Biggest Online shopping Store Review –

Biggest Online shopping Store Review –, Inc., is American electronic commerce and cloud computing company Amazon Store based in Seattle, Washington. Furthermore, the company which works as Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. The tech giants currently stand as one of the largest internet retailers in the world as measured by revenue and market capitalization. However, the second largest after Alibaba regarding total sales.
Famously, the website which started as an online bookstore but has now diversified to sell video downloads/streaming, MP3 downloads/streaming, audiobook downloads/streaming, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. Now you might be thinking of shopping at right away. It isn’t a bad idea, but there are a few things I suppose you need to know.

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Firstly, we would see how you can successfully shop on Amazon.

How to trade on Online shopping Store Review

efore shopping, you will need an internet connection and computer. Also, put in mind that you will need a credit or debit card. Follow these steps to shop on

Step one
The first thing you would have to do is to open the Amazon website which is

Step two
If you already a particular item you want to shop in mind, you could just type the name of the item in the search box along the top of the page and click the black GO button. Or you could just browse around or click on one of the categories on the left-hand side of the screen to see what’s available.

Step three
A new page will open with a list of items matching your search criteria. You can either narrow your search by typing in more ‘keywords’ in the search box and clicking GO, or you can just select an item from the list of things on the page.

Step four
Click on the pictures or name of the item you would want to buy. A new page should open, displaying more details about the item. You can scroll down to see the product description and customer reviews.

If you want to buy the product later, you can just keep it for later by clicking on Add to Wish List and Amazon will save the details. If you want to buy the product now, click Add to Basket.

Step five
As in a real market, you keep picking items until you are done. If you have finish shopping, then you can click on Proceed to Checkout.

Step six
You will be asked to sign in. If you already sign up an account, you can go ahead and sign in. If you a new customer, you could simply go ahead an open a new free Amazon account.

Step seven
You’ll now be asked to enter a new delivery address. You will have to provide your name and the address where you’d like the item delivered. Then you can click on Continue.

Step eight
A new surface will open asking you to choose a delivery option. Those that are free will be noted as ‘FREE.’ Choose one and click Continue.

Step nine
Next, you will be asked to choose a payment option. You can click Add a new card to add your credit or debit card details. When you are done entering the card details, you can click Continue.

Step ten
Now you will be shown a review of your order, with the delivery address and billing information. However, you are supposed to go through them again and check if all the details are correct. Click Place your order after checking if they are correct.

Step eleven
That should do the trick for you. Furthermore, you just have to sit back and wait for your package to arrive.

How To Avoid Scams While Shopping On Online shopping Store Review

However, as you would expect in an online market as big as Amazon, scammers are around. Here is how to shop safely and avoid buying a big old box of nothing.

Be wary of massive discount

This should not be new to you by now. Some offers are just too-goog-to-be-true. Though, you will probably find crazy deals on Amazon that are legitimate. But when a very expensive product is discounted more than 35%, you should probably be having a second thought. But keep in mind not all products with big discount are scams, most of them are perfectly fine.

Know a fake product review when you see one
However, just because a product has a few customer reviews doesn’t make the seller is legit. With all five-star reviews everywhere. Faking a review is not a difficult thing to do. And unless you see “verified purchase” tag you probably shouldn’t be taking reviews seriously anyway.

Don’t fall for sellers ploys
Being asked to email the dealer is a red flag. Amazon scam artists are usually third-party sellers who try to convince you to do something out of the ordinary, like direct you off of Amazon’s site or ask for an odd type of payment. It is advisable you stay on Amazon’s site and only pay through their system.

Now you are good to go. Shopping on Amazon sometimes can be exciting, so enjoy. But keep mind all that was stated above, and you will be fine. Visit Amazon Store | DSTV DECODER review | Subscription Packages & Price | DSTV DECODER review | Subscription Packages & Price DSTV DECODER

Are you interested in DSTV DECODER review, Do you want to know more about DSTV DECODER?  It is a well known Digital Satellite Television service provider which makes it easier for the subscribers to get information and get the entertainment of any kind in it at any given time. The platform is owned by Multichoice. This gadget makes use of what is called a Decoder to operate which makes it have access to the television services.

