How to successfully shop from Amazon Today

Today, I will show you how to shop from Amazon, As you know, “” is a huge internet store online, and you can shop many kinds of things from there.

First, you have to open your Chrome browser, and load to “” To access it, you have to type “ on your web browser in the address bar section.

The address bar is located on almost at the top of the screen of the Chrome browser. Normally, you have to create an account before you shop on the internet. However, in the case of, you don’t need to do that because you can do that in the process of shopping yeah!!!.

And now, to find the items you want to shop, though sometimes you need to search for the items you want to make an order for. You can search in two ways; keyword search and browse. The Keyword search boxes are located on mostly in every page of Amazon. You can also use links to browse the lists.

And then, if you can find the items you are looking for, you will need to add the item to your shopping cart section. When you want to do that, you need to click a button which is labeled, “Add to Shopping cart.

” Next, you will need to make a new account and then sign in. Firstly, you input your e-mail address on the box provided. Then, there are two choices above a bar you type your e-mail address; “ I am a new customer” or “I am a returning customer, so you need to choose the former.

Then, click “Sign in our secure server.” Next, you will need to enter your full name, your address, and your phone number. Next, you can choose a shipping method. You can choose either “standard” or “Expedited,” but most at times, it costs four to sixteen dollars. If you want to get your item earlier, you should choose expedited. You will receive your item in about three to five days if it is in stock.

Then, you need to select a payment method. You can pay by your credit card, bank account, and a gift card of if you have one. We can use a credit card, gift certificates, and so on.

Next, you need to review and submit your order for approval. In this part, you can check what you will buy, the total price, your address, and shipping method, and if your information is correct, click the button which is written: “ Place Your Order.

” You are done! After your order is done, you will receive an e-mail about your order’s confirmation, so you should check it, and you just wait to receive your item.

My survey analyzing in Amazon

My survey topic is about Amazon. Four TIUA students and two my survey questions. My first question is, “ Do you remember”, and if you do. Next, I asked, “ Have you ever bought something from before?”.

About 67% of them have bought something from, and 33% of them have never done that. My third question is “ What kind of things did you buy?”, and people who have bought something from bought books, music, and DVDs even though there are many kinds of items such as electrical products, grocery, clothes and so on in Amazon.

My fourth question is that “ Do you think Amazon is easy to shop on?”. 50% of them answered yes, but the others answer “ I don’t know.” My last question is “ Please write down things which you want to know or learn about Amazon,” and they want to know whether it is cheaper than regular stores or not, how to buy the thing at a discount, and differences between the American one and Japanese version.

In conclusion, I think many people know what is, and almost 50% of the people have been something. Furthermore, 50% of my respondents think it is easy to use.

Download Glass Full Movie Here | Top Hollywood Film 2019

Are you prepared to be thrilled? Because if you are not, then you should get yourself ready for this blockbuster Hollywood Movie. We will show you why everyone wants to Download Glass Full Movie, and why it is different from what you have ever watched before.

Glass Full Movie Download

The Bruce Willis starred movie takes the whole Hollywood Superhero concept to another entirely different level. And coupled with the story and heavy-weight cast, this is not the movie you want to miss in any sense. Read on and see why you must Download Glass Full Movie.

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The sequence of the Bruce Willis legendary “Unbreakable” and “Split” that really boggled the minds of movie lovers to the possibilities and heights that the whole superhero genre can reach. The filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan’s breath-taking strategy was for the lack of words “unreal.”

What You Get When You Download Glass Full Movie

With a fact comprising of James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Anya Taylor-Joy, Sarah Paulson, Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Treat Clark, Charlayne Woodard to name a few, to Download Glass Full Movie is a no brainer as it was made to thrill your fantasies to the fullest.

Glass has received a fairly positive review from movie critics and has also been accepted with open hands by the general movie public as well. We are in no way exaggerating when we say that you have seen only a few movies like this in your entire Film experience.

Prepare To Be Thrilled

Unpredictable, thrilling, full of surprise and breath-taking are just a few of the phrases that movie lovers have used to express their experience of this movie. Download Glass Full Movie and have the wow of your life with the mind-blowing franchise.

