon Store

Nigerian Idol Registration Form 2019/2020 Registration Requirments And Guild

Nigerian Idol Registration Form 2019/2020 Requirments And Guild, www. Nigerian idol .com 2019, Nigeria idol 2019 – The Nigerian Idol 2019/2020 form is not hard to acquire. The form can be efficiently downloaded on the web and filled with no issue. In the event you intend to enroll on, however, don’t know how to approach that, you will be given information on the best way to approach the enlistment here.

Nigerian Idol Registration

Nigerian Idol Registration Form 2019/2020 Registration Requirments And Guild

The Nigerian Idol is the confined version of the Idol series freedom. It is the second Idol franchise for our country as it was already part of Idols in West Africa which was also shot and produced in Stockholm, Sweden. The events started with its first season in 2010, the 50th anniversary of the country with the tagline Live Your Dream. Do not Accept any Limitation. Auditions were open for every Nigerian between 18 and 28. The first season went on air in October 2010 and is shown on 15 different channels all across Africa.

REQUIREMENTS For Nigerian Idol 2019/2020

There is an age limit for Nigerian Idol participants. The show is only open for people between the ages of 16 and 28 years and anything aside this is not accepted. Applicants must bring along with him or her two ID forms on the registration day. Birth certificate or driver’s license are allowed.

  • You are not allowed to the venue a child below five years.
  • Some dresses are not allowed at the venue of the audition. Dresses with the crested designer name are prohibited.
  • You must bring along with to the audition venue the wristband given to you on the registration day
  • Applicants must be a citizen of Nigerian by birth
  • Applicants must reside in Nigeria this is an essential criterion
  • If you took part in any of the previous seasons of Nigerian Idol West African, then you are not allowed to participate again.


Technically, there are four cities where auditions are done. The following are the confirmed audition cities for Nigerian Idol registration form 2019.

  • Port Harcourt
  • Abuja
  • Lagos
  • Enugu

HOW TO REGISTER FOR Nigerian Idol 2019.

  • Visit Nigerian Idol 2019 registration Season 7 official portal/website at
  • Complete the online application form by filling in the necessary data
  • After inputting your details then forward your name with the preferred audition location to 5599 from an Etisalat Nigeria line only. (N100 per SMS)
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS in your inbox which you will have to present at the audition venue.


Belgium Visa Lottery Requirement in Nigeria Application Form is out | Apply Today

Belgium visa lottery requirementThe 2018/2019 Belgium visa lottery requirement in Nigeria application is now available, to i will show you Belgium visa appointment, Visa fee, official website. This article has been therefore prepared to help you with the step you will take to apply for the 2018/2019 Belgium visa lottery, so all interested persons should study the guide here in the article to the easy application for 2018/2019 Belgium visa lottery

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If you successfully meet up with Belgium Visa Lottery Requirement, therefore, the answer to that your longed expectation of traveling to Belgium for work, Residence and studies.

Note: We don’t give any visa, we are to give you guides on Belgium Visa Lottery Requirement and how to get one.

Before we proceed to showing you how to fill the 2018/2019 Belgium visa lottery application form online, you have the right to the available applicable visa that suits your expectation, Below are the list of available Visa for the 2018/2019 Belgium visa lottery.

  1. Transit Visa Lottery Form
  2. Farmworker  Visa Lottery Form
  3. Visitor Visa Lottery Form
  4. Business Visa Lottery Form
  5. Skilled workers Visa Lottery Form
  6. Pilgrimage Visa Lottery Form
  7. Students visa lottery form
  8. Diplomat Visa Lottery Form
  9. Tourist Visa Lottery Form

Belgium Visa Lottery Requirement And How to apply for the 2018/2019 Belgium Visa Lottery

  1. To process this application, log on to the site:  Belgium Visa Official Site Here
  2. The second step is to make a choice of your evaluation form
  3. Enter your genuine and active contact information
  4. Most importantly, you must provide your personal profile.
  5. Your personal Net Worth and you must make sure that you don’t over or underestimate.
  6. Your Language Skills
  7. Family and Friends in Belgium
  8. Belgium Job Offer
  9. Then click Submit Form
  10. You’re Work History if any.

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See more information about Belgium visa lottery requirement on the screenshots below:

Belgium visa lottery requirement

Belgium visa lottery requirement

Please Note that our duty is to keep you informed once is available.

Nigerian Navy DSSC Shortlisted Candidates | Check Names Here

The Nigerian Navy has urged candidates to check their released Nigerian Navy DSSC Shortlisted Candidates DSSC Shortlisted candidates. Candidates that applied for the Nigerian Navy DSSC recruitment exercise can now verify their status on the list to see if they are among the shortlisted applicants for the Nigerian navy.