The DSTV Decoders are made as hardware which is used to access the DSTV channels IJ other to get information at any given time. When the DSTV Decoder is bought it comes with a DSTV dish wish is mounted outside in a place where it will attract channel and signal to the decoder. The dish is connected with a wire from the dish to the decoder which sends the signal gotten from the workstations to the decoder.

Different types of DSTV Decoder

The DSTV Decoders have many types which a user or a subscriber can purchase based on its features which we will talk later. These types include

  1. DSTV HD Decoder
  2. DSTV Explora
  3. DSTV Explora 2
  4. DSTV Drifta Decoder.


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How to Successfully Check if Your Nigeria National ID Card (NIMC) is Ready for Collection

Have it in mind that you can install 2 Decoders just by linking them together this will enable you to have more viewing means. This process is called XtraView.

  1. DSTV HD Decoders

Among all the other type of Decoder, this is the cheapest one can purchase this type of Decoder is produced in the 2014 and has a second name Standard DSTV Decoder. Here in this type of Decoder, you can use the XtraView on it just by like linking up the decoder and other Decoder.

  1. DSTV Explora

This type of Decoder is the highly used and the top of all other Decoders. This type is produced in the year 2013 with a Higher version of HD PVR which contains a large amount of memory than others. Here you can view and record a television record.

  1. DSTV Explora 2

This is the latest version of DSTV with a production date of 2016. This is the greater version of DSTV Explora with higher capacity and memory with a smaller size in nature.

  1. DSTV Drifta Decoder

This most outstanding part of this type is that you can use it on a mobile phone and it is portable with a USB device and other new features.

DSTV DECODER Subscription Packages & Price

We have so many subscription packages.  This include

  1. Family
  2. Access
  3. Premium
  4. Easy view.
  5. Compact plus.
  6. family
  7. Compact


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Gulder Ultimate Search Registration 2018-2019 and How to Successfully Apply Online

Gulder Ultimate Search Registration 2018-2019 – The Africans number 1 TV reality show, Gulder Ultimate Search Season 13 is here. Gulder Ultimate Search Registration 2018-2019 form for all who might be interested in participating in this edition of the last ultimate search.

The grand prize for the last man standing is always attractive and includes a brand new car as well as some considerable amount of Money. The forms for the Gulder Ultimate Search Registration will be out on the GUS Official website (

Since the reality show started, twelve winners have emerged so far, and the most recent winner was Twenty-four-year-old Chinedu Ubachukwu, an indigene of Anambra state. The TV reality show which premiered in 2003 has promised to make this year’s edition more spectacular, more exciting and more thrilling compared to the previous years.

Gulder Ultimate Search Registration, Qualification and Requirement

In order to participate in the Gulder Ultimate Search Reality TV show 2017, applicants must:

  • Be free from any heart disease or condition. People with heart conditions are not allowed to participate in the Gulder Ultimate Search.
  • Be between ages 18 to 30. Applicants older than 30 years or younger than 18 would not be considered.
  • Not be physically disabled or challenged.
  • Not be asthmatic. Asthmatic patients are not allowed to participate in the Gulder Ultimate Search.

How to Register for Gulder Ultimate Search Registration 2018

To register and participate in the Gulder Ultimate Search 2018-2019, benevolent visit the official website of the Gulder Ultimate Search Season 13 here – and follow the listed instructions.

You will be expected to upload a current passport and fill in your home address, gender, date of birth and other personal information for the Gulder Ultimate Search Registration on the official Gulder Ultimate Search website page and wait.

Within 24 hours period, a qualification E-mail will be sent to the email address you provided during registration which would contain the terms and conditions involved, a referee form and further instructions for the Gulder Ultimate Search.

The referee form is to be filled by the applicant parents and as a well-known member of the society or community. Applicant are advised not to register more than once as this would lead to automatic disqualification.

Gulder Ultimate Search Registration Guide

In as much as I’ve talked about the Gulder Ultimate Search 2018 Registration, I’ll briefly remind you of all the past winners and highlights of the reality TV show since the inception of the Gulder Ultimate Search:

For your viewing pleasure, here is a list of Television channels where you can watch the Gulder Ultimate Search 2018:

  1. Galaxy Tv
  2. Wap TV
  3. TAfrica MagicV3
  4. Minaj Tv
  5. Clare TV
  6. GET TV
  7. ASilverbirdIT
  8. NTA
  9. Ebony Life Tv
  10. Nigerzie

The reality show starts by 10pm daily on the above listed TV Channels. I’m sure you won’t want to miss an episode of the Gulder Ultimate Search Season 13.