The movie has established its place as one of the best films of the entire year even though the year is still relatively new. The steps to Download Glass Full Movie have been provided below with the trailer of the extra exciting production.


Abia State Postal Codes in Nigeria zip codes in Abia State

Abia State Postal CodesAbia State Postal Codes in Nigeria zip codes in Abia State.
As we all know that Aba is one of the biggest towns in the South Eastern part of Nigeria

Aba is a city in Abia State in the southeast part of Nigeria. Since the creation of Abia state in 1991, Aba was divided into two good local governments areas namely Aba South and Aba North. Aba south is the main city center and the heartbeat of Abia State, south-east Nigeria. It is located on the Aba River.
Aba is made up many villages such as Aba-Ukwu, Eziukwu-Aba, Obuda-Aba, Umuokpoji-Aba and other communities from Ohazu merged due to administrative convenience. Aba was established by the Ngwa clan of Igbo People of Nigeria as a market town those days and then later a military post was placed there by the British colonial administration[2] in 1901. It lies along the west bank of the Aba River and is at the junction of roads leading to Port Harcourt, Owerri, Umuahia, Ikot Ekpene, and Ikot Abasi. The city of Abia State became a collecting point for agricultural products following the British made railway running through it to Port Harcourt. Aba the major urban settlement and commercial center in a region that is surrounded by small communities and towns. The indigenous people of Aba are the Ngwa people. Aba is well known for its craftsmen. As of the 2006 census, Aba had a population of 534,265.

Abia State Postal Codes in Nigeria (Abia State)

Abia State Postal Codes also are known as Zip code

Listed Postal Codes for Abia State,

Post Codes

Street Area Town State


Abia University Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Afo Ule St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Agnaohu Close Umungasi Aba Abia


Agwarangwa Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Agwu Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ahunanya St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ajagba St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ajiwe Crescent Umungasi Aba Abia


Akudo St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Amaebgbu Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Amaechi Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Amaefula St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Amanso St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Amaukwu St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Anyaka St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Anyamele St. Umungasi Aba Abia


At Anthony St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Awan Close Umungasi Aba Abia


Azubuike Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Azuka Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Brass St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Chief Irobi Comp. Umungasi Aba Abia


Chief Okedie Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Chief Okezie Ext Umungasi Aba Abia


College Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Contental Plastic Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Dike Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ebe Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Egbede Cl. Umungasi Aba Abia


Egbuchiwe’s Comp. Umungasi Aba Abia


Egbuelu Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Egbuufor Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ejinaka St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Enyinna St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Esiaba St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Friends Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Gaberiel Nwosu Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Green Nwala Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Immaculate Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Imuka Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Irobi Ln. Umungasi Aba Abia


J. K. Nwagiri Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Kamalu St. Umungasi Aba Abia


M. C.C. Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Mbutu St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Menairu Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nathaniel’s Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ndubuisi Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ndukauba Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ndukwe Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nicholas Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Njoku Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nkenyi Ln. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nkoro Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nursery School Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwagba Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwagbaoso Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwagiri Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwakerendu Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwakpa St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwala St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwalozie Est. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwalozie Ln. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwankpa’s Comp. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwaobilor Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwaururuaku St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nweke St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Nwogu St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Obioma Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Odu Ln. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ofoedu Cl. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ogbonna Cl. Umungasi Aba Abia


Okoro Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Okorocha Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Okpu umuobo Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Old Aba -W Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Omenazu St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Onucha Akairo Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Onunka St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Onwuka Ind. Est Umungasi Aba Abia


Onyeike Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Onyekwere Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Onyenweaku St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Oriaku St. Umungasi Aba Abia


PH-ABA-EN-EXP Exwy. Umungasi Aba Abia


Samek Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Sampson Ubani Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Sir, Mark Cl. Umungasi Aba Abia


ST. Pauls St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ubani Close Umungasi Aba Abia


Udu St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Ugwuala St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umuatako St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umuduru Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umueze Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umuimo Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umumba Rd. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umunka St. Umungasi Aba Abia


Umunwankwo A Ave. Umungasi Aba Abia | Login, Registration Earn Money From Cash Granted

Looking at the way Ponzi schemes ruined all online laundry scheme as of late 2016 to 2017 and the subsequent crash of MMM, a lot of people have been asking series of questions about a new platform called Cash Granted with an official site named Our team has been getting lots of mail from different individuals curious in other to ascertain if is a Ponzi scheme or not. Some other individuals are trying to find out if Cash Granted is either a scam or not. Our team Firstcalljob has done some interesting research and has come up with answers about Cash Granted. Keep scrolling for more information.