Getting access to the correct information on the Nigerian Navy DSSC Shortlist is the reason for this article so that the details we will provide you will stand you in good stead for the next phase of events if your name appeared on the list.

If your name is on the shortlist, it means that you should start getting yourself ready for an invitation to the subsequent interviews that comes after the shortlist. The shortlist will comprise of those who have met the essential requirements for the application in the Nigerian Navy. The navy demands are not complicated, and those that acquired the form can also read what the requirements are.

The nature of checking the Nigerian navy candidate has changed from the usual procedures it used to involve, so applicants should be careful not to make mistakes when getting their success status verified. Getting the list checked will also provide you with updates on the training date for the recruitment exercise.

The Nigerian Navy DSSC Shortlisted candidates will be different from the Nigerian army recruitment shortlist, so applicants should know where they are supposed to get their names checked at. You can visit for more clarity.

The Nigeria navy news explicitly affirmed that this list of the shortlisted candidates for the Nigerian Navy recruitment is now available online via their official websites. Every vital detail on the training procedure is outlined on the official portal page for the easy understanding of the visitor.

The official website made available for the online verification is After an applicants name has found on this list of shortlisted applicants list, the next step is usually to prepare adequately for the Nigerian navy recruitment training.

According to the Nigerian navy result that was published in the Nigerian navy recruitment portal, there was a growing number of poor performances from those that sat for the examination, and this is very poor as compared to the result released in the previous exercise.

If you don’t find your name on the list of Nigerian navy recruitment DSS, then you must be patient for the next batch of the list or next years’ recruitment exercise for DSSC. It is not everyone who purchased the Nigerian navy form that will be shortlisted for the Nigerian Navy.

Those that have had their names in the shortlist applicants carefully studied the past questions and answers. Compliments for everyone that have been offered the Job, it shows you dogged preparedness towards the examination.

Nevertheless, the significant fact to you must know is that the Nigerian navy result was used to prepare the Nigerian Navy List of successful applicants and as such, if an applicant can’t find their name on the list, please don’t expect a supplementary list.

The shortlist of the navy is composed to help you to know if you have been offered a Job opening to operate with the Nigerian Navy. The recent recruitment exercise involved a lot of applicants from all over the 36 states of Nigeria at this moment making the list of Nigerian Navy shortlist.

Checking your names to know if you have been shortlisted or not can be done in several ways, and one of them is to receive an Email notification from the Nigerian Navy. The requirement of the Nigerian navy result is what influences the Nigerian Navy DSSC Shortlist. So this list has been thoroughly checked and proofed before release.

Candidates on the shortlist will receive notifications through their Email and will be informed on the basic Nigerian navy training camp and the designated ground which they will receive their training. Being a part of this Force is fulfilling, as it prepares you for all the benefits of the Nigerian navy and as a naval officer, you will have the opportunity of engagements that qualifies you as a naval officer.

This formal list of the candidate successful for the Nigerian navy has been released, and the management and the board of officers in the Nigerian Navy have made for the release of the list. At the moment, the Nigerian navy short service shortlisted candidates displaying the list of Nigerian navy shortlist 2019 is not yet out, but we will make sure you are updated constantly on the navy list.


Federal Character Commission Job Recruitment 2019 Job Portal

ESUT Peace Conflict and Development Studies 2019 Postgraduate Form

Nigeria Police Academy 2019 Application Procedure –

Nigerian Army Shortlisted Candidates for DSSC and SSC See Full List Here

Germany Visa Lottery 2019 | Rush Now And Register While it Lasts

We are incredibly delighted to let you know that the Germany Visa Lottery 2019 Registration Form is now available online. This is an excellent, once in a lifetime opportunity that you can’t afford to miss if you wish to travel to Germany. We are going to direct you on what you will do to be in the perfect position among the lucky people that will be fortunate to benefit from this opportunity. Relax and follow the instructions step by step to stand a chance of being successful.

How To Apply For Germany Visa Lottery 2019

It is no news that Germany is one of the most advanced countries in the World. It is a Nation with high-level living standards, social security, great salaries, and an excellent work-friendly environment. This is why this Germany Visa Lottery 2019 opening has come at a very important moment. This is a chance that a lot of people have been waiting on for a very long time.

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There is a large number of Nigerians that have been praying for an opportunity to travel to Germany for a lot of different reasons. Germany Visa Lottery 2019 Application Form can be applied for by anybody from any class of work, as long as the qualifications are met, the aspirant can partake in it. The visa application is just around the corner, and it would be wise if you start getting yourself ready to apply.