How to Successfully Check if Your Nigeria National ID Card (NIMC) is Ready for Collection –

How to Successfully Check if Your Nigeria National ID Card (NIMC) is Ready for Collection –

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Nigerian Federal Government agency has ordered to ensure that the whole citizens of Nigeria own a Nigeria National ID Card card. There is a registration process going on so that citizens of Nigeria can walk into any of NIMC centres to register for their National ID card. This National ID card is meant to identify all citizens, and to avoid illegal immigrants in the country today.

If you have enrolled for the National Identity Card for a very long time but you do not have an idea of when you would collect it, there is now an online platform where you can check the status of your identity card whether the card is ready or not. Just follow the steps below

What is Nigeria National ID Card card?

A national identity card is a movable document (which is usually plasticized and digital insert card information) that any citizen or resident of a country that is issued and expected to conduct as a means of identification.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has created an easy method for everyone who engaged in the enrollment to check if their permanent plastic ID card is ready. The way designed to check for availability of Nigeria National ID Card card for collection is through a web portal. – Below Are The Requirements To Check Your Nigeria National ID Card Availability Status:

  1. Laptop or Smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.)
  2. Internet connection (with enough internet data)
  3. Full name (First and Last)
  4. Last 6 digits of your ID number (remember, the number consist 11 digits and can be found on your Temporary ID card {paper printout}, 14673******)
  5. Knowledge of internet usage

Now that we know the needs, we need to look at now is how to view your availability status card online. Once you complete this process, you will be notified if your National ID card is ready for collection.

Below are steps to check online:

Step 1:  Visit this link

Step 2:  Scroll down and click the button that says “Click to proceed” once.

Once you click that, you would be taken to a page where you will be required to fill your enrollment details into a form.

Step 3:  The next thing to do is to fill in your details into the form.  Correctly input your ‘First name’, ‘Last name’, and your ‘Last six National ID card number’.

Step 4: When you are done, click on the button at the end of the form, “CHECK NOW”, and your National ID card status will be displayed.

Belgium Visa Lottery Requirement in Nigeria Application Form is out | Apply Today

Belgium visa lottery requirementThe 2018/2019 Belgium visa lottery requirement in Nigeria application is now available, to i will show you Belgium visa appointment, Visa fee, official website. This article has been therefore prepared to help you with the step you will take to apply for the 2018/2019 Belgium visa lottery, so all interested persons should study the guide here in the article to the easy application for 2018/2019 Belgium visa lottery

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If you successfully meet up with Belgium Visa Lottery Requirement, therefore, the answer to that your longed expectation of traveling to Belgium for work, Residence and studies.

Note: We don’t give any visa, we are to give you guides on Belgium Visa Lottery Requirement and how to get one.

Before we proceed to showing you how to fill the 2018/2019 Belgium visa lottery application form online, you have the right to the available applicable visa that suits your expectation, Below are the list of available Visa for the 2018/2019 Belgium visa lottery.

  1. Transit Visa Lottery Form
  2. Farmworker  Visa Lottery Form
  3. Visitor Visa Lottery Form
  4. Business Visa Lottery Form
  5. Skilled workers Visa Lottery Form
  6. Pilgrimage Visa Lottery Form
  7. Students visa lottery form
  8. Diplomat Visa Lottery Form
  9. Tourist Visa Lottery Form

Belgium Visa Lottery Requirement And How to apply for the 2018/2019 Belgium Visa Lottery

  1. To process this application, log on to the site:  Belgium Visa Official Site Here
  2. The second step is to make a choice of your evaluation form
  3. Enter your genuine and active contact information
  4. Most importantly, you must provide your personal profile.
  5. Your personal Net Worth and you must make sure that you don’t over or underestimate.
  6. Your Language Skills
  7. Family and Friends in Belgium
  8. Belgium Job Offer
  9. Then click Submit Form
  10. You’re Work History if any.

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See more information about Belgium visa lottery requirement on the screenshots below:

Belgium visa lottery requirement

Belgium visa lottery requirement

Please Note that our duty is to keep you informed once is available.