A Message from Cash Granted

I am pretty sure that you have probably seen this message before somewhere on Facebook or Whatsapp. These messages are added by already registered members on the Cash Granted platform and are now they are looking for good recommendations from friends and family in other to enable them to get paid on the platform.

I’ve just requested for N50,000 on Please help me recommend my fund request. Here’s the link to the request:

To recommend, visit my request link above, and tap the ‘Recommend’ button on the page that comes up. Thanks in advance.”

 But before we further ahead let’s see how the cash grant generates there income.

How do CashGranted Earn Money They Pay Registrants?

CashGranted as it names claims that they generate earning from displaying adverts to people who register on their platform or website and friends who come to the website to drop recommendations. They said that it is from the money generated by those adverts displayed on their website that they pay to requesters. To me sincerely think this is a very smart move.

Looking at the site ranking of you notice that the site is currently ranked 947 as at today 10th October 2018 in Nigeria. Considering that the website was created less than two months ago. That’s really impressive. Most importantly, considering that it’s a free platform and you really don’t need to pay cash to anybody to register then I guess you shouldn’t have any reason not to apply by signing up on the website. Therefore, our team Firstcalljob are here to advise you sign up today.


How much can one request from Cash Granted?

You can ONLY Request for an amount from the range of N20,000 and N70,000.

How to Register on Portal

If you are interested and ready to register or participate in the Advert-Enabled Funds Granting website, you need to create an account online. Simply visit the official website at to start the registration process. Once you open the website on your browser, click on the signup button.

You will see a form that looks like the one below and you will be requested for the following details; Name, Email address, Phone number, Bank details, and Password. Once you’re done with the registration by filling in your details, you are to click on the submit button. Congratulations your account is live. The next thing you are expected to do is to request for help. Remember you can only request for help ranging from N20,000 to N70,000. Meanwhile, you will be asked to specify exactly what you need the help for.

How do I Earn or Paid by

Finally, I know a lot of people will want to know how they will eventually get paid by Cashgranted. This is what they say as regards payment. On Saturday at the end of the week, if your fund request is among the 1,000 most recommended requests for the week, then the amount you requested will be sent into your Bank Account before 5 pm on Saturday. Before we conclude, hurry now and register. If you have already registered and have not been paid drop a comment below. Please drop your honest review below. Thanks.

How to Successfully Check if Your Nigeria National ID Card (NIMC) is Ready for Collection –

How to Successfully Check if Your Nigeria National ID Card (NIMC) is Ready for Collection –

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Nigerian Federal Government agency has ordered to ensure that the whole citizens of Nigeria own a Nigeria National ID Card card. There is a registration process going on so that citizens of Nigeria can walk into any of NIMC centres to register for their National ID card. This National ID card is meant to identify all citizens, and to avoid illegal immigrants in the country today.

If you have enrolled for the National Identity Card for a very long time but you do not have an idea of when you would collect it, there is now an online platform where you can check the status of your identity card whether the card is ready or not. Just follow the steps below

What is Nigeria National ID Card card?

A national identity card is a movable document (which is usually plasticized and digital insert card information) that any citizen or resident of a country that is issued and expected to conduct as a means of identification.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has created an easy method for everyone who engaged in the enrollment to check if their permanent plastic ID card is ready. The way designed to check for availability of Nigeria National ID Card card for collection is through a web portal. – Below Are The Requirements To Check Your Nigeria National ID Card Availability Status:

  1. Laptop or Smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.)
  2. Internet connection (with enough internet data)
  3. Full name (First and Last)
  4. Last 6 digits of your ID number (remember, the number consist 11 digits and can be found on your Temporary ID card {paper printout}, 14673******)
  5. Knowledge of internet usage

Now that we know the needs, we need to look at now is how to view your availability status card online. Once you complete this process, you will be notified if your National ID card is ready for collection.