Who Can Apply For The Germany Visa Lottery 2019

The application is open to every interested person irrespective of their marital status. Once the conditions are met, and the requirements are presented, then you just have to provide the accurate details as requested. Endeavor to stay in constant touch with us for further updates on the Germany Visa Lottery 2019. The application will soon commence, and what you need is regular tips on the topic so that you will always be ready for your next step.


How to Apply for Canada Visa Lottery 2019-2020 from Nigeria

 Canada Visa Lottery Application 2019-2020 – Do you wish to apply for Canada immigration either to visit someone or for a business trip and you are confused on how to Apply for Canadian Visa, you are in the right place because here we will give you the steps for the Application Form for Canada Visa Lottery. Before we continue let us talk a little bit about what a Visa is all about?

Canada Visa Lottery 2019

According to Wikipedia. The Canada Visa Lottery can now be applied in Nigeria through some process e.g Canada embassy in Nigeria. You will be asked or rather required for some documents to submit.

Read this: 

How to Apply for Canada Visa Lottery

  1. Firstly download the Canada Visa Lottery Application Form IMM5257 and the Family Information Form IMM5645.
  2. Fill and complete the form. Answer the questions that you are asked in both Forms.

Note if you are been asked a question that is not related to you answer N/A.

  1. If you are going with anybody be it, family or friend, the person will have to Fill his or her own form. And assuming you have younger ones there own forms will be filled and signed by the parents or GUARDIANS.
  2. In the Family Information Form, you are expected to fill in your children who are below 18 years even if you are traveling with them or not. Use additional forms if the family members are more than three.
  3. Also, include your contact details such as valid mail address and phone number(s). You should fill out the forms online and submit a print a printout including the 2D Barcode page.

Documents Required for Canada Visa Lottery 2019-2020

  1. Each person traveling should submit two (2) passport photographs not less than six (6) months old.
  2. Evidence of payment of the visa processing fee
  3. Original International Passport, the Passport must be Nigerian-issued. It should also have at least a minimum of two blank visa pages and 6 months old validity.
  4. Previous travel evidence for everyone going.
  5. A letter explaining the reasons for travel, duration of stay, destination, and contact.
  6. Invitation letter from the person, school, and business inviting you.
  7. Bank statement showing that you have enough money to sustain you throughout your stay in Canada.
  8. Proof of accommodation security.
  9. Self-addressed prepaid return courier envelope for your return.

Have a safe trip. Hope you found this post interesting. Now please share with others.

How to Join NNU Income Program in Nigeria google

NNU Income has given a quantity of business opportunities to many Nigerians, especially the youths and other average class citizens. Now it is time for you to follow the crowd of others and start gaining some supplementary income from NNU. We want to teach you everything about How to Join NNU and the way to get money from the business.

How to Join the NNU Commission? This is one of the questions we the Nigerians ask on every day.  I think it is time we realize the air on the matter. To Join NNU Income is not hard as several people thing How to Join it, is very simple quick and easy. Now, let us give you all the critical features about How to Join NNU Income.

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How NNU Works and How to Join NNU Revenue

  • You can get “₦50+” every day for only logging in and browsing the website. Then, if you are feeling slightly active, you can observe some panel posts and leave comments for “₦2+” a pop. The plus signs simplifies you earning at least ₦50 and ₦2 individually, but if the daily income of the website surpasses expectations, you can sustain more than that.
  • You can also gain coins by being a competent writer. For every consistent and well-structured conference topic, you can receive ₦100, as well as it is approved. The same price label is on the sponsored posts that can be found on the dashboard. For sharing post on Twitter, Facebook, etc., you can get ₦100.

How to Join NNU Income

Registration is easy and fast.

  1. If you open the NNU website make sure you put the correct items demanded.
  • Enter your complete names as it seems in your bank account details.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Add the name of your assistant, who assisted you to NNU program. confirm from them in any area you want to make a mistake. Pick a username and a robust password that you can memorize quickly.
  1. Choose your debt systems.
  • It will be easy and fast since you will pay with your debit card and your account will be recognized immediately if the business is triumphant.
  • It will take you some time before your account will be released. That is because you will need to contact an NNU  to pay N1600 into their account. After that, you will need to send evidence of payment for confirmation. After verifying the amount, you will receive the check and then proceed to finish your NNU income program registration.

If you have additional questions on How to Join NNU Income, please comment at the commentary box so that we can know how you feel.