NDA Candidate For 70 Regular Course Afsb Screening Is Out | Click Here See List

NDA Candidate For 70 Regular Course Acknowledgment Screening Is Out | Click Here See List

The Nigerian Defense academy NDA have released the Result of the Admission Exam which took place on the 19th of May 2018. The report says that all candidates that sat for the exam this post are for you. Therefore you are expected to access the list to know whether come for the screening, as your result will determine your eligibility to proceed with others for screening.

All candidates that participated in the exam are expected to appear before the AFSB in the 2 batches stated as follows.

Batch one.

The candidate from the states listed below should not fail to appear or Report to NDA at the specific date:

Abia, Anambra, Bauchi, Borno, Cross River, Enugu, Ekiti, Gombe, Jigawa, Katsina, Kwara, Lagos, Nasarawa, Ondo, Oyo, Taraba, Yobe, Sokoto, Fct

Batch two

The candidate from the states listed below should also not fail to appear or Report to NDA at their own specific date:

Akwa Ibom, Adamawa, Bayelsa, Benue, Delta, Edo, Ebonyi, Imo, Kano, Kaduna, Kebbi, Kogi, Niger, Ogun, Osun, Rivers, Plateau, Zamfara.

If you fail to report on your specific that will definitely not be allowed to attend the interview, also if you are seen around the environment at the wrong Date, you will automatically be disqualified, so you should be present with your batch.

23rd June 2018 and 14th July 2018.

Special Notice: All candidates will be accommodated and fed through the duration of their stay for AFSB.


Acknowledgement Form and NDA Examination Admission Card

JAMB UTME Result Slip 2018

  1. Result and Testimonials or Certificates
  2. Certificate  of Birth
  3. Age Declaration
  4. L.G.A Identification Latter
  5. Consent Letter from Parent/Guardian.

Check Jamb 2018 Result Here


You will be asked to leave immediately you fail in any stage

Log on to NDA Website here in order to know how to locate the venue of the AFSB if you are coming for the first time to Kaduna.

Also: Writing Material, 3 Blue, white T-shirts, Toiletries, N2, 500 non-Refundable, WAEC and NECO results for online confirmation of result, four recent passport photographs.

Venue: Nigerian Defense Academy Kaduna, Kaduna State.

Good Luck.

List of Jumia Pickup Stations in Nigeria, their shopping fees and Address.

List of Jumia Pickup Stations in Nigeria, their shopping fees, and Address.

 A Pickup Station is a place where Items ordered, are stored/kept for pickups as requested by customers, this place is designed to provide further an alternative to the primary method of delivering item via online market.

 Jumia, as we all know, is one of the biggest Online Shopping malls. Now opening a Jumia Pickup Stations in various states makes their work easier and makes the buyers easy and save them the stress of going to pickup your goods within a range of 1-5 working days.

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 The good news on these pickup stations is that it is paid on delivery, once you get your goods from the pickup station you make the payment immediately. Also, A Pickup stations are also outlets where you can pick up the items you have ordered online from at your own convenient time, Within the stipulated delivery period (1-5 working days).