Below are steps to check online:

Step 1:  Visit this link

Step 2:  Scroll down and click the button that says “Click to proceed” once.

Once you click that, you would be taken to a page where you will be required to fill your enrollment details into a form.

Step 3:  The next thing to do is to fill in your details into the form.  Correctly input your ‘First name’, ‘Last name’, and your ‘Last six National ID card number’.

Step 4: When you are done, click on the button at the end of the form, “CHECK NOW”, and your National ID card status will be displayed.

Dana Air Flight Booking Now Possible/Available Through Whatsapp

Now one can easily book a dana air flight in Nigeria comfortably with the initiation of the ‘‘smart booking’’ on WhatsApp.

Authorities of the airline made the public understand that; the provision of ‘‘Smart Booking’’ on WhatsApp, from now passengers can now book and pay on the spot, book to pay later, register for Dana Miles or receive information on their Dana miles account, catch up with flight updates, make some inquiries, reservations and a whole lot more.

Commenting on the airline’s cutting-edge initiative in the airline industry, the Accountable Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Dana Air; Mr. Obi Mbanuzuo said, Dana Air continues to lead the pack with its innovative ways of getting customers to book with ease. Our esteemed Customers will from now enjoy the many benefits that comes with interacting with us on our social media and online platforms particularly on WhatsApp.”

We initiate/innovate strategies that make it possible and that our customer-centric products appeal to everyone.

”For us, nothing stops you from booking dana air flight even when you have too many things to do. Just a chat and you will get your booking code to pay conveniently when less busy or before expiry on our website or at any of sales outlets Nationwide.”

“In 2017, when we launched our self-service kiosk located at MMA2, which enables travelers to book, pay, reschedule or check-in without joining the queue, we promised to continue to deploy necessary technology not just to guarantee ease of booking but to continually exceed the flying aspirations of our guests, and we are delighted to have introduced the smart booking in furtherance of our vision to become Nigeria’s most customer-friendly airline.”

When it comes to aviation in Nigeria dana air flight holds its head very high with services. Constant flights from Abuja to Lagos, Owerri, Uyo Por, and Harcourt. The airline is renowned for its innovative and interesting online products too.

Nigeria Six geopolitical zones and Their States

Nigeria Six Geopolitical zones, their states and how you can identify them are outlined in this post. Those that don’t know what geopolitical zones mean and which one they belong to should endeavor to read through.

  Nigeria Six Geopolitical zones and Their States:

North Central Zone: mainly termed the Middle Belt; includes Benue State, Plateau State, Nasarawa State, Niger State, Kogi State, Kwara State, and  Federal Capital Territory

North East Zone:  Adamawa State, Borno State, Bauchi State, Taraba State, Gombe State, and Yobe State

North West Zone:  This consists of Jigawa State, Katsina State, Kaduna State, Kano State, Sokoto State, Kebbi State, and Zamfara State

South East Zone: Termed former East-Central State of Abia State, Anambra State, Ebonyi State, Enugu State, and Imo State

South-South Zone: mainly termed the former South-Eastern State of Akwa-Ibom State and Cross-River State; former Rivers State of Bayelsa State and Rivers State; and former Mid-Western Region, Nigeria of Delta State and Edo State

South West Zone: consists of Ekiti State, Lagos State, Ogun State, Ondo State, Osun State, and Oyo State

How They Were Carved Out:

These six Nigeria geopolitical zones and Their States were not mapped out by their geopolitical location. Instead, they are states with similar ethnic groups, cultures, and shared history organized in the same zone.

Nigeria is made up of approximately 400 ethnic groups and 450 languages, hence the need for the government to merge similar groups for efficient allocation of resources.