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Abia State Postal Codes in Nigeria zip codes in Abia State

Abia State Postal CodesAbia State Postal Codes in Nigeria zip codes in Abia State.
As we all know that Aba is one of the biggest towns in the South Eastern part of Nigeria

Aba is a city in Abia State in the southeast part of Nigeria. Since the creation of Abia state in 1991, Aba was divided into two good local governments areas namely Aba South and Aba North. Aba south is the main city center and the heartbeat of Abia State, south-east Nigeria. It is located on the Aba River.
Aba is made up many villages such as Aba-Ukwu, Eziukwu-Aba, Obuda-Aba, Umuokpoji-Aba and other communities from Ohazu merged due to administrative convenience. Aba was established by the Ngwa clan of Igbo People of Nigeria as a market town those days and then later a military post was placed there by the British colonial administration[2] in 1901. It lies along the west bank of the Aba River and is at the junction of roads leading to Port Harcourt, Owerri, Umuahia, Ikot Ekpene, and Ikot Abasi. The city of Abia State became a collecting point for agricultural products following the British made railway running through it to Port Harcourt. Aba the major urban settlement and commercial center in a region that is surrounded by small communities and towns. The indigenous people of Aba are the Ngwa people. Aba is well known for its craftsmen. As of the 2006 census, Aba had a population of 534,265.

Abia State Postal Codes in Nigeria (Abia State)

Abia State Postal Codes also are known as Zip code

Listed Postal Codes for Abia State,

Post Codes

Street Area Town State


Abia University Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Afo Ule St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Agnaohu Close Umungasi Aba Abia


Agwarangwa Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Agwu Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ahunanya St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ajagba St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ajiwe Crescent Umungasi Aba Abia


Akudo St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Amaebgbu Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Amaechi Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Amaefula St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Amanso St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Amaukwu St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Anyaka St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Anyamele St. Umungasi Aba Abia


At Anthony St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Awan Close Umungasi Aba Abia


Azubuike Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Azuka Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Brass St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Chief Irobi Comp. Umungasi Aba Abia


Chief Okedie Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Chief Okezie Ext Umungasi Aba Abia


College Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Contental Plastic Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Dike Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ebe Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Egbede Cl. Umungasi Aba Abia


Egbuchiwe’s Comp. Umungasi Aba Abia


Egbuelu Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Egbuufor Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ejinaka St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Enyinna St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Esiaba St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Friends Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Gaberiel Nwosu Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Green Nwala Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Immaculate Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Imuka Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Irobi Ln. Umungasi Aba Abia


J. K. Nwagiri Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Kamalu St. Umungasi Aba Abia


M. C.C. Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Mbutu St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Menairu Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nathaniel’s Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ndubuisi Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ndukauba Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ndukwe Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nicholas Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Njoku Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nkenyi Ln. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nkoro Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nursery School Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwagba Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwagbaoso Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwagiri Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwakerendu Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwakpa St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwala St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwalozie Est. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwalozie Ln. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwankpa’s Comp. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwaobilor Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwaururuaku St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nweke St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwogu St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Obioma Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Odu Ln. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ofoedu Cl. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ogbonna Cl. Umungasi Aba Abia


Okoro Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Okorocha Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Okpu umuobo Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Old Aba -W Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Omenazu St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Onucha Akairo Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Onunka St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Onwuka Ind. Est Umungasi Aba Abia


Onyeike Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Onyekwere Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Onyenweaku St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Oriaku St. Umungasi Aba Abia


PH-ABA-EN-EXP Exwy. Umungasi Aba Abia


Samek Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Sampson Ubani Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Sir, Mark Cl. Umungasi Aba Abia


ST. Pauls St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ubani Close Umungasi Aba Abia


Udu St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ugwuala St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umuatako St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umuduru Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umueze Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umuimo Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umumba Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umunka St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umunwankwo A Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia

Bitcoin transaction and Prices Today In USD (Live)

Bitcoin transaction | Worth | Latest Price | Chart Analysis | Bitcoin Price and Prediction 2018/2019 updates.

Question: Will bitcoin ever recover? Bitcoin Transaction is currently sitting in great vitality in the exchange market, Although it is hard to foretell investors reactions to the current events. Investigators have proposed that 2018/2019 and continuous will be years of cryptocurrencies, with prices closing the year above $20,000.

Wall Street hedge fund and firm Fundstrat’s CEO Tom Lee has frequently predicted bitcoin to surpass expectations in 2019, with prices pushing past $25,000 and might even go higher. It is has been hard seeing prices leaping backward/behind after the newest hack, though bitcoin’s notorious volatility makes it unlikely impossible to predict.

Name|Price|24H (%)




Bitcoin Transaction | Price and Predictions 2018/2019

In an announcement after the hack and upgrade, Bithumb declared: “ We reviewed that some of the cryptocurrencies figured about $30,000,000 went missing. Those stolen cryptocurrencies will be covered from Bithumb, and all of the assets are in a shift to a cold wallet, ” the platform addressed in their official ” Twitter account.”