Region City Address Landmark Opening hours
Abuja Abuja- Lugbe House 22, 1 (K) crescent, sector F, FHA Laugbe Abuja Parkwell Restaurant. Monday- Saturday 10am -6pm
Abuja Abuja Gwarimpa 3 oba adesoji street, works and housing estate off 3rd Avenue. Works and Housing Estate Monday- Friday 9am-5pm
Abuja Abuja Garki Melita Plaza suite, D2 and D3, plot 599, Gwarjo close, off gimbiya street, area II Melita Plaza Monday- Friday 9am-5pm
Benin Benin-Oredo/ King Square Plot 108, Namuna street, opposite Grand Foundation Group of school off limit road off sapele road. Grand Foundation Group of Schools Monday- Friday 9am-6pm
Cross –River Calabar amika utuk 127 Golldie street by amika utuk, Calabar Goldie Goldie Street Monday- Friday 9am-5pm
Enugu Independence Layout Impala Plaza, no 4 Ezillo street independence Layout Weac bus stop. Monday- Friday 9am-6pm
Ekiti Ado- Ekiti Central Locations Oduduwa Textile complex, Bashiri Area, Ado-Ekiti Oduduwa Textile Complex Monday- Friday 9am-5pm
Imo Owerri 47 Njeribako Street off school road by weathera MCC road bus stop. Monday- Friday 9am-6pm
Kaduna Angwan-Rimi 5 Sani Sambo, Avenue off Alkali road, ungwuan sarki G. R. A SCOA Motors Bus stop. Monday- Friday 9am-6pm
Kano Nasarawa GRA Nuru Guest Inn, Audu Bako way, Nassarawa GRA Kano Business, central District Monday- Friday 9am-6pm
Lagos Isolo 3, Olufemi peters street off okeho street ire Akari Estate, Isolo Ire-Akari Estate Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm
Lagos Ikeja 108 Adeniyi Jones Ikeja Adeniyi Jones Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm
Lagos Ikorodu 58, Owude ibeshe, road Aganga bus stop, Ikorodu Aganga Bus stop Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm
Lagos Ikeja 5, pepple street computer village, ikeja Computer village Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm
Lagos Yaba 1, Harvey Road, Off Herbert Macauley Way, Yaba Opposite Lady of Apostle Secondary School Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm
Lagos Surulele 7 Augusto Close ,off RazakBalogun street surulele Adelabu street Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm
Lagos Festac 1st Avenue opposite, L close, Festac town Close to Rumors club Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm
Ogun Abeokuta 7 Ayodele avenue off lisabi Elite road idi-aba, Abeokuta, ogun state Opposite Iya Nuru Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm
Ogun Redeemed Camp Km 46, Lago-Ibadan Express Way, Block S Shop 6 And 7 Cannan Land Market Opposite CRM pharmacy, Redemption camp car park C gate. Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm
Anambra Onitsha 52, Limca road Nkpor Limca Road Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm
Osun Ede Block1, Flat 6, RUN Staff Quarters, redeemers University, Ede RUN Staff Quarters Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm
Oyo Bodija-Ibadan 1, Ibrahim Taiwo, street off Favos Road, new Bodija Estate, Ibadan Favos Junction, Joanis Guest house Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm
Oyo Ibadan 95, M.K.O abiola way, RingRoad, Ups Office Paniel building Adeoyo Monday- Saturday  9am-6pm

These are some of the JUMIA pickup stations, So you can make your order and pay at delivery.

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How to successfully shop from Amazon Today

Today, I will show you how to shop from Amazon, As you know, “” is a huge internet store online, and you can shop many kinds of things from there. First, you have to open your Chrome browser, and load to “” To access it, you have to type “ on your web browser in the address bar section. The address bar is located on almost at the top of the screen of Chrome browser. Normally, you have to create an account before you shop on the internet. However, in the case of, you don’t need to do that because you can do that in the process of shopping yeah!!!. And now, to find the items you want to shop, though sometimes you need to search for the items you want to make an order for. You can search in two ways; keyword search and browse. The Keyword search boxes are located on mostly in every page of Amazon. You can also use links to browse the lists. And then, if you can find the items you are looking for, you will need to add the item to your shopping cart section. When you want to do that, you need to click a button which is labeled, “Add to Shopping cart.” Next, you will need to make a new account and then sign in. Firstly, you input your e-mail address on the box provided. Then, there are two choices above a bar you type your e-mail address; “ I am a new customer” or “I am a returning customer, so you need to choose the former. Then, click “Sign in our secure server.” Next, you will need to enter your full name, your address, and your phone number. Next, you can choose a shipping method. You can choose either “standard” or “Expedited,” but most at times, it costs four to sixteen dollars. If you want to get your item earlier, you should choose expedited. You will receive your item in about three to five days if it is in stock. Then, you need to select a payment method. You can pay by your credit card, bank account, and a gift card of if you have one. We can use a credit card, gift certificates, and so on. Next, you need to review and submit your order for approval. In this part, you can check what you will buy, the total price, your address, and shipping method, and if your information is correct, click the button which is written: “ Place Your Order.” You are done! After your order is done, you will receive an e-mail about your order’s confirmation, so you should check it, and you just wait to receive your item.

My survey analyzing in Amazon

My survey topic is about Amazon. Four TIUA students and two my survey questions. My first question is, “ Do you remember”, and if you do. Next, I asked, “ Have you ever bought something from before?”. About 67% of them have bought something from, and 33% of them have never done that. My third question is “ What kind of things did you buy?”, and people who have bought something from bought books, music, and DVDs even though there are many kinds of items such as electrical products, grocery, clothes and so on in Amazon. My fourth question is that “ Do you think Amazon is easy to shop on?”. 50% of them answered yes, but the others answer “ I don’t know.” My last question is “ Please write down things which you want to know or learn about Amazon,” and they want to know whether it is cheaper than regular stores or not, how to buy the thing at a discount, and differences between the American one and Japanese version. In conclusion, I think many people know what is, and almost 50% of the people have been something. Furthermore, 50% of my respondents think it is easy to use.