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Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment 2018 | How to Apply Now

FCMB Paid Internship Program #FCMBFlexxtern

First City Monument Bank is offering an excellent opportunity for graduates to kick-start distinguished careers. The empowerment of graduates via internship opportunities and mentorship network with our partner organizations is the reason for FCMB Paid Internship Program #FCMBFlexxtern.

Job Position:

#FCMBFlexxtern Conditions

  1. Graduates must be between age 18 to 25 years old.
  2. Strictly for FCMB Flexx account owners.
  3. Must either be a student or graduate of any of the courses below.
  • Mass communication
  • Business administration
  • Economics
  • English
  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Fashion
  • Computer Science
  • Banking & Finance
  • Sociology
  • Literary Studies

Competition Conditions:

  • Prizes won during the FCMB Paid Internship Program #FCMBFlexxtern Contest cannot be transferred.
  • Winners should not expect cash for the prize.
  • The Contest is not open to the staff of FCMB Bank or their immediate family members.
  • The bank’s judgment in respect of all matters concerning the contest stands and binding on all participants.
  • Accommodation, transportation or logistics won’t be the bank’s responsibility.

How to Participate in the FCMB Paid Internship Program

Participants can submit an entry into any of three categories:

  • Forward a 45-second clip to YouTube with hashtag #FCMBFlexxtern and show why you qualify.
  • Click on Participate, and enter your details in the form.
  • Share the link on your entry get people to vote for you.

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Holy Ghost Schools Online Result Checker │New Way To Check Your Result –

Holy Ghost Schools Online Result Checker, New Way To Check Your Result – – This article is designed to teach all Holy Ghost School Students the new to check their results online. This is also to inform all Holy Ghost School students that 2017/2018 results are now online and available for checking on the Holy Ghost Schools Online result portal. Meanwhile, the process of viewing results on have changed, but we will discuss the new process here.

Holy Ghost Schools Online Result Checker │New Way To Check Your Result Online

Previously, students can simply go to Holy Ghost Schools Online Result Checker portal, type in a registration number and see semester results. But with this development, you must log in to the portal with your details before you see your result. You can log in with your Holy Ghost School Reg. number before viewing results.

The School management informed the general public and students that; The Current administration of Holy Ghost School is determined to improve the learning experience of every single student of this great citadel of learning, as well as provide a very encouraging environment for the members of staff
However, the new to check results online in Holy Ghost Schools portal is simple. Just go through the article below carefully to check your result now.

Holy Ghost Schools Result Checker │New Process Of Checking Results

  1. Open Holy Ghost Schools Online Result Checker portal for checking result through
  2. Click on portal they you will see result cheker ‘Login’ from the portal
  3. To check your result, follow the simple steps listed below. After checking your result, you can save it or print immediately.
    • Enter your Registration Number. This will be provided to you by your school as your “Student ID”, “Registration Number” or any other similar name.
    • Select the session in which you want to check your result.
    • Select the term.
    • Scratch the hidden area at the back of the scratch card and enter the revealed pin as your card pin number.
    • Enter the serial number of the scratch card written on the lower side at the back of the scratch card.
    • Click the Submit button.
  4. Your result will be displayed for you to view on the page.

Kwese TV Nigeria Channels List, Price &amp, Subscription Packages

Kwese TV Nigeria Channels List, Price &amp, Subscription Packages, Kwese TV is a Zimbabwean owned Pan-African leisure Pay-TV launched in Nigeria around closing 12 months in November, Kwese operates in other African nations like Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Zambia as well.

Kwese TV Nigeria

Kwese has one of the bendiest subscription packages on Cable TV which permits customers to buy three days, 7 days and a 30 days subscriptions.

Kwese TV Nigeria Price How much is Kwese decoder in Nigeria

Purchasing a Kwese decoder in Nigeria expenses N5,740, however, they additionally have a Starter’s Pack which is advocated by all new customers. Kwese Starter’s Pack expenses N10,960, and it includes the satellite dish, decoder, and free installation. Customers will additionally get admission to Kwese TV’s full amusement and sports activities bouquet freely for the first 30 days subscription.