Bitcoin transaction headed to $100,000 as of the few quarters of 2018 and will increase more coming /19, says analyst who predicted how last year’s price would rise. Bitcoin could be hitting $100,000 and more in before the end of the first quarters of 2018, an analyst who precisely predicted at the cryptocurrency demonstration at the start of last year informed CNBC

An analyst at Saxo Bank by name Kay Van-Petersen spoke saying, in December 2016  ”Bitcoin would scale high to $2,000 in 2017, a feat achieved in May. Van-Petersen now says bitcoin will be driven by a broader uptake of institutional investors and futures/prospects and contracts


Name |\ Price/| 24H (%)




The rates of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and others including, have been pitching lately, but one analyst is foretelling a huge rise onwards for Bitcoin— with a prediction for it to reach as really high as $100,000 and above in 2018.

That might seem extremely improbable. But the analyst predicting Bitcoin’s 2018 surge has been never been wrong before. Towards the ending of 2016, the Danish bank Saxo firm published its year-long list of “ Outrageous Predictions ” for the cycle advancing. In it, the bank’s analysts said that Bitcoin could readily triple in worth in 2018.

That prediction came true by the beginning of 2018. Bitcoin went on to appreciate from around $900 to $18,000 in the year running.

Bitcoin Prices are Growing So Rapidly Why?

In 2017, Bitcoin Transaction value soared from $1,000 to just under $20,000 before dropping down to around $13,000 at the very end of the year. Following then, it’s value has risen and fallen in contrast with each other being much less or higher than the other sporadically from day to day, pulling lesser cryptocurrencies, e.g., Ether and Ripple together with it.

If you just entered cryptocurrency business and stuff, a kind of volatility like this can be dizzying  (and disturbing if you invest at the inappropriate time ), but on a closer view, it begins to be understandable and make sense. Here’s why Bitcoin’s worth continues going up and down so drastically, and the reason why it may get more stable in the coming time/future.

Price Rise and Fall (Changes) in Bitcoin The Reasons: Universality and Management | Regulation and Population

Firstly, separate owners don’t have much say over the price of Bitcoin, and

Second, it constitutes stability and balance since more people have a stake in the cryptocurrency. The other possibility is that government and administration regulations could help stabilize Bitcoin transaction. In the short-term, that could cause its rate to fall drastically (typical of what happened in China and South Korea also), but in the coming future, it could help calm down speculation and drive out the types of unfinished Bitcoin-related business that threatens to pull down the single notion of cryptocurrencies.

Question; How high can Bitcoin go in 2019?

  • Bitcoin predictions: Cryptocurrency price WILL (in capital) rise notwithstanding worries of a collapse
  • Bitcoin has been the best-performing currency in the world in most of the past seven years.
  • BITCOIN’S price will and must rise again, investors have predicted, even amid fears of a cryptocurrency collapse after the digital currency and its competitors saw rates plunge.

But, despite the fall fears the bitcoin bubble has exploded, crypto investors suggest cryptocurrencies could billow. Francesco Nazari Fusetti (CEO of AidCoin),  which permits individuals to trace their contributions thanks to blockchain technology said: “ At present, prices in the cryptocurrency exchange could, of course, be better; however, the sharp improvement that we see now is not in any way close/near to collapse.

“The drop in price is notwithstanding beneficial for the industry, as investors and those full of enthusiasm for cryptocurrency will be more incentivized to tutor themselves about the space. As people become more educated it in turn, will limit fear encircling additional price drops, as this is the reality of the volatile cryptocurrency market.“The current drop in prices and possibility in the current market is heavily influenced by a mix of an unfavorable news cycle and speculation fuelled by the media.”

Gabriele Giancola, CEO, and Co-Founder of Qiibee, a blockchain based loyalty ecosystem stated: “ South Korea has a slight of an impact on the current market and price position, however, we have seen prices plummet previously, and the market tends to rally. “In the long-term this will not have a big impact, as the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies goes far beyond the price.”

There are individuals within the economic world who still hold that bitcoin will breach the $100,000 hallmark this year. Kerim Derhalli, CEO of investment app Invstr, said:  Bitcoin is the next logical stage of the information revolution. This time a year ago it was worth under a $1,000. I predict next year it could hit the $50,000 to $100,000 mark, bitcoin transaction is something that has gone in against the established government system and seems to be winning.

Olga Feldmeier, CEO of Smart Valor, said: “ it can easily go to $100,000 by the end of the next year [2018] and possibly even beyond. ” Nick Spanos, the founder of and the Bitcoin Centre NYC, said: “ Bitcoin has a stellar year ahead. No matter how low bitcoin went in the past, it always climbed back at least a few times stronger.”

“ Bitcoin is now tested and proven to the market: more importantly, people now separate the Blockchain’s incredible abilities from outside issues, so bitcoin is gaining more solid confidence from users and outsiders as this understanding improves. These perceived downsides are being taken care of, while the upside for bitcoin is virtually limitless. ”

Bitcoin transaction values in 2018 have been characterized by volatility which has made bitcoin price prediction in short-term a bit of a hurdle, even for the expert analysts. As at the time of the script, the price of Bitcoin transaction took a slip from 10k to under 8k following report that search engine giants, Google will ban crypto-related Ads. So far, 2018 has presented its surprises though not as dramatic as the rollercoaster we say in 2017.