How to Apply for Canada Visa Lottery 2018-2019 from Nigeria

 Canada Visa Lottery Application 2018-2019 – Do you wish to apply for Canada immigration either to visit someone or for a business trip and you are confused on how to Apply for Canadian Visa, you are in the right place because here we will give you the steps for the Application Form for Canada Visa Lottery in Nigeria. Before we continue let us talk a little bit about what a Visa is all about?

Canada Visa Lottery

According to Wikipedia. The Canada Visa Lottery can now be applied in Nigeria through some process e.g Canada embassy in Nigeria. You will be asked or rather required for some documents to submit.

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How to Apply for Canada Visa Lottery 2018-2019 from Nigeria

  1. Firstly download the Canada Visa Lottery Application Form IMM5257 and the Family Information Form IMM5645.
  2. Fill and complete the form. Answer the questions that you are asked in both Forms.

Note if you are been asked a question that is not related to you answer N/A.

  1. If you are going with anybody be it, family or friend, the person will have to Fill his or her own form. And assuming you have younger ones there own forms will be filled and signed by the parents or GUARDIANS.
  2. In the Family Information Form, you are expected to fill in your children who are below 18 years even if you are traveling with them or not. Use additional forms if the family members are more than three.
  3. Also, include your contact details such as valid mail address and phone number(s). You should fill out the forms online and submit a print a printout including the 2D Barcode page.

Documents Required for Canada Visa Lottery 2018-2019

  1. Each person traveling should submit two (2) passport photographs not less than six (6) months old.
  2. An evidence of payment of the visa processing fee
  3. Original International Passport, the Passport must be Nigerian-issued. It should also have at least a minimum of two blank visa pages and 6 months old validity.
  4. Previous travel evidence for everyone going.
  5. A letter explaining the reasons for travel, duration of stay, destination, and contact.
  6. Invitation letter from the person, school, and business inviting you.
  7. Bank statement showing that you have enough money to sustain you throughout your stay in Canada.
  8. Proof of accommodation security.
  9. Self-addressed prepaid return courier envelope for your return.

Have a safe trip. Hope you found this post interesting. Now please share with others.

Official IMT Website | Institute of Management and Technology [IMT Portal]

The Official IMT Website Institute of Management and Technology IMT Online Portal Section for Latest news update. This section stands for Members and Prospective students who want more information and updates about the  Institute of Management and Technology (IMT).

All IMT students are free to find any information the Official IMT Website and wish to know more concerning the body above on Institute of Management and Technology website; we also strive to keep you updated on this web page with the latest information you need.

This page is made up of all the news posted in the IMT Online Portal about Institute of Management and Technology which includes

  1. Full-time ND & HND, Poly Air ND & HND, Part-Time ND & HND admission lists
  2. List of courses offered in IMT Enugu
  3. IMT Result Checker

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Official IMT Website, Institute of Management and Technology IMT

To access the Official IMT Website login to

To access the Official IMT Website Online Portal Section For POST UTME NOTICE!! login to

To access the Official IMT Website for IMT Result Checker login to

To access the Official IMT Website for IMT Latest news update login to

Holy Ghost Schools Online Result Checker │New Way To Check Your Result –

Holy Ghost Schools Online Result Checker, New Way To Check Your Result – – This article is designed to teach all Holy Ghost School Students the new to check their results online. This is also to inform all Holy Ghost School students that 2017/2018 results are now online and available for checking on the Holy Ghost Schools Online result portal. Meanwhile, the process of viewing results on have changed, but we will discuss the new process here.

Holy Ghost Schools Online Result Checker │New Way To Check Your Result Online

Previously, students can simply go to Holy Ghost Schools Online Result Checker portal, type in a registration number and see semester results. But with this development, you must log in to the portal with your details before you see your result. You can log in with your Holy Ghost School Reg. number before viewing results.

The School management informed the general public and students that; The Current administration of Holy Ghost School is determined to improve the learning experience of every single student of this great citadel of learning, as well as provide a very encouraging environment for the members of staff
However, the new to check results online in Holy Ghost Schools portal is simple. Just go through the article below carefully to check your result now.