Kwese TV Nigeria Dealers

Purchasing Kwese TV dish is simply as handy as purchasing the DSTV, all you have to do is stroll into a Kwese dealer keep and pay to get yours.

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If you do now not understand the place to detect a dealer’s store around you, visit here, pick out your united states of America and area in Nigeria.

Kwese TV Nigeria Subscription Packages

Like we said earlier, Kwese offers bendy subscription selections with a 3days, 7 days and 30 days subscription packages.

Kwese tv nigeria channels list

This potential after the expiration of the first 30 days you get from the Starter’s pack; you have to go with any of the subscription plans above to continue taking part in Kwese TV.

Kwese TV Nigeria Channels List

Kwese offers quite a quantity with its bouquet containing over 65 channels of pure enjoyment with channels such as ESPN, CNN International, DreamWorks, DXTV, VICELAND, REVOLT TV from hip h0op Mogul, Diddy and neighbourhood channels such as NTA, TVC News, and Channels TV.

Even when the subscription expires, channels like Africa News, Flow TV, NTA, Islam TV and Kwese Free Sports will nonetheless be showing. Kwese is additionally dedicated to displaying the America NBA for viewers in sub-Saharan Africa. Viewers will be able to enjoy the 2018 FIFA World Cup and Premier League on Kwese TV.

Other channels consist of Telenovelas, Zee World, Bollynova, Nollywood and children channels such as Boomerang, CBeebies, Cartoon Network and loads more. See all channels here.

Kwese TV Customer Care and Office

  • Contact Kwese on Twitter @Kwese_NG
  • Email to
  • Facebook Page @watchkwese
  • Call +1 4407312
  • Address: 12 Lawanson Road, Surulere, Lagos.’

Boom Player Music | Boom Player Features | Download Boom Player Application

Phoneky Free Download Java, App, Ringtones, HD & Themes

Please for similar questions and contribution make use of the comment box below.

Easy ways To Trade Amazon Gift Card For money In Ghana, Nigeria

Amazon Gift Card

Easy ways To Trade Amazon Gift Card For money In Ghana, Nigeria

Amazon gift card is inclusively one of the most significant sorts of gifts card you can be able to receive from those dear to you. Because of its availability, usability and easy to access. It can be used to obtain goods and very excellent products from amazon store, unlike the iTunes gift card. I before used an Amazon gift card sent to me by a dear friend of mine to buy an e-book from Amazon (The art of War and some others from prominent authors). Its ok that most of us will not want to obtain online on amazon stocks with our gift cards. A lot of people would still prefer to sell them for cash or change them to bitcoin for other monetary goals.

How To Market Amazon Gift Card For Cash In Ghana, Malaysia, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria

Firstly== you need to be quite sure that your Amazon giftcard has not been used by anybody else. Your Amazon gift card should be working and valid to be redeemed successfully.

Secondly== You Should have the acknowledgment of receipt of the Amazon gift card. You better message your friend or the person that sent it to you to provide the revenue, If you are not with yours now. It will help us in facilitating the process without having any blocks. But if he doesn’t have it, No problems we can still buy it, but at a bit reduced rate.

Last but not least== you must make sure that your card is a real card. This method is in connection with U.S.A cards, but if you have a U.K card that is an electronic card, example an email card, you can as well fix it there that way. It will be successfully redeemed, and you will happily be credited.

To show the numerals at the back of your Amazon gift card, you need to scratch your card. To be sincere with you, I have had some clients pasting the Front of the card to me telling me to help them redeem their Amazon card to Naira and credit their bank account for the purchase of gift items and other things online.
and I am always like
Is that so????

Read This: 

If you have all those points, I stated above in place, and you are ready to turn your gift card to cash. What other ways have you tried out before now? Do you think turning iTunes card to Naira is quite easier than converting iTunes gift card to cash? What are your opinions so far? Have you been ripped in the past? Share your views with us Today/now
Next thing to do is:-

• Share your remarks and experiences to us by using the discussion
Section; we care to know.
• Give us support and backup Firstcalljob by informing your friends about our website.
• You can also share this post with your friends that need help too by hitting on the social icons to share on Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp.
May your days be bound with blessings.