History usually has a way of recurring itself, but bitcoin transactionhas a lot of history which makes it an even challenge predicting which account will be repeated. It takes more than a study of previously occurred trends to get predictions spot-on this time and so we concluded this article by highlighting sure area expert analysts were looking at.

Industry figures, Analysts, enthusiasts, have very increasingly different opinions and bitcoin price predictions for both long-term and short-term. Optimism is still high in many quarters,—reports of a new review among British financials suggested a vast majority will purchase more coins in the hope of price resurgence later this year.

As we probe into who’s saying what and why, here’s a heads-up. Assume a lot more price inconstancies in the interval. It’s going to be a rough ride getting to wherever the year’s end heads Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is headed up, Definitely = John McAfee

John McAfee, Bitcoin advocate, and patron of the popular McAfee antivirus software is being very confident about Bitcoin. He predicted that Bitcoin price would hit at least $1 million by 2020 following last year’s prediction of $7000 which was well reached and surpassed.

When I predicted Bitcoin at $500,000 by the end of 2020, it used a model that predicted $5,000 at the end of 2017. BTC has accelerated much faster than my model assumptions. I now predict Bitcoin at $1 million by the end of 2020. I will still eat my dick if wrong.

Bitcoin Price Prediction Tracker portal, did the maths and explained that Bitcoin must grow daily at 0.4840957034310259% per day, to satisfy McAfee’s prediction. Currently, Bitcoin is approximately $ 8,207 when compared to $ 7,171. Isn’t that cool? However, to hit McAfee’s mark, BTC would end the year with just over $29k or maybe more to that.

Aside from the economics following the inadequate supply of Bitcoin, his prediction was regarding the factors like the increased adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain as well as an entire cryptocurrency’s market cap around $162 billion which gives large space for growth.

“Expect stability only after 10 years”Kristjan Dekleva (Hedge)

The Swiss-based financial specialist will have us uphold a decade of commotion before thinking of having any hope for a stable bitcoin. This he suggests will tally with universal acceptance of Bitcoin even in difficult-stance China. This though, not as a fiat replacement but a reliable alternative.

“In my opinion, it will be at least 10 years before we see stability”.> Kristjan Dekleva, The finance expert at cryptocurrency project Hedge sees Bitcoin investments as all-not too-different to the DotCom bubble of the 90s

So Mr. Dekleva, what are we having for supper in 2018?

In the short-term, falls have been driven by emotion and in many cases disinformation – a small rumor can have a big impact…Demand is driven by market speculation, but the absence of institutional investors means the market is unstable.

Variability it is. Stopping next is the prestigious Harvard.

Bitcoin to shrivel to $100Kenneth Rogoff (Harvard Prof & ex IMF chief)

Known for his disagreeable statements against Bitcoin, a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Kenneth Rogoff has poured icy water on hopes of Bitcoin making it to the moon.

“I think Bitcoin will be worth a tiny fraction of what it is now if we’re headed out 10 years from now…I would see $100 as being a lot more likely than $100,000.”- Rogoff’s prediction is based on his long-held belief that governments and administrations will rise against anonymous virtual currencies like Bitcoin. Government regulations, according to Rogoff, will pop the Bitcoin bubble but a Bitcoin pioneer on Wall Street thinks along very different lines.”

“Bitcoin to reach $25k in 2018”~ Tom Lee (Snr. partner Fundstrat; ex-chief JP Morgan)

Famous Bitcoin forecaster Tom Lee expected Bitcoin to scale up to $25,000 by mid-2018, more than double its price of about $10,000 in January when the prediction was made initially.

“We expect bitcoin’s major low to be $9,000, and we would be aggressive buyers around that level,” – Though Bitcoin went under Lee’s base of $9,000 (it’s worth nearing $6,000), it has bounced out reaching in March $11,000. It will take a ride related to the one we observed last year for Bitcoin to reach this mark. For this to happen, Lee is relying on more institutional investors taking on Bitcoin and a steady increase in Bitcoin user base. Lee’s target may be half the mark according to fellow crypto-believer.

Volatile Bitcoin to touch $50,000~ Jeet Singh (cryptocurrency portfolio manager )

Articulating in January at the World Economic Forum, Davos, experienced cryptocurrency fund manager, Jeet Singh predicted that the price of Bitcoin would go as high as $50,000. He warned of massive price fluctuations which he believes is only typical for a Bitcoin market that is still developing.