Holy Ghost Schools Result Checker │New Process Of Checking Results

  1. Open Holy Ghost Schools Online Result Checker portal for checking result through
  2. Click on portal they you will see result cheker ‘Login’ from the portal
  3. To check your result, follow the simple steps listed below. After checking your result, you can save it or print immediately.
    • Enter your Registration Number. This will be provided to you by your school as your “Student ID”, “Registration Number” or any other similar name.
    • Select the session in which you want to check your result.
    • Select the term.
    • Scratch the hidden area at the back of the scratch card and enter the revealed pin as your card pin number.
    • Enter the serial number of the scratch card written on the lower side at the back of the scratch card.
    • Click the Submit button.
  4. Your result will be displayed for you to view on the page.

How to Successfully Check JAMB Result 2018/2019 | JAMB UTME Result [Step by Step]

How to Successfully Check JAMB Result 2018/2019 – JAMB result 2018/2019 is out. Hence, candidates can now check there Joint Admission and Matriculation Board(JAMB), JAMB Result 2018/2019 at the JAMB Portal by yourself without the use of the scratch card or be paying anybody at the cyber cafe. Even you yourself can print the 2018 JAMB result without money, but in this case, it involves some general and material engineering techniques.

Firstcalljob teams are very much happy to inform all JAMB candidates who participated in the Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) 2018/2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) that they can now check on their Score/Result within or after 24 hours of the examination. This is a big congrats to JAMB officials who are behind this. We are happy to inform every candidate that gets it difficult to check their online result that we will do so for them.

How to Successfully Check JAMB Result 2018/2019 | JAMB UTME Result [Step by Step]

All JAMBITES who participated in the 2018 JAMB examination should follow the steps listed below to check the 2018 JAMB UTME result online at JAMB portal without the use of the scratch card.

  1. Head over to JAMB portal on
  2. Login with your Email and Password you used during registration.
  3. Now Click on ‘Check 2018 UTME Examination Results’.
  4. The Jamb portal will display your Result if only it is available.

NOTE: If the portal returns with ‘You Do Not Have Any Result Yet, that indicates your result is not yet ready yet. Please keep checking

 How to Check JAMB Result 2018/2019 on Mobile Devices

Check JAMB Result 2018/2019 is being made easy via your mobile devices. Whether you are using a Windows phone, Android Phone, iPhone, Tablets, etc. you can easily check your JAMB 2018 result from the comfort of your home, by using the following steps:

Make sure you have are connected to internet on your device.

Click on your favorite browser (Chrome, Opera Mini, UC browser, etc.)


Log in with your email and password

Click on ‘Print Result Slip’ and Continue to the payment of 1000 naira.

After a successful payment, input your registration number and year of exam.

Wait for about a minute. Your result will appear on the screen.

JAMB Result 2018/2019 Cut off Mark

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According to the Board, the Jamb cutoff mark for admission is 180 for Universities and 150 for Polytechnics and College of Education.

JAMB Result 2018/2019 Release Status

10th March UTME Exam – Results are Out

11th March UTME Exam – Results are Out 

12th March UTME Exam – Results are Out 

13th March UTME Exam – Results are Out 

14th March UTME Exam – Results are Out 

15th March UTME Exam – Results are Out 

16th March UTME Exam – Results are Out 

17th March UTME Exam – Results are Out 

Good Luck.

Kwese TV Nigeria Channels List, Price &amp, Subscription Packages

Kwese TV Nigeria Channels List, Price &amp, Subscription Packages, Kwese TV is a Zimbabwean owned Pan-African leisure Pay-TV launched in Nigeria around closing 12 months in November, Kwese operates in other African nations like Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Zambia as well.

Kwese TV Nigeria

Kwese has one of the bendiest subscription packages on Cable TV which permits customers to buy three days, 7 days and a 30 days subscriptions.

Kwese TV Nigeria Price How much is Kwese decoder in Nigeria

Purchasing a Kwese decoder in Nigeria expenses N5,740, however, they additionally have a Starter’s Pack which is advocated by all new customers. Kwese Starter’s Pack expenses N10,960, and it includes the satellite dish, decoder, and free installation. Customers will additionally get admission to Kwese TV’s full amusement and sports activities bouquet freely for the first 30 days subscription.