P-YES Application 2020 | Financial Opportunities at

If you are among the few Nigerians that are yet to hear about The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme, then you must partake in the program while it lasts. You must hurry and be a part of the P-YES Application 2020 before the deadline of the online application arrives.

Benefits of P-YES Application 2020

You should know that anyone who meets the conditions of the application can secure substantial empowerment coming directly from the Office of the President of Nigeria. It is an excellent opportunity that no young person in this country should miss out on the program.

Check Out:

P-YES Application 2020 registration started last year and will be on till February at least, and that is for those that have not yet applied to jump on the chance. All you need to do is to meet the requirements of the scheme and apply online with the necessary credentials to benefit.

Submit Your P-YES Application 2020 Immediately

Aspirants of the program should know that the online application of the program is free, so don’t be a victim of extortion when registering. Programs of this nature do not come around all the time, that is why it should be grabbed with both hands whenever it comes around.

See Requirements Here

The basic requirement from the program of the applicant is receptiveness to teachings and being able to assimilate with relative ease. Click on this link to see every requirement for the P-YES Application 2020. As soon as the online registration is successful, you’ll be selected for screening and interviews after which you will undergo P-YES posting and P-YES deployment.



How To Check INEC AdHoc Shortlisted Candidates 2020 | See Full List

Because of the Nigeria general elections that are almost beginning, and with respect to the Independent National Electoral Commission recruitment of its AdHoc staff, we will provide you the INEC AdHoc Shortlisted Candidates 2020 in this post. This is because a lot of hopefuls that applied for recruitment don’t even know the status of their applications.

INEC AdHoc Shortlisted Candidates For 2020 General Elections

The applications have been submitted, the names have been compiled and selected, and those who want to verify the status of their recruitment application should visit the official Inec recruitment portal at As soon as the names become available, we will make sure that it gets to you through our website.

Complete INEC AdHoc Shortlisted Candidates 2020

If you partook in the application exercise, you should consider checking your Emails for possible notifications, in case your application was successful. It is for this reason that a valid Email account was one of the requirements for the application during the recruitment exercise. The address you provided during that phase is the same address that the recruitment panel will contact you through.

We will also dedicate our time to seeing that you will receive any updates on this issue as soon as it becomes available. Your part is to make sure that you are in constant contact with us at every moment so that no vital information on the INEC AdHoc Shortlisted Candidates 2020 and other important matters will ever elude you.

When The Shortlist Will be Out

The Independent National Electoral Commission is still keeping a tight lid on this one, and we can only advise aspirants of the recruitment to exercise patience, as we can see it cant take long since the general elections have almost arrived.

General Conclusion

Just keep your fingers crossed and abide by the vital information we have provided you, and that is the best way to see this INEC AdHoc Shortlisted Candidates 2020 without stressing yourself in any way. Comments are welcome in the appropriate box, thanks and good luck.


General Tips On How To Win Scholarship Abroad.

How To Win Scholarship Application

Scholarships have always been compensation for students academic ability, outstanding achievements and potential. But beyond that, many of us outpost for scholarships as a means of commercial support for our educational hunts especially in the university or seminary.

Before scholarships are granted to any student as we are entirely aware, they are given scholarship examinations by their statement and are selected for the awards on the evidence of their achievement in these scholarship exams.

As we all know, the resolution of each endeavour has a much to do with how well it is fixed and how the preparations are being carried out.

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Surely, after going through this link which has been joined together from the activities of students like you who have appealed for the scholarships and gained, you will be fully equipped to plan out plans as well as appropriately prepared for awards.

  • Create an excellent resume

The resume should include a review of your awards, pursuits, activities and achievements. This will let you write a better application and also help your teacher write a favourable letter of reference.

  • Don’t miss the deadline

The mystery for joining deadlines is seeking for scholarships early; Some awards have the last attempt in the fall and half, in the spring, so start seeking for scholarships ASAP.