Bitcoin could see $50,000 in 2018 >>> “We will probably go through a suffering period of volatility around the time of Bitcoin’s next $10,000 landmark.”~ Just like Lee, Singh expects Bitcoin to be adopted in its whole not just in the black market but by institutions and countries entirely. If 50grands seems too optimistic, how about 100 from the “Nostradamus of Markets”?

“Bitcoin is the future; Fiat is Past”~ (Tim Draper, Venture Capitalist)

In 2014 with bitcoin at only $413, famous VC, Tim Draper predicted bitcoin to reach $10,000 in three years. This was fulfilled a month earlier than he predicated earning him a reputation among crypto fans. Though he didn’t predict a $100 Bitcoin categorically in 2018, He said he presumed the Bitcoin to maintain its growth in an interview with Bloomberg last year. Tim Draper has made successful bets with Skype, Tesla, and Twitter in the past.

Considering this process of growth happens at the same pace as the 3-year journey to $10,000 then we’re in for six digits. Insane right? That is exactly Draper’s feelings about Bitcoin’s prospects. Now onto someone who understands a lot about bitcoin’s foundation.

Bitcoin will hit $ 40,000Llew Classen (Executive Director, Bitcoin Foundation)

A few months ago, Llew Classen made an unarguably bold statement to encourage Bitcoin believers that the cryptocurrency is on the right track ~particularly, on the run to reach the $40,000 mark. Though his standpoint for some altcoin holders were not very encouraging, and he made it clear that as a new something, cryptocurrency will be as risky as it is interesting.

Bitcoin to cross $43K by December 2018~ (Survey by explored ideas of 13 cryptocurrency specialists and came in conclusion that Bitcoin price is going to witness a 300% increase in growth to land at $43,000 by the ending of the year. The survey site also predicted Bitcoin at over $14,000 on or before March 1.

“While we saw the top 10 coins dive by 24 percent last month, our survey shows panelists are expecting this to be a bump in the road as these coins are set to recover.” ~Jon Ostler, UK CEO.

Ostler noted that the predictions were not cast in stone as they can readily be diverted by “outside factors such as regulations, laws, and banking systems.”

“Bitcoin Will hit $320,000 someday” ~ Cameron Winklevoss (co-founder, Gemini)

One of the popular Winklevoss twins, Cameron Winklevoss spoke lately that he could easily see the price of BTC go up 40% eventually. “This year maybe? Not likely.” The twin said he and his brother were taking more extended outlook 10 to 20 years.

“Bitcoin is actually fixed in supply, so it’s better than scarce … it sort of equals a better gold across the board. We think regardless of the price moves in the last few weeks, it’s still a very underappreciated asset.” ~ Winklevoss, The fourth affluent cryptocurrency investor, weighed bitcoin’s prospect against gold and came up with a resounding verdict. “We believe bitcoin disrupts gold,” He said.

“Bitcoin will reach $1million” ~ Bobby Lee (CEO BTCC Exchange)

Bobby Lee, CEO of China’s first Bitcoin exchange speaking at the London Blockchain Week went overboard with his prediction. Lee said bitcoin would surpass $1 million, but unlike McAfee, he could see it happen in 20 years’ time. “Bitcoin, I think will get to $1 million per bitcoin…Right now it’s 10,000, it will go 100,000 and then 200,000, 500,000.”~ Bobby Lee.


A great number of analysts have also had their say though very few would likely to be drawn into exact predictions. We seem to notice a general trend in their assessments and valuations.

Expect Fluctuations in Price ;

At this level, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will be significantly affected by speculations. Even small developments in governments and or traditional will likely have an effect on prices. Most say the fluctuations are normal and would not affect the longer-term outlook.

outlook on the Long-term

Experts would prefer to make predictions over a more extended period. It is more usual to have bitcoin price predictions for 2020 or a 10 to 20year outlook. While the current reality may propose some gloom, it is deserving of remembering that the heights realized last year came amidst related improvements along the way. It is only the 1st quarter of the year.

Bitcoin will be the model for virtual currencies.

Though bitcoin may be held in a limited use case, it has been inclined to remain the king of all cryptocurrencies. It’s not going to be a case of “which altcoin will overtake bitcoin” rather how they will impress people with their individual use cases. As a matter of fact, the technology backing bitcoin is less sophisticated when related to many other projects like ethereum.

Bitcoin as a store of value and importance

Constantly, bitcoin is being seen more as a store of value and also with an importance that an actual/real currency being compared to gold and other assets. Bitcoin transaction was designed initially as an alternative currency to bank the unbanked. Most decision-making groups, organizations, and financial experts, however, see Bitcoin more as a store of value also a great an asset rather than a medium of transaction.