Kwese TV Nigeria Dealers

Purchasing Kwese TV dish is simply as handy as purchasing the DSTV, all you have to do is stroll into a Kwese dealer keep and pay to get yours.

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If you do now not understand the place to detect a dealer’s store around you, visit here, pick out your united states of America and area in Nigeria.

Kwese TV Nigeria Subscription Packages

Like we said earlier, Kwese offers bendy subscription selections with a 3days, 7 days and 30 days subscription packages.

Kwese TV Nigeria

This potential after the expiration of the first 30 days you get from the Starter’s pack; you have to go with any of the subscription plans above to continue taking part in Kwese TV.

Kwese TV Nigeria Channels List

Kwese offers quite a quantity with its bouquet containing over 65 channels of pure enjoyment with channels such as ESPN, CNN International, DreamWorks, DXTV, VICELAND, REVOLT TV from hip h0op Mogul, Diddy and neighborhood channels such as NTA, TVC News, and Channels TV.

Even when the subscription expires, channels like Africa News, Flow TV, NTA, Islam TV and Kwese Free Sports will nonetheless be showing. Kwese is additionally dedicated to displaying the America NBA for viewers in sub-Saharan Africa. Viewers will be able to enjoy the 2018 FIFA World Cup and Premier League on Kwese TV.

Other channels consist of Telenovelas, Zee World, Bollynova, Nollywood and children channels such as Boomerang, CBeebies, Cartoon Network and loads more. See all channels here.

Kwese TV Customer Care and Office

Please for similar questions and contribution make use of the comment box below.

How to Register and Login Verifi Nigeria account –

Verifi Nigeria – Login & Register, Checkout the Login for Verifi Nigeria , and Register, is Quite an amazing way to Pay Fast and Secured In Nigeria. “Verifi Nigeria” – Login & Register

Review On How to Register and Login Verifi Nigeria account

A set of dreamers dedicated to driving development by solving problems crippling economic growth.
We have an increasing number of products each built to address glaring needs.

A simple, affordable and highly functional payroll solution with several values added services targeted at SMEs and their employees.

We believe payroll should be simple and we’ve built an application that makes it just that.

INFORM BY Verifi Nigeria

Inform is an API based service that enables you to verify individuals’ creditworthiness and make Informed decisions.

We’re continuously collecting rich data on individuals from multiple sources and running it through Inform which uses Machine Learning to analyze the data and assigns a score.


Have questions? Dire to partner with us? Learn further about our products?
You can reach us via any of the contact details below.

256 Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos.
+234 812 331 0147.
Embrace simplicity

We put in the hard work to create a simple yet highly useful payroll management solution!

Easy Setup

Our simplified, do-it-yourself onboarding process allows you set up your company’s payroll in 15 minutes or less.

Payroll Flexibility

Whether you want to spread out salary payments over multiple days or enable/disable PAYE or Pension deductions, Pay by Verifi works exactly how YOU want it to!

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Out of the country? No problem. Pay by Verifi is cloud-based allowing you run your payroll on any INTERNET enabled device from any part of the world.

Value Added Services

We’ve worked with some service providers to provide your employees access to exclusive deals. Like loans, credit facilities etc.

Rivers State Students Bursary 2018 Payment Application Guide – How to Apply Successfully

Dear Rivers students, this is to inform you that the Rivers State Students Bursary 2018 Payment Application (NURSS) Worldwide has taken delivery of the bursary forms from the Ministry of Education in the state, in furtherance of the initial pronouncement made by the Hon. Commissioner of Education, of the resolve of His Excellency, the Executive of Governor of Rivers State to pay bursary to all River State students.

How To Apply For Rivers State Students Bursary 2018

All Rivers students are to proceed to their campuses, apply themselves to the procedures, obtain, fill and return same within the next two weeks.
We have been advised to expedite this process so that we could move to the next stage of the bursary payment.

Please note.

Any student who fails to do his/her registration within the time range should have him/herself to blame.

If you want us to provide you with more updates and information about Rivers State Students Bursary 2018, kindly provide us with your Phone number and Email Address in the comment section below. Don’t forget to visit this site for your latest job update…..we will Update you regularly. We conclude you have benefited from this article if yes, please use our share button below to inform your friends and relatives about this article via Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter.

Aluta Continua!
Victoria Ascerta!!

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