  • Register many scholarships exams as much as possible

Gaining a scholarship determines how skilful and as much as lucky you are. Improve your chances of winning through applying for as many as possible. This does not mean that you should ask for scholarships that you can’t provide their needs.

Smaller scholarships and little contests are lightly to gain because they are always mean contestant. It saves time essays, customising them for a new form. Answer the simple question loud and produce a recording answer to avoid writers Proofread the article thoroughly before applying.

  • Subscribe to scholarship listing blogs

When searching for scholarships, you need to subscribe to blogs such as And when it comes to scholarship updates to get the latest scholarship vacancies.

  • Apply for restricted awards

Many communities give out local scholarships through organisations, small companies, and protectors. The probabilities of winning these scholarships are more significant because they are open to a smaller group of students. Here is how to look for local scholarships:

  • Check with your teachers and parents,
  • Search local factors online, like television or radio stations
  • Check society forms
  • Appeal for scholarships with smaller grants

Applying for scholarships that offer the biggest grant is not bad, but they are also the most aggressive. Scholarships with smaller prizes usually have fewer candidates, so your possibilities of winning will be greater.

Half loaf of bread they say is better than none

Rather than killing yourself for applying for every scholarship, you reduce and have some holiday!. Apply for scholarships that fit your concerns and that you will appreciate; there are awards for everyone under the sun or reign:  the list goes on the more the scholarship, the more likely your passion will show through, resulting in a good submission.

  • Your article should be about you; the best essays are different from the competition, so be main and use your own words.
  • Be sure of satisfying all the requirements
  • You can write the best essay in the world, but if the examiner asks for a list of five items, and you list four, you will be disqualified. Make sure you answer every question accurately.
  • Get close to the word limit as you can, but don’t go over. Exceeding the word limit may disqualify you.
  • Spellings and grammar mistakes will also disqualify you. Make sure you revise your essay twice and ask your parents and friends to look over it too because The more eyes, the better.
  • Submit early and don’t be a slow writer
  • Don’t wait until the fixed date, on the last date of submission, the traffic on the application form is always heavy hence to save yourself the stress just try and submit your application as quick as possible.

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Belgium Visa Lottery Requirement in Nigeria Application Form is out | Apply Today

The 2020 Belgium visa lottery requirement in Nigeria application is now available, to i will show you Belgium visa appointment, Visa fee, official website. This article has been therefore prepared to help you with the step you will take to apply for the 2020 Belgium visa lottery, so all interested persons should study the guide here in the article to the easy application for 2020 Belgium visa lottery

If you successfully meet up with Belgium Visa Lottery Requirement, therefore, the answer to that your longed expectation of traveling to Belgium for work, Residence and studies. Note: We don’t give any visa, we are to give you guides on Belgium Visa Lottery Requirement and how to get one.

Before we proceed to show you how to fill the 2020 Belgium visa lottery application form online, you have the right to the available applicable visa that suits your expectation, Below is the list of available Visa for the 2020 Belgium visa lottery.

  1. Transit Visa Lottery Form
  2. Farmworker  Visa Lottery Form
  3. Visitor Visa Lottery Form
  4. Business Visa Lottery Form
  5. Skilled workers Visa Lottery Form
  6. Pilgrimage Visa Lottery Form
  7. Students visa lottery form
  8. Diplomat Visa Lottery Form
  9. Tourist Visa Lottery Form

Belgium Visa Lottery Requirement And How to apply for the 2020 Belgium Visa Lottery

  1. To process this application, log on to the site:  Belgium Visa Official Site Here
  2. The second step is to make a choice of your evaluation form
  3. Enter your genuine and active contact information
  4. Most importantly, you must provide your personal profile.
  5. Your personal Net Worth and you must make sure that you don’t over or underestimate.
  6. Your Language Skills
  7. Family and Friends in Belgium
  8. Belgium Job Offer
  9. Then click Submit Form
  10. You’re Work History if any.

See more information about Belgium visa lottery requirement on the screenshots below:

Belgium visa lottery requirement

Belgium visa lottery requirement

Please note that our duty is to keep you informed once it is available.

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