Altcoins will suffer in their Many

A part of the means that will drive to the general acceptance and full recognition of cryptocurrencies will involve a clean-up of “useless” cryptocurrencies. A very noticeable number of the 2000 coins will go away naturally  as their value become insignificant~ some, only a fraction of cent. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple and Llew Claasen of Bitcoin Foundation with others are among those raising this alarm.

Economics of Scarcity as it concerns Bitcoins;

The invaluably limited supply of bitcoin ~a fixed supply of 21 million BTCs will play a role in its price/value; if not now it will likely hold place in the nearest future.

External agents will also play a vital role

Many observers believe that external factors/agents which affect the adoption of bitcoin will eventually spell-out the price in the short-term. The creation and administration of futures markets, let’s take, for instance, is expected to tilt the price either way.

There are still concerns about bitcoins used for illegal/unauthorized purposes

Due to the anonymity of Bitcoin transactions, activities, and trade, it has been used to conduct illicit activities giving Bitcoin a general lousy image. This image, in the view of the analysts, will affect its adoption and ultimately its prospects in the future.

Lastly, Admonition against jeopardizing your life savings;

Crypto investments are new and very risky to a very high extent. Do not forget ethereum founder stating that cryptos are so dangerous the prices might drop down to zero. Well, that doesn’t appear to be possible, but the statement was plain. Do not engage your life savings in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general. Just as John Draper noted, you, however still need to buy stuff in fiat. So while bitcoin Transaction will likely worth a lot more in the future, it’s advisable to invest just as much as one can bear to lose.

Jan 18, 2018 ~ BITCOIN Transaction appears to be back on the rise, as current charts show a steady increase and growth across most cryptocurrencies. The market is working to recover after the digital token saw a sharp drop/fall amidst various hacks in South Korea.

Question is Will BTC recover?

traders in Cryptocurrency saw a little rise in price today, with bitcoin directing the charge back into positive results.

The cryptocurrency market has been obtaining gain from a crucial sell-off period that saw prices fall by more than a third in June.

Bithumb hack What is it?

Cryptocurrencies are perpetually vulnerable to hacks, but several digital token reefs have jolted the market in a short-term period. Most lately Bithumb is reported to have suffered loss of $30 million in cryptocurrencies after a massive hack hit the exchange. Bithumb is one of the largest exchanges in Asia, exchanging millions in crypto assets day in day out.

It is yet to be confirmed which digital coins were stolen in the attack, though bitcoin traders will fear significant losses in the coming days. This is the second very significant hack to hit a South Korean exchange in as many weeks after CoinRail was hit for more than $40 million last week.

These persistent violations have seen prices fall, a symptom that is yet to hit the market after the most recent attack. Analysts are anticipating the digital currency to see significant drops as it rises in the coming days or says future

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Are you interested in DSTV DECODER review, Do you want to know more about DSTV DECODER?  It is a well known Digital Satellite Television service provider which makes it easier for the subscribers to get information and get the entertainment of any kind in it at any given time. The platform is owned by Multichoice. This gadget makes use of what is called a Decoder to operate which makes it have access to the television services.

The DSTV Decoders are made as hardware which is used to access the DSTV channels IJ other to get information at any given time. When the DSTV Decoder is bought it comes with a DSTV dish wish is mounted outside in a place where it will attract channel and signal to the decoder. The dish is connected with a wire from the dish to the decoder which sends the signal gotten from the workstations to the decoder.

Different types of DSTV Decoder

The DSTV Decoders have many types which a user or a subscriber can purchase based on its features which we will talk later. These types include

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  2. DSTV Explora
  3. DSTV Explora 2
  4. DSTV Drifta Decoder.


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Have it in mind that you can install 2 Decoders just by linking them together this will enable you to have more viewing means. This process is called XtraView.

  1. DSTV HD Decoders

Among all the other type of Decoder, this is the cheapest one can purchase this type of Decoder is produced in the 2014 and has a second name Standard DSTV Decoder. Here in this type of Decoder, you can use the XtraView on it just by like linking up the decoder and other Decoder.

  1. DSTV Explora

This type of Decoder is the highly used and the top of all other Decoders. This type is produced in the year 2013 with a Higher version of HD PVR which contains a large amount of memory than others. Here you can view and record a television record.

  1. DSTV Explora 2

This is the latest version of DSTV with a production date of 2016. This is the greater version of DSTV Explora with higher capacity and memory with a smaller size in nature.

  1. D STV Drifta Decoder

This most outstanding part of this type is that you can use it on a mobile phone and it is portable with a USB device and other new features.

DSTV DECODER Subscription Packages & Price

We have so many subscription packages.  This include

  1. Family
  2. Access
  3. Premium
  4. Easy view.
  5. Compact plus.
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